The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: If I Don’t Die, I will Step onto Sacred Mountain

Su Yi struggled to get up. He cautiously looked at Wang Quan De and asked, “What on earth do you want?”

Su Yi was very clear that if Wang Quan De just wanted to kill him, he would have already done so straight away. Then, just like how he disposed of the mercenary leader, he would have thrown his corpse off the side of a cliff and all evidence would have been destroyed. There was no need to go through all this trouble.

So, this Wang Quan De must have some other intentions.

Wang Quan De looked at Su Yi, slightly surprised. He said with a low voice, “Hand over the techniques that you have cultivated and all the treasure on you! Maybe then I will let you live, or else, you will die for sure.”

“So that’s the case!”

Su Yi’s eyes shook. So it was like this. Wang Quan De really had some other intentions.

But, Su Yi knew that the mysterious sphere of light should not have been revealed. Perhaps Wang Quan De was suspicious about his cultivation technique, the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

“What I am cultivating is the Su Family’s “Purple Yuan Technique”. You can take it if you want it, but I don’t think that experts of Sacred Mountain would care about it and for treasure, what treasure do I even have on me? All I have are some Yuan Spirit elixirs. If you want it, you can have it, for what reason do you even go through all this trouble, being filial to Dharma Protector Wang is a must.” Su Yi grinned and said, his expression leaving no clues.

“Rascal, don’t act anymore, my patience has its limits!”

Dharma Protector Wang looked at Su Yi while sneering.

How could a rascal trick him so easily with his words? Back then, during the test when the Yuan Testing Stone was destroyed, he already had his suspicions.

A fine and dandy Yuan Testing Stone, refined by the experts of Sacred Mountain, even if there was a theoretical possibility that it would malfunction, but it would not be destroyed in such a manner. There must be some sort of treasure on this rascal.

Afterward, this Su Yi had defeated Ji Chao with his Yuan Soul Realm First Grade cultivation level.

Especially the terrifying aura given off by Su Yi at the end, it could never be an average martial technique. That allowed him to confirm that there was indeed something strange about Su Yi.

A tiny Su Family in a tiny remote city, how would they have such a disciple? That martial technique was far better than Ji Chao’s King Grade martial technique.

How would a small Su Family be able to take out such a martial technique? The only explanation is that this Su Yi has some treasure on him, or he may have met some lucky encounter and gotten a shocking martial technique.

“How would I dare to lie to Dharma Protector Wang!” Su Yi lowered his head and acted as if he was shocked, but in his heart, he was already very grim. Looks like this Wang Quan De has completely locked onto him today.

“Are you going to hand it over yourself or are you going to force me to search you? I can assure you that in front of me, there is nothing you can hide, do not refuse a toast so as to drink a forfeit."

[T.N note: “Toast” as in a toast to someone with some sort of drink, not a French Toast. XD ]

Wang Quan De coldly stared at Su Yi, a smile crept onto his face. His expression became kinder, and he said, "Actually if you honestly hand over everything, I can let you go alive, and maybe even on the account of your honesty, I could personally take you in as my disciple, consider it as fate. And in the future, there will be no one on Sacred Mountain that will dare to make things difficult for you. Also, after becoming my disciple, there is a possibility of marriage between you and Liu Ruoxi which will be perfectly justifiable.”

“This old fox, you are still lacking in this skill."

Looking at Wang Quan De’s fake smile, Su Yi sneered at him in his heart. Without considering that he himself did not know how to take out that mysterious sphere of light, even if he was to hand over the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” and the mysterious sphere of light in his mind, he would only die faster. How could Su Yi not understand this simple logic?

“If Dharma Protector Wang were to take me in as a disciple, I would be eternally grateful.”

Su Yi beamed with delight and emotionally took a few steps back.

Suddenly, with a look of determination in Su Yi’s eyes, he clenched his teeth and jumped off the tall hanging cliff.

Whether or not he handed over the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, Su Yi knew that he was still going to die. Jumping off this cliff is also a path to death, but if there is a miracle, at least he could still barely survive.

Furthermore, rather than dying at the hands of Wang Quan De, he might as well die by his own hands.

“Rascal, you are still too young!”

As soon as Su Yi moved, Wang Quan De’s voice was already beside Su Yi’s ear. A shapeless strength crushed down on Su Yi, locking him in place.

“Refusing a toast to take a forfeit!”

A cold smile came from Wang Quan De’s mouth. His body like lightning, instantly appeared beside Su Yi, a hand grasped onto his shoulder, chaining Su Yi in place.


At the same time, Su Yi felt an enormous wave of Yuan Qi gushing into his body like it was trying to squash his meridians and internal organs to straightaway explode. There was also an obscure power rushing through his mind like it was searching for something.

But as soon as that wave of power entered his mind, Su Yi could feel that the mysterious sphere of light obscuring itself, no longer having any movements.


After a few breaths, Wang Quan De was a bit confused. After searching Su Yi’s body, he had only found a jade bottle with Yuan Spirit elixirs in it. You do not even need to open it to know that there were only low-grade elixirs.

This was not what Wang Quan De was looking for. Not even taking a look, he threw it off the cliff and continued searching Su Yi’s body carefully for something, but other than a dagger, he found nothing else.

“Brat, where did you hide the treasure?”

Wang Quan De’s expression changed, his face had already darkened to its limits and he threw Su Yi back onto the ground again. He had wasted so much time, how could he leave with no rewards.


Su Yi’s mouth sprayed out some blood. A powerful Yuan Qi reverberated inside him until his Qi and his blood were churning. He struggled to get up. He had completely gotten rid of his amiable attitude, and no longer needed to bluff. His eyes stared coldly at Wang Quan De, he said, “Good, what an excellent Sacred Mountain, what an excellent Dharma Protector of Sacred Mountain. Behind the amiable and kind face is a nature of betraying for the sake of benefits, how my horizons have expanded!”

“Brat, hand over the treasure and martial techniques, do not test my patience!” Wang Quan De coldly stared at Su Yi, this kid must have a huge secret.

“With your shameless and wicked actions, are you not afraid of retribution?” Su Yi looked at Wang Quan De and said. The so-called Sacred Mountain, the so-called paradise and holy land for cultivators, at this moment, Su Yi saw its true nature and had no more hope for it.

"Retribution? The strong prey on the weak, this is natural selection, survival of the fittest! This has always been nature's law. If you want to blame something, then blame that you, kid, is too naïve, too weak, hehe…" Wang Quan De sneered. The strong prey upon the weak, this was the only rule that never changes in this world.

“Haha, that’s right, the strong preys upon the weak, this has always been the law of nature!”

Su Yi laughed, there was agony in his laughter. When he finished laughing, the corner of his mouth which was stained with blood added a touch of savagery to his expression. His cold yet determined eyes stared at Wang Quan De, he said, "The strong prey upon the weak! Today if I, Su Yi, does not die, there will be a day when I step onto Sacred Mountain and rip you into a thousand pieces!"

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