The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 439

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Chapter 439: Alliance!

"I lose, I won't eat my words." Situ Muyang gritted his teeth and said.

"That's good."

Su Yi grinned, his gaze flickering as he beckoned towards Situ Muyang, "Hand over your space bag, I'll hold onto it for you."

"You..." Situ Muyang was stunned when he heard this. He never imagined that Su Yi would want his space bag. What does he mean by 'holding onto it'? This is clearly an act of plundering.

"Why are you hesitating? I will keep it for you since you lost the bet."

Su Yi chuckled, knowing that someone of Situ Muyang's origins definitely had treasures in his space bag. He might have a huge gain by taking it.

"Here you go!"

Situ Muyang gritted his teeth and handed over his space bag, abiding by his promise since he lost the bet. He said, "One day, I will take it back tenfold."

"Let's wait for that day, do we still have more?"

Su Yi adeptly took the space bag, scrutinizing Situ Muyang with his gaze. Perhaps this youth had more than one space bag on him.

"I only have one space bag, there's no others!"

Situ Muyang said with hatred, he had never been treated like this before. Though Su Yi was clearly exceptional, his appearance was not in harmony with his combat power, resembling a bandit or robber.

"The Wind Battle Armor you had on just now seems quite impressive. Let me study how it works."

Su Yi looked at Situ Muyang with a sheepish smile. That Wind Battle Armor was precisely what he had in mind, an absolute treasure.

"Don't even think about the Wind Battle Armor. Even if I gave it to you, you wouldn't be able to take it. Besides, if you succeed in taking it, I guarantee you'll regret it. Even Divine Sword School won't be able to protect you."

Situ Muyang gazed coldly at Su Yi, then sneered. He had recognized that Su Yi was merely a bandit and robber, even coveting his Wind Battle Armor. He was quite daring and audacious indeed.

Su Yi rubbed his nose with his index finger and kept looking at Situ Muyang, feeling contemplative.

This young man had a mysterious background and that Wind Battle Armor was undoubtedly priceless; if it was really robbed, it would cause a great deal of trouble within Divine Sword School.

Su Yi was not only interested in that Wind Battle Armor, he was enchanted by it. It was an absolute treasure.

However, this is neither the Demon Woods nor the Forest of Demons. When it comes to treasure hunting, there are always limitations that cannot be ignored.

Su Yi is not foolish. Even if he were to acquire treasures like the Wind Battle Armor within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, he may not be able to bring them out to the Divine Sword School.


With a turn of his gaze, Su Yi's face immediately lit up with a smile towards Situ Muyang, and he enthusiastically spoke, "I was only joking. But now, can you tell me your origin?"

"It's not that I don't want to tell you, but I'm afraid you'll be frightened and lose control when I do."

Situ Muyang spoke softly, feeling quite resentful and unwilling in his heart.

He had never been so powerless before. Upon returning to the Divine Sword School, he had thought he could prove himself before his father.

But Situ Muyang had not expected to suffer such setbacks in just a few days, encountering such a tough opponent.

"I am quite curious to know, actually."

Su Yi responded, becoming even more intrigued about this young man's background.

Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi, wiped the bloodstains from his lips, and said lightly, "My surname is Situ, Situ Muyang. Situ Liuyun is my father!"

"Situ Liuyun... Situ Muyang, he is the son of the sect leader!"

As soon as Situ Muyang's words fell, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others were stunned, and their bodies became slightly limp. No wonder this teenager was so powerful. He turned out to be the son of the sect leader!

Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi calmly. He deliberately disclosed his identity. This outer disciple Su Yi would definitely be surprised. He should honestly return the space bag to him.

Situ Muyang felt that although this was somewhat deceitful, if his own space bag was looted by Su Yi and spread outside, he would feel ashamed to see others.

"The son of the sect leader..."

Su Yi was a bit surprised, but it was only a mild surprise.

Such a young man must have a great background; Su Yi was not too surprised.

Being the son of the Divine Sword School sect leader, no disciple of the school would dare offend him, including direct disciples, let alone outer disciples.

But some people don't care, and Su Yi is an exception.

Su Yi hadn't planned to stay at the Divine Sword School and entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords was just a coincidence.

So whether Situ Muyang is the sect leader's son or not doesn't matter much to Su Yi.

However, Su Yi was grateful that he didn't forcefully take Situ Muyang's Wind Battle Armor. If he did and left the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, he probably would not be able to take it away.

With his gaze shifting inward, Su Yi was pondering about something.

Then he looked at Situ Muyang, and his face immediately showed a stronger and more enthusiastic smile. He said, "So you're the son of the sect leader, no wonder you're so powerful at such a young age. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!"

Seeing Su Yi's expression, Situ Muyang was secretly doubtful. He originally thought that after revealing his identity, Su Yi would be scared and immediately return the space bag to him.

But now, seeing Su Yi's expression and clear eyes, there was no intention of being scared or returning the space bag. This made Situ Muyang wonder even more.


Situ Muyang could only awkwardly nodded his head. This guy said he was strong, which made him quite embarrassed. This young man in front of him was not much older than him, yet he was even more powerful!

"I am willing to bet and accept losing. You lost, but since you are the son of the sect leader, I won't give you a hard time."

Su Yi was very enthusiastic, almost shoulder to shoulder with Situ Muyang, his gaze turning, he continued to speak, "This is what we'll do, you don't have to be my follower anymore. You and I will team up inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. We will ally, face difficulties together and share our blessings. How does that sound?"

"We ally..." Situ Muyang was a little surprised.

"I'll return your space bag to you later. I'll keep it for you for now. Take this healing pill. It is said that those direct disciples are very strong. If we ally, the chances of winning will be higher. What do you think?"

While speaking, Su Yi's face was full of smile, and he handed a remarkable healing pill to Situ Muyang.

"Something's not right, Su Yi is too enthusiastic..."

Looking at Su Yi, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan and others secretly muttered. Su Yi's enthusiastic appearance was exactly the same as the treatment of those inner disciples. It was obvious that it wasn't something good.

Only Zhang Qing, Wang Fan and others couldn't really figure out Su Yi's intention for teaming up with Situ Muyang. Could it be that he was really interested in Situ Muyang's strength?

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