The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 438

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Chapter 438: The One Who Bets Must Be Willing to Admit Defeat!

At the same time, visible to the naked eye, a pair of crimson wings condensed behind Su Yi, spreading out and extending, flowing with radiance, translucent like cicada wings, with beautiful and graceful curvature.


As his wings flapped, amidst the shocked and trembling gazes, Su Yi's body rose into the air, with dust and grit flying around.

A powerful aura burst forth from Su Yi's body, causing even the surrounding void to tremble.

"Su Yi can fly too..."

Looking at Su Yi's flapping wings behind him, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others were dumbfounded.

Su Yi's trump cards seemed to be endless.

"Do you have wings? So do I!"

With a red light surging, Su Yi's calm voice suddenly and slowly came out, the third level of the Hundred Transformations Step, condensing his wings.

"You also have the attribute of wind!"

Situ Muyang confirmed that this guy also had the wind attribute; those red light-filled wings, condensed by energy, had a unique white light that was characteristic of the wind attribute.

In this confrontation, Situ Muyang felt that Su Yi had at least four attributes.

With such natural talent, it should have been ordinary, but this guy's combat power was terrifying, which made Situ Muyang secretly puzzled.

However, soon Situ Muyang's mind calmed down, and he remained as proud and fierce as before.

Situ Muyang was filled with awe, as this outer disciple of the Divine Sword School was too powerful. He exceeded Situ Muyang's expectations time and time again, resorting to various tactics.

Nevertheless, Situ Muyang was not discouraged, and he didn't believe that he could not defeat this guy.

With a confident and proud demeanor, Situ Muyang stared directly at Su Yi, and his Wind Battle Armor released a brilliant light and storm.

"Let it end!"

Suddenly, his spirit burst forth as Situ Muyang soared up, rose up into the air, and swooped down. The dazzling light shone like the rising sun, and from above, he stomped down towards the bottom.

This kick was forceful and fierce!

"Stormy Wave Kick!"

With a low shout, Situ Muyang's foot caused the empty space to boil, and a storm swept through, making demon beasts and Xu Jiahui tremble all around him.

With such a kick, he seemed to want to shatter the void!

The convergence of light and storm was resounding and frightening, causing people's heart to tremble!

"Then let it end!"

At this moment, Su Yi's eyes flickered with red light, and Hundred Transformations Step condensed wings hung in the air. His aura was dazzling, and his red light spread everywhere. His hand seal had already solidified, and the light was shining brightly from under his feet, magnificently.


Everything rapidly condensed in a moment, and vitality diffused to cover both legs. The radiance quickly spread, and mysterious and ancient patterns flowed on the feet. Inexperienced runes surged forth and a majestic aura swept out.

In that moment, Su Yi's eyes were sparkling like lightning, sharp and intimidating. His entire person was like a revived deity or demon. His gray robe fluttered, and his black hair flew back, exuding a thunderous fury in an incomprehensible manner. His imposing manner was both powerful and terrifying!

Su Yi had already tested the strength of this young boy, who had a cultivation base of the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, but his combat power surpassed it by far. Coupled with his extraordinary martial arts and that Wind Battle Armor, he was even more formidable.

Such a young boy was truly terrifying!

Su Yi spread his wings in the void, and his feet glowed brightly, emitting a strong aura that made people tremble. The previous footprint had already landed.


This kind of aura made the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, the Black Demon Mastiff and other demon beasts below want to bow down, their eyes filled with astonishment.

"Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, Rampage Shadow Shatter the Nine Yaos!" In a low growl, Su Yi suddenly fluttered his wings as he sidestepped the footprints of the former, kicking into the sky.

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

The footprints sparkled and flashed like lightning, as countless prints were kicked out in an instant, gathering radiance and fiercely colliding with the former in a footstorm. Suddenly, the dazzling radiance exploded like a small sun.


Such an aura was unparalleled in its dominance and grandeur, leading to destruction!

"Boom, boom, boom..." The void reverberated with a resounding roar, as the space seemed to twist and turn. The dazzling light of energy was stimulating and the oppression was immense!

"Crackle, crackle..."

The ground below collapsed, the void trembled, and the mountains roared, sweeping everything away.

"Roarrrr..." Such a terrible breath made the demon beasts below tremble and roar in response.

The figures of Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, etc. involuntarily stepped back, panicking and avoiding the aftermath of the strong wind sweeping from the low altitude amid flying sand and rocks. Their eyes were already stunned.


In mid-air, Situ Muyang's figure shook as he flew straight back from mid-air, spitting out a mouthful of blood. His body then toppled to the ground and landed with a trembling sound, leaving behind many cracks.


Crimson light filled the air, along with a vast pressure, Su Yi's figure descended, staring at Situ Muyang.


Situ Muyang was still spitting blood, the radiance of his Wind Battle Armor had dimmed, blood streamed down the corners of his mouth, and his face was deathly pale. He was like a different person from his previous arrogant and confident self.

Struggling to rise, Situ Muyang stood up with great effort, cracks appearing on the pair of wings on his back. He stared at Su Yi before him, and a hint of shock appeared in his eyes as well.

With that final move, Situ Muyang finally realized the true strength of the guy in front of him.

That terrible aura seemed to suppress everything within him and made his soul tremble uncontrollably.

"Who are you, really?"

Situ Muyang spoke, wiping the bloodstains from the corners of his mouth, his voice still crisp but with less confidence and pride, because he had witnessed the mysteries and extraordinariness of this person before him.

"The Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, Su Yi!"

Su Yi gazed at Situ Muyang, approaching with each step, surrounded by crimson light. His red wings extended behind him, like a god of war, with his divine aura magnified by the crimson glow.

"So, you are Su Yi..."

Situ Muyang couldn't help but exclaim, his gaze darkened.

When entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, his father specially instructed him not to underestimate a guy called Su Yi, among the group of inner and outer disciples, and warned him to be careful not to provoke him.

Feeling disrespected, Situ Muyang thought to himself that he feared no one in the school, including Su Yi. He didn't believe that he couldn't defeat Su Yi in battle.

Even in this situation, Situ Muyang intentionally searched for the person called Su Yi, wanting to verify himself.

Now, looking at Su Yi in front of him, Situ Muyang was struck hard.

"You have defeated me!"

Su Yi walked up to Situ Muyang, looked at him and said, "If you disagree, we can continue!"

Situ Muyang's eyes flickered. He didn't want to give up. He thought he still had the strength to fight back.

But looking at Su Yi's aura, Situ Muyang was secretly trembling in his heart. He knew his current situation very well. If he continued to fight, he would have no chance of winning.

"Indeed, I lost."

After a moment, Situ Muyang gritted his teeth, and the Wind Battle Armor on his body was put away. He looked a bit embarrassed. Looking at Su Yi, he said, "After leaving the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, I will definitely defeat you!"

"Hehe, that's something for later."

Su Yi laughed and the energy-concentrated wings behind his back retracted as he said to Situ Muyang, "May the wager end in surrender!"

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