The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 456

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Chapter 456: Battle Against Six Beasts!


In an instant, a black aura erupted around Su Yi's body and he swiftly took a step forward, directly falling towards the direction where the Demon Flame Ape was attacking.

As Su Yi's foot landed, a whirlpool of aura suddenly swept out like a storm beneath his sole!

"Boom..." In that instant, the earth trembled and the air roared inexplicably where Su Yi had landed. Waves of black aura with earth attributes spread out from under his feet like ripples.

"Crack..." Visible to the naked eye, cracks as thick as arms spread out like a spider web and rocks were shattered, sand and stones flew as a majestic and domineering aura was released into a wave of impact towards the incoming Demon Flame Ape.

"Roar…" At this moment, for some reason, the attacking Demon Flame Ape's gaze trembled and it couldn't help but let out a low roar.

Everything moved as fast as lightning, and a tremendous force impacted the Demon Flame Ape with a single kick, spreading from the underground and directly crashing onto its body.

"Splurt…" A mouthful of blood sprayed out from the big mouth of the Demon Flame Ape, staining its white fangs red, while the ground around its enormous feet kept cracking and splitting.

At the same time, the Demon Flame Ape's fierce expression also underwent a sudden change. While staggering backwards, its eyes continuously showed shock as it looked at Su Yi. The terrifying aura made fear and reverence rise up from deep within the Demon Flame Ape's heart, as if it was compelled to worship and pay homage to Su Yi. How could such a powerful aura come from a human?

"Swoosh..." A series of afterimages trailed behind him as he used the Hundred Transformations Step under his feet. Su Yi had just exhibited the first move of the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands.

Knowing the immense suppression of the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands on the demon beast, Su Yi didn't hesitate as he took advantage of the momentum and dashed forward once again. The power of the technique was already enormous, and he knew he couldn't afford to waste any time.

"Boom!" Everything happened quickly as Su Yi's figure arrived in an instant. His five fingers clenched into a fist, and as he raised his arm, the grey sleeve billowed outwards. A dazzling light burst forth from his fist along with an enormous burst of elemental energy, erupting like a volcano and fiercely blasting forward.

After all, the Demon Flame Ape is a fifth-level demon beast of the Demonic Spirit Realm. In its panicked fear, it subconsciously extended its massive arm and threw a punch to collide head-on with Su Yi's attack.

Amid the watchful gazes of everyone, the big and small fists collided in an extremely disjointed manner.

"Boom!" In an instant, Su Yi's fist seemed to swell up and expand, accompanied by a crisp sound of wind and thunder that rang out like thunder. With the awakening of an overbearing regal power, a huge aura spread out, as if a king had descended, bringing with it a crushing force.

This kind of pressure directly caused Two-headed Demon Mane, Eight-winged Demon Python, Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, and others to feel a tremble of fear, as well as to be oppressed inexplicably, with their animal souls trembling in their minds.

"Crack!" Powerful winds formed waves and shot out like hurricanes, creating a circular impact.

"Plop, plop..." In the midst of the powerful wind, the massive body of the Demon Flame Ape was also directly overturned and flew backwards, with blood pouring out from its mouth like a rain of blood, falling to the ground.

"Bang!" The body of Demon Flame Ape crashing onto the ground caused cracks to appear on the ground. Its thick armor was shattered by the punch, and its body was covered in bloody wounds, with blood flowing out of them. It was a gruesome sight to behold.


Su Yi's figure followed closely behind, stepping on the fallen Demon Flame Ape's huge head. His hands tightly gripped onto the horn that glowed red like flames.

"Sever it for me!"

With a loud shout, Su Yi displayed immense strength, as if he could move mountains and part rivers.

"Crack, crack!"

The horn of the Demon Flame Ape broke with a 'crack crack' sound and was then completely uprooted.



Screaming endlessly and shaking the night sky, the Demon Flame Ape's blood spurted like a pillar from its forehead.

The vicious gaze of the Demon Flame Ape was replaced by shock and it struggled in pain with continuous convulsions. Its mind went blank, and it was about to faint.

Its horn on the forehead was forcefully pulled out by Su Yi.

All these events were happening too fast and almost simultaneously.

Everything exceeded all expectations, which left even the Eight-winged Demon Python in a state of confusion, unable to come to its senses.

But soon, both the Red Flame Demon Eagle and the Ironclad Griffin regained their senses. Their fur and scales stood on end, emitting a dazzling light and an astonishing aura. Their eyes widened with rage.

"Ow ow..."

"This human is not ordinary, let's attack together!"

With a roar, the Eight-winged Demon Python urged the Ironclad Griffin and Red Flame Demon Eagle to attack together. Its eight wings stirred, emitting a daunting black light as its massive body charged towards Su Yi. The creature had realized that this human youth possessed an arrogant temperament and was not an easy opponent.

"Old serpent, don't act arrogantly!" The Wolf-headed Demon Bat moved, spreading its wings and screeching with a ferocious roar. Its body emitted a bloody mist that pervaded the surrounding void, like immense waves surging in all directions. With a momentum like an avalanche, it blocked the Eight-winged Demon Python's advance.


The Four fierce demon beasts, Two-headed Demon Mane, Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, Red Flame Demon Eagle, and Ironclad Griffin, all moved together at this moment. With deafening roars that shook the sky and soaring momentum, they charged towards Su Yi to attack.

Four strong forces swept across together, causing earthquakes and landslides with a terrifying power.


Su Yi's eyes flickered, and he quickly retreated with a step on the ground. At the same time, the Qi from his foot swept out and a red light rose behind him. He gathered his Qi into two wings, soaring directly into the air.

They had not expected the young man in front of them to be able to soar into the air. The attacks of the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion and the Two-headed Demon Mane missed, almost colliding into each other.


The Ironclad Griffin arrived out of nowhere, its wing-shaped blades made of steel and as sharp as a sword, sweeping towards Su Yi and threatening to cut him in half.


The cavern behind Su Yi's back was filled with a red light as his Qi wings materialized. A sound like that of a golden spear echoed through the area.

A large sword was unsheathed behind Su Yi. He invoked a sword technique with his hands, causing his Qi to surge and converge in his body, flowing through specific meridians before gathering at the tip of the sword.

"Hum!" In an instant, a faint dragon roar seemed to echo upon the greatsword, as if it were thunder and wind. The light of the sword dazzled as it directly struck down with unmatched ferocity.

The sword was like a raging dragon and its momentum was like a fierce tiger!

This is the first sword of the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, the Raging Dragon Slash!


The light of the sword was dazzling, and a terrifying aura erupted from it. Instantly, it clashed directly with one of the wings of the Ironclad Griffin sword in a sharp collision.

"Crackle, crackle..."

As the golden spear burst forth, sparks flew in all directions. Accompanied by the sound of "crackling", the blade-like wings of the Ironclad Griffin were engulfed in flames and immediately shattered into pieces.

"Swoosh..." The sword gleamed brilliantly, and in the startled gaze of the Ironclad Griffin, scales and feathers similar to sword edges fell, with blood mist pouring out. The beast immediately lost its balance, and its massive body plummeted downward.


The Red Flame Demon Eagle then swooped down and attacked, arriving near Su Yi. Its body was like a roaring flame, with sharp eyes exuding a fierce killing intent. Its claws were like hooks, and it was determined to tear Su Yi apart.

"Damned beast!"

Su Yi shouted in a deep voice, fully prepared. His vital energy wings lifted behind his back, and his body hovered and elevated. A crimson light flickered in his eyes, and radiant light shone from under his feet, forming a dazzling and beautiful scene.

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