The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: Sinful Beast, Where Can You Run?!

If it were someone else, they would be completely enveloped by the poisonous gas in this kind of environment.

However, the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul in Su Yi's mind seemed to be fearless and was not affected. It spread its wings, erupted with a powerful burst of energy, and scattered the poisonous fog. The remaining scattered black fog was blocked by the Qi barrier.


A terrifying aura erupted as the dazzling light in Su Yi's eyes flickered like lightning. His black hair fluttered and his imposing manner was full of wrath and thunder. With a dark Elemental Qi condensed in his right foot, he descended like a meteorite and suddenly stomped towards the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion below.

At that moment, a vortex of Elemental Qi surged beneath Su Yi's feet. Ring after ring of black soil-based Elemental Qi energy swept out from under his feet, creating a storm.

"Boom..." With this step, the earth shook and the air rang out with a deafening roar.

"Ow ow..." Under such terrifying pressure, the fierce gaze of the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion trembled and it couldn't help but roar and growl in a suppressed manner.


Su Yi rushed down and pressed the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion onto the ground with one foot.

"Crackling..." Suddenly, from the body of the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion as the center, cracks spread out like a spider's web on the ground as thick as arm around it.

Rocks crumbled all around, with sand and stones flying everywhere.

"Poof..." A muffled groan containing pain came out from the mouth of the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, and its body directly sank into a deep pit on the ground. A look of horror surged in its fierce eyes, and blood immediately spewed out from its mouth in large amounts.

The back of the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion was also bleeding profusely, a gruesome sight to behold, and its breath became weak and feeble in an instant.


The Red Flame Demon Eagle, which had already swooped down again with the intention of making a full strike, stopped in mid-air when it saw the fate of the Ironclad Griffin and the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion. Horror surged in its fiery fierce eyes, and without hesitation, it directly retreated.

"Evil beast, where do you think you're running!"

Su Yi soared into the sky, and with the help of his elemental wings flapping behind him, he chased after the Red Flame Demon Eagle, whose speed seemed to be slower than his.


The sword's radiance pierced through the air, like a flash of lightning.


In the void above, the Red Flame Demon Eagle let out a mournful cry that shattered clouds and rocks. Its body was engulfed in flames, and its right wing was severed halfway, causing blood to gush out like a rainstorm. Its body staggered and swayed as it seemed to be on the verge of collapsing.

"Evil beast!"

Su Yi's figure appeared and landed directly on the back of the Red Flame Demon Eagle, while his sword gleamed and flashed out.


Blood flowed abundantly as the Red Flame Demon Eagle's right wing was completely severed. Amidst its mournful cry, its body crashed heavily onto the ground, causing dust to rise and the mountains to shake and crack.


All around the mountain wilderness resounded with roars, screams, and howls of despair. In no time, the five powerful demon beasts - the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, Ironclad Griffin, Demon Flame Ape, Red Flame Demon Eagle, and Two-headed Demon Mane - had all collapsed on the ground.

The five fierce demon beasts were now roaring and struggling, a pitiful sight to behold, with no strength left to fight.



In mid-air, the battle between the two creatures - the Wolf-headed Demon Bat and the Eight-winged Demon Python - was equally astonishing.

Two beastly shadows and a deep black light, all filled with gory and bloodthirsty energy.

A rushing torrent of bloody aura, as a dark crimson light spread across the night sky.

As the two beastly shadows battled, terrifying waves of elemental energy erupted like volcanoes.

Su Yi soared in the air, his back surrounded by a crimson aura from his dual vital energy wings. He hovered mid-air, his gaze fixed upon the fierce battle ahead between the leader of the Wolf-Headed Demon Bats and the Eight-Winged Demon Python. His eyes flashed with a crimson light as he brandished his sword, flapping his wings in preparation for battle.

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and the Eight-winged Demon Python have already fought fiercely for over ten moves. The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats knows that it's all the Eight-winged Demon Python's idea and wants to lay his hands on its Dark Spirit Fruit Tree.

Although the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree no longer belonged to the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, the behavior of the Eight-winged Demon Python still angered them and they refused to let it go.


The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats let out a furious roar, and suddenly a bloody mist emanated from his entire body, filling the surrounding void in an instant.

"Wu wu..." A bloody light shone with a blood-red mist that was terrifying and intimidating. Faintly, there could be heard ghostly howling and crying sounds that emanated from within. This was the ultimate move of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat - the Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier.

"Roar..." With the surging blood mist that was like towering waves, the howls of wolves shook the sky. It carried a violent and bloody aura that swept towards the Eight-winged Demon Python like an irresistible force from the mountains and seas. The Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier's aura overwhelmed everything and was capable of devouring vitality and affecting the soul.

As the Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier approached, the Eight-winged Demon Python's eyes fixed upon it with a focused expression. Its eight wings trembled in unison, causing a burst of black light to radiate from its entire body. The intense light shone like runes, provoking a terrifying aura that reverberated throughout the void and even caused the mountains and forests below to tremble!

"Wu wu..."

The Eight-winged Demon Python charged forward, flapping its eight wings, emitting an unparalleled and robust aura. It was like a black shining sun as it collided ahead.

"Rumble rumble..."

Two massive figures touched each other amongst a sea of Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier and black light, causing a deafening "boom" in an instant.

The Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier aura and the black airwaves surged and churned, echoing thunderously!



The beastly roar shook the sky, as two massive figures simultaneously retreated in opposite directions. Both their ferocious mouths were smeared with copious amounts of blood, and the surrounding air was filled with a half-empty gale that resembled a hurricane.

Su Yi's figure appeared beside the retreating Eight-winged Demon Python. He spread his wings and soared into the sky, infusing his great sword with elemental energy and activating his sword skills. Along with a thread of crimson fire elemental energy, the surrounding space was filled with fire energy that seemed to materialize out of thin air. In an instant, the energy swirled around the great sword, creating a scorching storm that swept in all directions.

"Boom!" Suddenly, Su Yi's body expanded into a small scorching storm, exuding a fierce and sharp aura. His great sword was covered with a level of crimson light, as if flames were about to burst forth, and molten lava flowed on the tip of the sword.

"Roaring Dragon Emperor Slash!" Su Yi executed the technique once again, fiercely wielding his sword and unleashing a beam of sword light that trailed a long streak of crimson thunder.

On the edge of the sword, crimson light erupted like a volcanic eruption. It seemed like a faint silhouette of a red dragon was visible, and the fiercely sharp force exploded with such power that it could seemingly cut through the void.

"Wu wu..."

The Eight-winged Demon Python roared in frustration. Its earlier full force attack against the Wolf-headed Demon Bat didn't give it the upper hand, and now this terrifying aura made it even more horrified.

In a panic, the Eight-winged Demon Python had no escape. It thrashed its giant tail, unleashing black light and sweeping ferociously toward Su Yi.


As the sword light descended, with a "swoosh" sound, the Eight-winged Demon Python screamed in agony. Although it managed to avoid a fatal blow, its back suffered a severe wound. Dozens of pounds of flesh and blood were sliced off its back, with skin and tendons attached. They fell to the ground and emitted a black light.

Blood flowed copiously from its back, where its bones were now visible. It was a terrifying sight, but at the same time, the Eight-winged Demon Python, with the giant tail on its back, unleashed a devastating shockwave and thrashed violently toward Su Yi.

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