The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: Overwhelming Force!

"Boom!" In an instant, vital energy covered Su Yi's legs and began to flow in mysterious, ancient patterns along his feet. Freshly formed symbols sprouted out, and a huge aura swept forth.

In this moment, the radiance in Su Yi's eyes flickered like lightning, sharp and intimidating, and his entire being resembled that of a resurrected deity or demon. His black hair was flying backward, and his aura was infused with the wrath of thunder, giving off a powerful and terrifying force that made people tremble!

"Roarrrr..." This aura frightened both the demon beast and the Wolf-headed Demon Bat below, but the Red Flame Demon Eagle, being the first to bear the brunt of the pressure, was particularly overwhelmed.

"Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, Rampage Shadow Shatter the Nine Yaos!" Su Yi grumbled in his heart as he kicked the empty space and disappeared like lightning.

In an instant, it was as if an endless stream of footprints burst forth from Su Yi's feet, gathering a radiance that directly struck the Red Flame Demon Eagle and exploded like a small sun, dazzling and radiant.

"Bang, bang, bang!" The void trembled and the space seemed to distort in silence. The dazzling energy radiance stirred around the body of the Red Flame Demon Eagle, causing the void to tremble.

"Howl, howl..." Such a terrifying aura made the beast souls of the surrounding Wolf-headed Demon Bats tremble and roar continuously.


With blood spewing from its mouth, the Red Flame Demon Eagle's body trembled and it flew in a straight line from mid-air. Flames surged from its body as its huge figure fell backward onto the ground, causing the earth to reverberate and shake.


With a sound like a breaking space, a silver light burst forth, permeated with cold radiance. The black mist filled the air and rose up to pierce towards Su Yi's back with a strange arc, which was astonishing.

For the second sword of the "Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon," Su Yi didn't back down or dodge. Gripping the big sword tightly in his hand, his elemental energy surged through his meridians and gathered on the sword's body. With the second sword of the "Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon," he directly swung the sword to unleash the "Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash."

The light of the sword whirled and brought about a radiance like an electric arc. It seemed like a curved moon streaked across the void, with a faintly luminous shadow that conjured up a fleeting dragon image, colliding with the silver cold light.

The terrifying pressure was fierce and violent, as if a Tyrannosaurus was dancing wildly.

"Clang clang..." The collision of the swords produced sparks and splashed fire. The violent wind spread like a storm.


Immediately following, blood was shed and the silver cold light was cut off alive.


Screams were heard from below, they were the cries of the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion. One of its scorpion tails was severed at once, and it suffered severe damage.


The Two-headed Demon Mane dashed out, roaring with its two heads. It stamped the ground with force, causing it to crack open and explode. Its terrifying aura was as if a mountain torrent had burst out, shocking the heart. It rushed towards Su Yi with the intention of killing him.

Su Yi's black hair fluttered and his wings flapped as if he had long been prepared. He swooped down, like a fierce bird of prey spreading its wings viciously, with a horrifying and intimidating presence.

At the same time, Su Yi's large sword in his hand was also waving in the air, with a ferocity that mixed with speed, just as it cut through uneven patterns in the air. The sword was like a fierce tiger and as powerful as a raging dragon.

"Hmm..." In an instant, Su Yi waved his large sword, lifting up a sword light and shadow, with a resounding sound that echoed like a dragon's roar and a tiger's roar. It gave off an imposing and majestic aura, like that of ten thousand galloping horses. A surge of fiery red elemental energy rushed out, instantly becoming violent.

In an instant, from the void around Su Yi, there seemed to be a solidification of fiery elemental energy that diffused out from the empty space. It instantly coiled around the large sword and rotated around it.

A blazing storm surged forth and the energy swept in all directions, as if spreading out into a small, intense storm around Su Yi's body.

One of the surges had a ferocious and sharp might, which caused the air around to start distorting.

Su Yi's large sword also became covered in a level of crimson radiance in his hand, as if there were flames about to burst out, with molten lava flowing on the sword edge.

"Roaring Dragon Emperor Slash!" In a flash of lightning and sparks, Su Yi swung his sword and slashed out, and on top of the large sword, crimson light burst out like a volcanic eruption.

A surge of crimson aura swept over everything, covering the sky and the earth.

A beam of sword light shot out, trailing a long scarlet thunderbolt.

In that instant, the nearby Wolf-headed Demon Bat also had its blood-red eyes filled with agitation.

As the Two-headed Demon Mane rose into the sky, its fierce pupils were also fully covered by the sky-shrouding crimson sword light. The unmatched, massive and tyrannical power swept over, causing its beastly soul to tremble in fear!

"Roar..." Within the sword light, there seemed to be a shadow of a crimson dragon, faintly appearing and disappearing. It made the ground below crack inch by inch, the cracks exploding, the giant stones turning into powder, and even towering trees breaking apart. The terrifying aura shook the night sky.

"Roar!" The Two-headed Demon Mane screamed in agony, with a deafening roar that made the sky tremble, and a surge of deep red beast blood splashed up into the sky at low altitude.

One of the ferocious heads of the Two-headed Demon Mane was directly chopped off.

Blood flowed profusely as the Two-headed Demon Mane screamed in agony and its body plummeted from the low sky.


In the distance, even though Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others knew of Su Yi's ferocity, they were still stunned and horrified at this moment, taking in cold breaths.

In the blink of an eye, five Demonic Spirit Realm demon beasts of the fourth and fifth levels were directly defeated in a devastating manner.

Situ Muyang only realized at this moment that Su Yi's previous battle, even with the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, was fought with full force but without using his lethal moves.

Just by looking at Su Yi's recent attack, these were the killing moves.

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon had the least shocked expression; it was the most clear that these demon beast leaders were not a match for its master.

Judging from its own master's terrifying aura, it was enough to suppress the Two-headed Demon Mane, the Eight-winged Demon Python, and others. It seemed that today the Eight-winged Demon Python was doomed to back luck.


With one sword, Su Yi beheaded one of the Two-headed Demon Mane. Without stopping, he spread his wings and an intense red light filled the air, bringing a whirlwind of flying sand and rocks. His aura was overwhelming and his momentum was terrifying as he rushed towards the Ironclad Griffin, which had just stabilized its staggering body.

At this moment, the Ironclad Griffin was completely terrified with no way to retreat. It used all its power, and its feather tips stood up like sword blades, shining brightly as it exploded towards Su Yi.

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

Su Yi's figure flew horizontally from mid-air, and under the Hundred Transformations Step, he flapped his wings and made a mysterious curvature. His figure soared up and his sword shone brightly before falling down again.

"Crackle, crackle..."

With this sword, a burst of intense red light erupted, as its brilliance flashed like lightning. The golden sword edge exploded, fire sparks flew out in all directions, and the continuous sound of "clang, clang" echoed. It sprayed a mist of blood into the air.


The Ironclad Griffin let out a miserable scream, as its left wing was severed, leaving only a tendon connected to it; thus, it could never fly again.

In the rain of blood mist, the enormous body of the Ironclad Griffin fell straight down and crashed to the ground.


The Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion was unwilling, and its eyes were filled with both fear and resentment. It raised its head and sprayed black light from its mouth, causing a huge black cloud to rise and immediately envelop Su Yi.

This is a poisonous fog with strong toxicity. Whoever comes into contact with it will be unlucky.

Before the poisonous fog arrived, the toxin had already spread and diffused, affecting the soul.

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