The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 460

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Chapter 460: "Come Over and Eat With Me!"

"Bring me that pig's head and I'll help you roast it, and I'll reward you for it."

Looking at the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, Su Yi spoke up, commenting that one of the heads of the Two-headed Demon Mane was too unsightly and may cause psychological trauma if consumed, but it could still be given to the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

Upon hearing this, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon immediately went and grabbed the head of the Two-headed Demon Mane and handed it over to Su Yi with a look of anticipation and awe on its face.

This One Head of the Two-headed Demon Mane is not small, weighing at least 200 catties, it is not easy to put it up for roasting.

However, Su Yi still roasted the head of the Two-headed Demon Mane carefully, even though he had no intention of eating it. This was the minimum respect for food.

Finally, the roasted meat was cooked to perfection, with the aroma of the meat permeating and its gloss enticing, making everyone unable to resist salivating.

"Each of you take half, go wherever you want!"

Su Yi tore open the head of the Two-headed Demon Mane, and with steam and a fragrant scent emanating from it, he threw it to the salivating Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

"So fragrant, let me try it first!"

It had been a while since they had a celebration feast, and Su Yi couldn't resist it anymore. He tore off a piece of meat from the Red Flame Demon Eagle's wing and stuffed it directly into his mouth.

The mouth was filled with meaty aroma that wafted in, and it melted in the mouth, leaving a lingering aftertaste and a face of intoxication.

"Mmm, it's really delicious."

Su Yi slightly closed his eyes, as if still reminiscing about the delicacy. No wonder it was the Red Flame Demon Eagle from the fifth level of the Demonic Spirit Realm, the texture of the meat was really different.

Looking at Su Yi's intoxicated expression, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Situ Muyang and others couldn't help but feel a bit nauseous and envious of the obviously delicious appearance.

As cultivators, although their cultivation level was not yet high, they generally didn't need to overeat. Although grains and cereals were good things, they could also produce a lot of impurities in the body for cultivators.

However, this appetite is something that humans are born with.

Especially at this moment, Su Yi is roasting the flesh of a fifth level demon beast from the Demonic Spirit Realm in this way. The aroma and color of the meat is making Zhang Qing, Situ Muyang and others drool uncontrollably, unable to resist its temptation.

"Come on, all come and eat together."

Su Yi opened his eyes and wolfed down the roasted meat in his hand, shouting at Situ Muyang, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui and others to come and eat together.

"It looks so delicious." Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others couldn't help themselves long ago and rushed forward together.

Xu Jiahui was not shy either, but compared to Zhang Qing and Liu Ji, she was much more elegant.

Situ Muyang hesitated, but in the end, he couldn't resist it.

"This is really delicious, it's a heavenly treat!"

And when he took a bite of the roasted meat and swallowed it, the expression on Situ Muyang's face changed completely. He savored it endlessly, never having tasted meat so delicious.

"If it's delicious, then have some more."

Su Yi's greasy hand patted Situ Muyang's shoulder without hesitation, appearing very courteous.

Situ Muyang raised his brows in dissatisfaction, ignoring Su Yi. He then began to relish the food heartily, wolfing it down.


At this moment, the pitiful Two-headed Demon Mane, Red Flame Demon Eagle, and Eight-winged Demon Python reappeared in a sorry state, looking wretched and miserable.

They came back to deliver Sword-patterned Stones, elixirs, and treasures out of fear that Su Yi might raid their lair. The creatures dared not refuse, for apprehension that the consequences would be dire.

"My wings!"

"My flesh!"

However, upon seeing those individuals in the field eating voraciously, Red Flame Demon Eagle and Eight-winged Demon Python almost collapsed in despair.

They recognized at a glance that the individuals were eating their wings and flesh.

Watching someone eating their own flesh, roasting it with such a tempting aroma, left Eight-winged Demon Python and Red Flame Demon Eagle with a complex array of emotions.

Two-headed Demon Mane also suffered greatly, as it watched one of its heads being gnawed to the bones by the Wolf-headed Demon Bat and Dark Golden Demon Falcon.

Ironclad Griffin, Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, and others trembled at the sight. Although they weren't being eaten, this brutality was still terrifying.

All along, it had been demon beasts eating humans. They had never seen anyone so brutal as to eat them, roasting and devouring their flesh.

"Hoot hoot..."

However, at the same time, as they smelled the aroma, even Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion couldn't help but feel their mouth water and swallow, feeling a strong desire for it.

Eight-winged Demon Python, Red Flame Demon Eagle, and Two-headed Demon Mane were very angry and were eager to fight to the death, but in the end, they all restrained themselves.

They were well aware of the terror of that youth. If they provoked him again, they would only be providing another meal for that brutal young man.

Therefore, the Eight-winged Demon Python, Red Flame Demon Eagle and others obediently handed over their Sword-patterned Stones, elixirs, and some treasures collected in their nests.

Su Yi was very satisfied and put the treasures into the space bag. With a smile on his face and a mouthful of oil stains, he said to Red Flame Demon Eagle, Eight-winged Demon Python and others, "You have worked hard. Would you like to eat something with me?"

"No, I refuse!"

The Eight-winged Demon Python shook its head in beast language, immediately retreated in panic. Looking at the way these humans wolfed down the food, it was worried that if there was not enough meat for them to eat, it would be unlucky.

The Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, Two-headed Demon Mane and others dared not linger, wishing to leave as soon as possible.

What if this ferocious teenager wants to change his taste and eat their roasted meat? What should they do?

"Eat, but don't waste it."

Su Yi continued to wolf down the food, not only because the taste of these demon beast meats was good, but also because the flesh and blood contained energy that could be absorbed by eating more and refined for his own use.

Immediately, these people gathered around the old path in the dark, feasting voraciously and greasily.

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats had long finished eating, while the Dark Golden Demon Falcon watched on, deeply moved. Its fierce and complex gaze questioned if its master was truly human, as his brutality exceeded even that of a demon beast.

After more than half an hour, several dozen pounds of Eight-winged Demon Python meat and Red Flame Demon Eagle wings were completely consumed by the group, and they burped with satisfaction and happiness on their faces.

"It's so delicious, very flavorful."

Situ Muyang was happy to eat, and suddenly he felt that being with Su Yi, this ferocious guy, was becoming more and more interesting.

"Breathe and meditate, we'll set off again tomorrow!"

Su Yi patted his round belly and let out a satisfied burp.

In a great battle, although it seemed that Su Yi had easily defeated several ferocious demon beasts, he knew best that he had constantly used all his skills and tricks to fight quickly and decisively, causing him to be almost exhausted. Now that he had eaten so much demon beast meat, it was time for him to breathe and meditate, refining it for his own use.

Soon, several figures sat cross-legged on the ground, breathing and cultivating their skills, gradually being enveloped in a bright light.

This is the nest of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat. The heads of the surrounding demon beasts, such as the Eight-winged Demon Python, have already been brutally defeated and gone. Therefore, everyone doesn't need to worry about anything.

Soon, several figures were completely enveloped in a bright light, radiating a dazzling aura and emanating energy fluctuations.


At night, everywhere was silent and the moon and stars shone dimly, giving rise to an inexplicably oppressive atmosphere.

In the vast terrain, surrounded by towering trees and giant rocks, many figures appeared at this moment, all of them looking very disheveled.

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