The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Golden Titanic Python

"What big words you have, kid. Your ignorance is why you have no fear. Stepping on Sacred Mountain, haha!” Wang Quan De chuckled. Stepping onto Sacred Mountain, not many people in the world dares to say such words.

“If I do not die today, I will hack you into a thousand pieces! If Sacred Mountain hinders me, then I will just flatten it to the ground! If Sacred Mountain dares to hold me back, then I will just bathe it with blood!” said Su Yi coldly. A shade of crimson red appeared in his eyes for a moment, causing the temperature of the surrounding drop quite a bit.

Being stared coldly by Su Yi, for some unknown reason, Wang Quan De trembled, and could not help but shiver slightly.

“Brat, less nonsense! Hand over your techniques and treasure or else I will let you unable to cry for mercy nor beg for death!” Wang Quan De’s heart grew slightly heavy, he did not know why this kid actually gave him a feeling of insecurity. Looks like no matter what, this kid must die today.

"I have already said, I have only cultivated the Su Family's "Purple Yuan Technique, if you want it, take it. For treasure, where on earth would I get any treasure, if you want to kill me, why bother to look for an excuse, just make your move," Su Yi coldly said. If he does not say anything, who else could take away the "Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique". Wang Quan De seemed to have looked for it just now but he did not discover the mysterious sphere of light in his mind, naturally he could not find it even after some time.

Looking at Su Yi, Wang Quan De really started to doubt whether he had seen wrongly, but during the battle between this kid and Ji Chao that day, the aura that had burst out, he had seen it himself. It could not have been faked.


Suddenly, there was a loud roar of a beast from far away.

Wang Quan De raised his eyes and looked behind him, his expression changed. That was the sound of the Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle. Looks like the mercenaries have all died and it was coming here.

At the same time, Su Yi clenched his teeth and used all his strength Now that Wang Quan De’s concentration was not on him, the Yuan Qi within him flowed and like an arrow which had left the bow, he dived off the towering cliff.

“If you are looking for death, I shall help you!”

Wang Quan De’s eyes filled with killing intent, his body lunged forward. No matter how fast Su Yi was, how could he have a chance when he was in his control. Wang Quan De simply threw a punch and it landed heavily on Su Yi’s leaping back.


A low and dull sound of an explosion came from Su Yi's back and following it, Su Yi sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His internal organs felt like they had been blown apart, his view turned pitch black and he lost all his consciousness. His body then fell through the air like a bird which had its wings broken, falling straight down the cliff.


The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle had arrived, its speed was extremely fast, and it appeared nearby in the air.

Wang Quan De's eyes were gloomy, his face had darkened completely with rage. He had done so much, yet he received nothing. He originally thought he could get some powerful treasure. The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

“Dharma Protector Wang!”

The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle hovered in the air above, the man who was in-charge of the test at the City of Man hurried down. He saw only Wang Quan De on the cliff, he asked surprisedly, “Where is that mercenary leader and Su Yi?”

“Sigh, I was too late. They have all died,” Wang Quan De’s grim face was replaced by a sigh.

“Su Yi had also died?!”

The looks of the man changed greatly and hurried to the edge of the cliff, looking down below. Blurry fog was everywhere, and it was so deep that you could not see the bottom. He said to Wang Quan De, "This kid Su Yi may be troublesome alive, but since he has died in our hands, shall we go down and search for his body?"

“It is so deep that one cannot see the bottom, even I dare not to go down so easily. This is the Forest of Demons, there might be some powerful beasts down there, give it up.”

Wang Quan De shook his head and asked, “Have the remaining people been taken care of? We must hurry back, there can be no more accidents.”

"Just a mob of people, there were quite a few who had escaped but the remaining were all taken care of. Some of our people were injured but none died," The man replied.

"Then all is good. Let's return immediately to Sacred Mountain," Wang Quan De said, he looked one last time over the edge and then leaped onto the Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle and left.

Inside a chaotic valley, where the surroundings had been trampled flat, fresh blood flowed along the ground, painting a gruesome picture over the area.

After some time, there were beasts cautiously probing out of the surrounding trees. Seeing the ground covered with corpses, they turned aggressive and rushed forward in a cluster, feasting upon the fallen.


A mighty beast roared. Like a hybrid between a wolf and an ape, it was savage beyond comparison. Razor-sharp fangs filled its mouth, its aura was very powerful and frightened back many weaker beasts munching on the corpses on the ground.

A vast and deep abyss, filled with fog which hid everything inside.

Below the towering cliff, so deep that no one could see the bottom, a pitiful scene could be seen.

Currently, on top of a gigantic tree, a body laid there with bloody back, skin torn apart, and flesh scattered around.

If not for the skin of this body now radiating a faint glow, one might just mistake it for a dead corpse.


Beneath the cliff, a Golden Titanic Python several metres long was lurking around. Each scale on its body was golden and was as big as a baby, currently looking at the body on top of the tree. Its bright red tongue flickering in and out, its eyes showing a look of fierceness.

The Golden Titanic Python seemed to be very interested in the figure on top of the tree, and yet it had felt some sort of aura, making it hesitate and not daring to approach it, leaving a trace of fear in its eyes.

Although the figure on the top of the tree seemed to be unconscious, aura moved within its body, Yuan Qi flowed on its own. Its breathing was weak, but it had an air of tyranny and authority around it.


The Golden Titanic Python seemed to fear the aura around the body. It kept hesitating and dared not approach. For a long time, it did not dare act and was just lying in wait among the roots, closely monitoring that body.

When Su Yi regained his senses, he only felt that his entire body was bursting with agonizing pain, especially on the back, a searing pain seemed to pierce through his heart like ten thousand arrows. He could not muster any strength in his body, his head felt dizzy and his vision blurry, he was as weak as he could be.

When he opened his eyes, Su Yi's vision was still blurry, gradually it cleared up. After taking a clear look at his surroundings, his eyes shone with happiness.

“I am not dead!”

Su Yi was ecstatic, though the pain on his body was extreme, it was also proof that he was not dead. It seemed that after he had taken a heavy hit of Wang Quan De and fell unconscious, he had fallen beneath the cliff and miraculously landed on the canopy of this tree.

“Wang Quan De, there will be a day where I will step onto Sacred Mountain and rip you into a thousand pieces!” Su Yi said coldly in his heart. He was not dead, this was the will of the Heavens, then this grudge has to be settled properly.


Su Yi cried out in agony, now there was a more realistic problem placed in front of Su Yi, his body had been seriously injured to point where he could not be any weaker, he did not even have the strength to turn his body.

Feeling the injuries within his body, him not dying this time truly had to be considered a miracle.

Su Yi knew that luckily, Wang Quan De was careless and did not care enough to search for his body and with his strong body, he had managed to dodge this bullet.

If Wang Quan De was to add just a bit more strength, he would really be dead now.

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