The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Yuan Spirit Elixirs

Su Yi struggled to get up, he wanted to sit and heal his injuries.

But his body refused to move. Su Yi could only wait helplessly until he had recovered slightly.

After Su Yi regained consciousness, the aura which was emanating from him also dissipated.

The Golden Titanic Python which was laying in wait at the foot of the tree seemed to have felt it, a fierce look appeared in its eyes, it really wanted to go up.

But this Golden Titanic Python still remembered the scary aura that was being emanated from the body and kept on hesitating cowardly.

Just when this python seemed to have made its decision and started approaching the top of the tree with its bright red tongue flickering in and out, the air of tyranny emanated out once again from within Su Yi’s body.

In an instant, the Golden Titanic Python was filled with dread, instinctually backing off a bit, it continued lying in wait patiently for any changes.

Time gradually passed, and luckily underneath the towering cliff, Su Yi need not worry about anyone approaching him. That Wang Quan De should have already thought that he was long dead.

Executing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, Su Yi was healing himself.

Su Yi’s injuries this time were too severe, many times more serious than the injuries he suffered last time when he fought with Ji Chao.

Only after a full four hours did Su Yi feel that his body felt slightly more comfortable.

Opening his eyes, Su Yi struggled to get up and wanted to sit up straight, at least he had to summon the space within the mysterious sphere of light.

Within that space, his speed of recovery was increased by quite a bit.


Su Yi struggled to get up, but his entire body felt like it had split apart, the pain was incomparable.

Tolerating the wrenching pain within the body, Su Yi gradually sat up, the intense pain made his face twist slightly.


Once Su Yi stopped his cultivation, that Golden Titanic Python raised its head once again, looking straight at Su Yi, its eyes showed fierceness, but it was full of fear as well.


Suddenly, seeing Su Yi sitting up, the Golden Titanic Python retreated, silently slithering into the crevice between the rocks behind it, leaving no traces behind. Only within the crevice, a pair of beastly eyes secretly observed Su Yi.

After struggling for half a day, Su Yi sat up after much hardship, his face pale white.

“As long as I am not dead, then I will have a chance. Wang Quan De, I, Su Yi, hereby swear that there will be a day when I would step on Sacred Mountain and rip you to shreds!" Su Yi's eyes grew cold.

“Eh, it’s the Yuan Spirit Elixirs!”

Suddenly, Su Yi was delighted. Not far from where he was, a jade bottle silently hung in between the branches.

That was the jade bottle that his grandfather gave him a few days back. Inside were three Yuan Spirit Elixirs in total, afterward, it was found by Wang Quan De.

Wang Quan De did not care about such low-grade elixirs and threw the jade bottle off the cliff.

But Su Yi never imagined that this jade bottle had also landed somewhere not far from him.

Back then because his injuries had almost fully recovered, Su Yi decided not to consume the Yuan Spirit Elixirs and had planned to return them to his grandfather.

His injuries were just too serious, but now these Yuan Spirit Elixirs were not far away, this made Su Yi overjoyed.

If he consumed the Yuan Spirit Elixirs and enter that space within the mysterious sphere of light once again, at that time he should be able to recover more with less effort than usual.


Moving his body, he felt like his entire body was splitting apart again.

On the top of the canopy, Su Yi was also scared of falling down. If that happened, he would not know whether there will be any more miracles, so he had to be extra careful.

After much difficulty, the jade bottle was finally in Su Yi’s hands. Currently, Su Yi’s head was filled with sweat after obtaining the jade bottle.

Feeling that the surroundings were secure, Su Yi did not feel the need to climb up the rocks.

With the state Su Yi’s body was in, even moving ever so slightly was arduous. He could not climb up even if he must.

Though this may be beneath the towering cliff and looked safe, this was the Forest of Demons, there may be some unexpected dangers.

Su Yi did not dare be careless. It was better to recover as fast as possible.

Opening the jade bottle, the smell of medicine rushed into his nose, it was all the smell of the Yuan Spirit Elixirs.

“Something’s not right…”

But at this moment, Su Yi’s face looked really confused. He felt that the smell of the Yuan Spirit Elixirs was not right.

It was not the smell of the Yuan Spirit Elixirs going bad, rather, it was a medicinal smell which was completely different.

Because he had come in contact with the Yuan Spirit Elixirs two days ago, Su Yi could still remember the smell of the elixirs clearly, so the moment he opened the jade bottle, he could feel the difference.

As he was confused, Su Yi immediately took out the three Yuan Spirit Elixirs within the jade bottle.

“Eh, what’s this?!”

But when he saw those three Yuan Spirit Elixirs, Su Yi was even more confused.

The three Yuan Spirit Elixirs were the same as the three Yuan Spirit Elixirs back then, but now the luster of the elixirs was far brighter than before.

The thick medicinal smell and faint movement of aura were also much stronger than a few days ago.

In this world, elixirs were ranked into seven grades: Heavenly Grade, Earth Grade, Xuan Grade, Yellow Grade, Star Grade, Mirage Grade, Moon Grade. Every grade was also separated into Beginning Level, Middle Level and High Level, these three levels.

Yuan Spirit Elixirs were only Moon Grade, Beginning Level elixirs.

But the Yuan Spirit Elixirs which Su Yi was currently holding in his hands, no matter how he felt, compared to what he saw a few days ago, this elixir appeared to have been upgraded an entire level, like it had been purified and remade.

Su Yi was deep in thought. He could not understand how this had happened.

This was too abnormal. The Yuan Spirit Elixirs were always on him, how would they have changed like this. It was as if they had been upgraded by an entire level, was it that Yuan Spirit Elixirs could upgrade themselves?

Of course, Su Yi knew that Yuan Spirit Elixirs could not automatically upgrade themselves.

But from what he could see now, and the truth was placed in front of him, the Yuan Spirit Elixirs have been upgraded by an entire level.


Su Yi carefully pondered and was very confused, then his eyes shone. These Yuan Spirit Elixirs were indeed always on him, but in the middle, it was touched by Wang Quan De and had also been thrown down the cliff by Wang Quan De.

Su Yi could naturally confirm that this was not done by Wang Quan De.

Thinking until here, Su Yi’s eyes shook. The Yuan Spirit Elixirs had never left his side. But when he was recovering a few days ago in the Su Estate, he brought it with him over into the mysterious space within the sphere of light.

“Unless this has something to do with the mysterious space?”

His eyes were slightly shining. Su Yi suspected that the changes of the Yuan Spirit Elixirs may have some relation to the mysterious space.

Though, it was quite unimaginable. When Su Yi thought a bit more, the mysterious space itself was already unimaginable. The more he thought, the more he felt that there was that possibility.


Suddenly, there was a sound.

“Who is it?”

Su Yi was seriously injured, his head felt heavy and his legs weak, but his base cautiousness was still there, and he instantly detected the direction of the sound.

A Golden Titanic Python around thirty meters in length suddenly appeared. Its entire body was covered with lustrous golden scales, each one the size of a baby. It was coiled in wait at the roots of the tree, a bright red tongue was flickering in and out of its mouth non-stop, its eyes fierce, closely staring at himself.

Strictly speaking, Su Yi could feel that this Golden Titanic Python was closely staring at the three Yuan Spirit Elixirs in his hand.

“Demonic Xuan Realm!”

Su Yi suddenly did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Currently, he could feel from the aura which was being given off by the Golden Titanic Python, based on his experience of living in the Forest of Demons for three years, this was definitely a Demonic Xuan Realm beast.

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