The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 440

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Chapter 440: Mid-Tier Emperor Grade Martial Skill!

Situ Muyang hesitated, but instinctively took the healing pill from Su Yi's hand.

At this moment, Situ Muyang was seriously injured and indeed needed healing.

"It's decided then, we will join forces and share the good and the bad within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords."

Su Yi grinned and patted Situ Muyang's shoulder warmly, as if they were family.

"Once we leave the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, I will fight you again!"

Situ Muyang said this. He had lost and seemed to have no other choice at the moment, but he was unwilling to accept it. He would continue the fight after leaving the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

"Good, I'll wait for you."

Su Yi nodded, didn't mind at all, and his face was full of smiles while his eyes rolled around.

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others looked at each other doubtfully, unable to figure out what was going on.

Judging by Su Yi's enthusiastic appearance, one can tell that he probably didn't have good intentions in mind.

However, Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing could not figure out what exactly Su Yi had in mind.

Situ Muyang was seriously injured, and Su Yi didn't hold back with his final blow, which would have had disastrous consequences if it weren't for the Wind Battle Armor.

Therefore, Situ Muyang had to be treated before he could fight again. Su Yi allowed him to recuperate in the mountain cave while Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and the others waited on the peak, before departing on the Dark Golden Demon Falcon.

As they watched the silhouette on the back of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon soar into the sky, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan and Qing Chao were still in awe.

The individual was full of tricks, even possessing the ability to fly.

After a moment, Su Yi entered a hidden natural cave and opened Situ Muyang's space bag.

There were Yuan Stones, numerous elixirs, clothes, as well as miscellaneous items and medicinal materials. Surprisingly, there were also three pieces of the Sword-patterned Stone.

These were all items that Su Yi had obtained from Situ Muyang's space bag. There were plenty of Yuan Stones, which had already been absorbed by the mysterious space, and the quantity and quality of the elixirs were both decent. There were also miscellaneous items of all kinds.

"A set of martial arts."

Inside the space bag, Su Yi discovered a scroll emitting a faint glow, releasing a subtle aura of pressure. The scroll was inscribed with seal-like characters, reading 'Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm'.

"Wind attribute Emperor Grade Martial Technique!"

Su Yi's eyes glimmered, realizing that this was an Emperor Grade level martial skill.

At this moment, Su Yi's worth had utterly changed. The value of an Emperor Grade Martial Technique was self-evident, worth a fortune.

Without exaggerating, one set of Emperor Grade level martial skills could be exchanged for a dozen of Su families.

Moreover, this Emperor Grade Martial Technique was a special Wind attribute skill. As Su Yi knew, Wind attribute martial skills were rare.

Situ Muyang's primary attribute was Wind, so Su Yi estimated that the reason he possessed this set of Emperor Grade Wind attribute martial skills was due to his identity as the son of Divine Sword School's sect leader. If it were any other cultivator of Yuan Spirit Realm, how could they possibly have such a treasure?

How could Su Yi miss out on a Wind attribute Emperor Grade Martial Technique? He possessed a Wind attribute himself, and Wind attribute martial skills were already hard to come by.

As a drop of blood fell on the martial skill scroll, Su Yi aimed to unlock the Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm.

When a drop of blood fell on the scroll, a slight fluctuation of light appeared on it, but it disappeared immediately without any further reaction.


Su Yi was surprised, as even after dripping blood, he could not open this martial skill, so he continued to drip blood.

Droplets of fresh blood fell one after another, but the martial skill scroll still had no effect.

"How do I open this?"

Su Yi examined the martial skill scroll, his brow furrowed. He knew that this martial skill scroll was like a space bag, it could not be forced to open. If he tried to force it, he would destroy everything inside.

If this Emperor Grade wind attribute martial skill was destroyed, Su Yi would be absolutely heartbroken.

After thinking for a while, and recalling various myths and histories, as well as everything he had obtained from the mysterious old man, Su Yi's mind suddenly moved. He formed a hand seal, and Wind attribute energy gathered in his palm, carefully wrapped around the martial skill scroll.

When the energy touched the scroll, something happened immediately, a light appeared on top of the scroll, and absorbed the energy.

"It worked..."

Su Yi was delighted, he kept controlling the energy in his palm, which continued to pour into the martial skill scroll.

At this moment, this martial arts scroll was like an endless abyss, as Su Yi's aura surged out and released more and more brilliant light, even accompanied by the sound of howling winds.

This scroll even actively absorbed Su Yi's aura from the palm of his hand. As more and more of Su Yi's aura was poured in, the scroll became brighter and brighter.

In the end, after at least half an hour, a bright light shone from the scroll, the whole cave roared with a violent wind, and the light was dazzling, creating a shocking scene!

Su Yi's aura in his body was gradually depleted to the point of exhaustion.

"What's going on, does it really take so much energy!"

Su Yi had some doubts and his face turned pale.

Opening the martial arts scroll, it turned out that such a majestic aura was required. Even pouring all of the energy in Su Yi's dantian vortex into it was seemingly not enough.

"Crack, crack..."

Just as Su Yi's energy was about to be completely depleted, there was finally a reaction above the martial arts scroll. A crack appeared, and with it, a rush of air poured out like raging winds.


A great light appeared, and in an instant, a howling wind formed a tornado inside the cave.

From within the storm, there was obscure and obscure font, light flickering, and a vast pressure immediately poured out, sweeping over Su Yi.

The raging wind howled, and at this moment Su Yi was weak, his body swaying. Before he could react, the violent wind accompanied by pressure and a sweeping breath stormed straight at him.

The dazzling light shot into Su Yi's eyes and finally rushed into his head directly.

A powerful message then forcibly rushed into Su Yi's mind, causing his mind to feel swollen and bursting.

But this feeling only lasted a few breaths before calming down.

Immediately, a new message was imprinted in Su Yi's mind, making it clear and discernible.

"With invisible and endless power, tear the space crack. Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm, this is a Mid-tier Emperor Grade Martial Art created by ancient strong men. Practicing it to perfection can bind dragons and control phoenixes. In the peak state, it can be compared with high-level Emperor Grade Martial Arts. To cultivate this martial art, one must reach the Yuan Void Realm level, otherwise, the physical body will be torn apart and the pain will be unbearable!" At the beginning of this martial art, Su Yi could feel the awe-inspiring and overbearing pressure of binding dragons and controlling phoenixes.

According to Su Yi, martial arts are divided into levels such as King Grade and Emperor Grade, and at every level, there are three small stages: the primary stage, the mid-stage, and the high stage.

The Dragon Wind Realm is actually a Mid-stage Emperor Grade Martial Art, but at its peak, it can be compared with high-stage Emperor Grade martial arts. This is extraordinary.

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