The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 459

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Chapter 459: The Most Tragic Eight-Winged Demon Python!


Su Yi snorted coldly and faced the attack without flinching. His body towered majestically as he unleashed his vital energy, flapping his dual wings and hovering in the air. His left hand reached out, shrouded in a crimson glow, forming an invisible seal that dispersed his energy outward. In an instant, he blocked the giant tail with his defensive technique.


Under the crushing force, Su Yi's body was repeatedly shaken back even as he hovered close to the ground. His vital energy wings emitted a reddish glow that managed to halt his retreat. Simultaneously, his hand formed a seal that grasped the huge snake tail tightly.


His body was filled with vital energy that surged and flowed through his meridians, a powerful and magnificent aura erupting forth.

Su Yi restrained the Eight-winged Demon Python with great strength, causing his own body to descend as he forcefully tore off the enormous tail.

"Get down from there!"

With a deafening shout, Su Yi stood on the ground, using one hand to spin and unleash a terrifyingly powerful swing, sending the huge tail flying.

"Crack, crack..."

With a strong tug and shake, Su Yi's foot caused the ground beneath to crack open with a terrifying scene of fierce and brutal power.


The pitiful Eight-winged Demon Python's body immediately plummeted down and was forcibly pulled down by Su Yi, finally landing on the ground with a loud crash.

"Boom, boom!"

The body of the Eight-winged Demon Python was smashed, causing blood to flow out like a fountain. The body convulsed and it coughed up blood, with its eight wings mangled and torn apart.


Dust rose all around as large cracks spread and covered the ground.

The Wolf-headed Demon Bats were densely packed together, their pairs of fierce eyes looking around startled and fearful.

The expressions of Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and Liu Ji were frozen, their eyes wide open, as if petrified.

So many powerful Demon Beasts had come together, only to end up with such an outcome.

Even the strongest Eight-winged Demon Python fell straight to the ground, like a small snake, displaying such terrifying and overbearing power.

Compared to Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing, who had grown somewhat numb, Situ Muyang was even more shocking.

Initially, Situ Muyang didn't believe that Su Yi alone could handle so many ferocious demon beasts, but now he realized that he had underestimated him completely.

The terror of this guy Su Yi surpassed his expectations time and time again, proving to be even more ferocious than he had imagined.

Situ Muyang's eyes brightened as he frowned slightly, looking at the ferocious figure of the young man at this moment. The prospect of fighting against him outside grew even more serious in his mind.


The Eight-winged Demon Python struggled and roared. Its flesh was powerful, yet it was now suffering such heavy blows and being so ruthlessly trampled.

In great pain, the Eight-winged Demon Python tried to struggle to its feet, but to no avail. Its eight wings were damaged, covered in bloody traces, making for a pitiful sight.

"Can you turn over the Sword-patterned Stones and spiritual treasures now?" Su Yi asked, looking at several demon beasts lying on the ground.

And the outcome was already predetermined. When the fierce demon beasts arrived, they were intimidating and ferocious, yet now they were all trembling with fear, having no choice but to be terrified and frightened.

However, the Sword-patterned Stones and spiritual treasures were not carried by the demon beasts, such as the Two-headed Demon Mane or the Eight-winged Demon Python. They were all kept in the nest.

"Go back and get it for me yourself. If you haven't brought it back within two hours, I will go to your nest and then pull out your tendons and flay your skin!"

Su Yi scolded and let a few demon beasts go back to get the Sword-patterned Stones and spiritual treasures themselves.

Anyway, we are in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, so we are not afraid of these demon beasts running away.

Several demon beasts left in a miserable state, with bleeding wounds, missing wings and horns, looking utterly distressed and embarrassed.

Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Liu Ji, and others were all shocked to see the six mighty demon beasts leave in such a miserable state.

"Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, come over and help."

In the distance, Su Yi spoke up and picked up a large piece of meat from the body of the Eight-winged Demon Python, as well as the wing of the Red Flame Demon Eagle on the ground.

Zhang Qing and Liu Ji ran over with some confusion, their eyes still filled with shock.

"This big snake meat can only be roasted to eat, otherwise it will be too gamey. The bird wings are also delicious when roasted, and the pig head can be made into soup. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a pot, and the pig head looks too ugly. I'm afraid of having psychological trauma if I eat it, so let's forget about it. The broken wings of the bird and the snake meat are enough for me."

Su Yi spoke up, wanting to roast the meat as he hadn't had a good meal in a long time. He said to Zhang Qing and the others, "Help me find some firewood, set up a fire pit, pluck the feathers and scales off the bird wings and snake meat, then wash them clean. We'll roast them to eat later."

Su Yi assigned tasks, asking Zhang Qing and the others to help.

"This is about to be a meat feast!"

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and the others swallowed their saliva in surprise, only then realizing that Su Yi was planning to have a meat feast.

This is the old lair of Wolf-headed Demon Bats and it's not too far from the water source.

There is a gushing spring nearby and the sound of a mountain stream.

Xu Jiahui, Wang Fan and the others worked together to pluck and scale the animal fur and clean the meat.

The feathers on the wings of the Red Flame Demon Eagle are thick and sturdy, making them difficult to pluck.

The scales on the meat of the Eight-winged Demon Python are even harder to clean, extremely hard and sharp, requiring careful handling.

Su Yi tinkered from the space bag on the sidelines, then pulled out some jars and bottles containing oil, salt, vinegar, and sauce from the amazed looks of Situ Muyang, as well as the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats who were standing beside him.

"Is this guy always ready to eat demon beasts?"

Situ Muyang was amazed and looked at Su Yi's well-prepared appearance, as if he was ready to barbecue demon beasts at any time. This guy is too fierce.

The leaders of the Dark Golden Demon Falcons and the Wolf-headed Demon Bats are even more awe-inspiring. Aren't they the ones who usually prey on humans?

However, their lord in front of them seems to be not a normal human being. It's completely reversed, always ready to eat demon beasts.

After making the preparations, finally, the Red Flame Demon Eagle's wings and the Eight-winged Demon Python's meat were plucked and scaled, and were neatly presented to Su Yi.

Concentrating the fire attribute elemental energy into flames, Su Yi seriously barbecued the meat using fire.

Not long after, the wings of the Red Flame Demon Eagle and the meat of the Eight-winged Demon Python were filled with oil and made a "sizzling" sound. The aroma of the meat was delicious, with a golden luster, and even a radiance emanating, which made people drool.

This is the meat of the demonic beasts that belong to the fifth level of the Demonic Spirit Realm. It can definitely be considered a treasure. Their blood and flesh contain energy. If consumed, it is enough to benefit and greatly enhance one's cultivation.

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and others were initially curious and stood aside watching Su Yi barbecue. In the end, after smelling the aroma and looking at the mouth-watering roasted meat, even their saliva started to flow.

The meat of demon beasts from the fifth level of the Demonic Spirit Realm is something they can't even dream of eating on a regular basis. This level of demon beasts is not something that can be eaten by just anyone.

"So fragrant!"

Xu Jiahui and Situ Muyang were also watching on the side the whole time. They were initially curious and amazed, but at this moment, they couldn't help but drool a little.

At this moment, even if it's not just Xu Jiahui and Situ Muyang, but also the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats standing aside, all of them are secretly swallowing saliva.

This is not just any meat, it is the meat from the Eight-winged Demon Python and the Red Flame Demon Eagle, which are super delicious.

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