The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 441

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Chapter 441: Futeng Guang!

If such martial arts were spread out, it might be enough to cause waves in the entire Central State.

However, the last paragraph stated that one must reach the Yuan Void Realm to cultivate this martial art. Otherwise, it would result in tearing apart one's body, causing unbearable pain. This left Su Yi dumbfounded.

After all the effort spent, one must at least reach the Yuan Void Realm to be eligible to cultivate.

Within the vast amount of information lies the complicated and profound cultivation method of the Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm.

"Is there really no way to cultivate this..."

Su Yi briefly examined the cultivation method and had some doubts. After all, the Hundred Transformations Step was also a wind attribute martial art of the Emperor Grade, and he had succeeded in cultivating it. However, he had never been able to cultivate the Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale.

After careful consideration, Su Yi chose to temporarily give up.

At least, he can't cultivate this in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. It would be better to study it when there is a chance in the future.

Anyway, this martial art has already been imprinted in his mind and can't be forgotten. For now, the various martial arts and techniques in his possession are sufficient.

After tidying up and estimating that Situ Muyang would need a day or two to recover from his injuries, Su Yi took advantage of the opportunity to cultivate in the mysterious space.

Meanwhile, Su Yi was at ease and was not worried about the Sword-patterned Stones at all.

However, at this moment, the entire Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords was in chaos. More than thirty thousand inner and outer disciples combined, trembling in fear, facing a harsh reality.

Demon beast groups were everywhere, like a Beast Tide surging forward. They specialized in dealing with inner disciples, with demon leaders of various sizes leading the way, sweeping everything in their path.

Some inner disciples began to join forces in an emergency. The inner disciples on each sword peak formed an alliance to control these demon beasts.

However, the result was minimal. These demon beasts were too fierce, with some at the level of the Demonic Spirit Realm, and the strongest was even at the third grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm. The inner disciples were no match for them.

Inner disciples were emptied, stripped of their space bags, and suffered heavy losses, feeling disheveled and defeated.

Fortunately, these demon beasts didn't kill them, which was strange, but they plundered everything.

In just a few days, a large part of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords was completely boiling, and everything was in turmoil.

The Divine Sword School's inner and outer disciples, numbering in the tens of thousands, were in a sorry state. Instead of trying to locate Sword-patterned Stones, they were struggling to preserve their own lives. The situation was pitiful, and cries for help could be heard.

"I have never heard of such a situation before!"

"These demon beasts have gathered together and are attacking us!"

"Now we are in big trouble, we cannot pass through the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Each inner disciple was dejected and helpless, completely looted and covered in injuries.

"Something must have happened!"

The disorderly jungle was in an utter mess, with towering trees broken and boulders shattered. Countless figures were in disarray, with a young man in the lead who appeared to be around twenty-one or twenty-two years old. He wore an inner disciple emblem, his clothes were blood-stained, his hair was disheveled, and his face was pale and gloomy.

"Martial Brother Futeng Guang, what should we do now?"

Several disheveled young men asked the young man in the lead, all of them are also ragged and helpless.

"Wait, there are still two days left until the direct disciples come in. By then, these wicked creatures will suffer!"

Futeng Guang's expression became extremely sullen when he opened his mouth. He thought that as long as he could perform competently in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, he would have a strong chance of becoming a direct disciple.

With his current level of cultivation, he has the ability to be on par with some of the direct disciples.

However, he never expected that something seemed completely different in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, compared to the information he received.

The demon beasts came in droves, in an unstoppable manner. If he hadn't acted quickly and surrendered his space bag, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

"Senior brother, do we still need to look for information about Su Yi? I heard from an outer disciple that Su Yi reached the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs!"

After hesitating for a moment, a young man spoke with a strange gleam in his eyes. The seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs was the dream of everyone, but it was an unattainable height.

"Of course we should look for him. There must be something wrong with the Heavenly Stairs if so many inner disciples reached the fourth or even fifth level. It means nothing if the Heavenly Stairs is not problematic!"

Futeng Guang said coldly. He didn't believe that there was nothing wrong with the Heavenly Stairs, otherwise, so many outer disciples would not have entered the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

Moreover, as Futeng Guang knew, tens of thousands of outer disciples had even reached the fifth level of the Heavenly Stairs, making it clear that there was a problem.

With a gloomy expression, Futeng Guang continued, "As long as we find Su Yi's location, someone will take care of him!"

Futeng Guang was not foolish enough to personally confront Su Yi. He originally intended to avenge his younger brother, Teng Ming, himself. But, since it was rumored that Jian Shiyi was defeated, he didn't have the confidence to fight the person who could defeat Jian Shiyi and could only look for someone else.

Fortunately, someone will deal with that Su Yi.

His younger brother Teng Ming was severely injured and lost the opportunity to become an inner disciple, and it may be difficult for him to achieve anything in his cultivation in the future. This grudge is as deep as the sea, and it must be avenged!


In the mysterious space, the concentration of celestial energy was so high that it was like a misty haze.

Su Yi sat cross-legged, surrounded by a red light that flickered like flames. From a distance, a small sun seemed to rise in the mist, emanating from his body.

From Su Yi's body, a scorching breath spread, emanating a pressure that seemed to come from the ancient times.


Strands of reddish light drilled into Su Yi's pores all over his body, accompanied by the celestial energy in the mysterious space, until they disappeared completely.

As the light faded, Su Yi's hand seal tightened, and his closed eyes began to twitch slightly.

"Shua Shua..."

Suddenly, Su Yi opened his eyes, and from within his eyes, two red lights flashed like two bolts of red lightning.


Then, a powerful aura immediately swept out from Su Yi and his robe fluttered, his hair swaying with the movements of his body. The air around him trembled, and then slowly calmed down.


After taking a deep breath, Su Yi's eyes regained their deep and dark appearance, and a smile curved on his lips.

Su Yi was the only one who knew that he had spent two days cultivating in the mysterious space. Nevertheless, the effects of his training were astonishingly comparable to a month outside.

The cosmic energy in this mysterious space, even the essence refined from it, is purer.

If he cultivated in this mystical space for a month or two, Su Yi estimated that he could break through to the fifth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. However, he didn't have time to stay in the mysterious space lately.

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