The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: Wind Battle Armor!

The white wings fluttered slightly, causing an inexplicable force to permeate the surroundings, and gusts of wind howled, enveloping everything around.

"This should be a precious treasure!"

Su Yi looked at Situ Muyang's white armor, which was shining all over, with an ancient aura and an overwhelming pressure, causing his own aura to rise significantly.

Such a suit of armor was not ordinary, and Su Yi had never seen anything like it before!

"Being able to use the Wind Battle Armor exceed my expectations, now you can also use your true power!"

Situ Muyang spoke, floating in the air, and he could also sense that the other party still had some strength left.

"Is wind attribute the main attribute?"

Su Yi lifted his gaze to look at Situ Muyang. At this moment, Situ Muyang's earth elemental energy had already transformed into the wind attribute, which was more vigorous than the original earth attribute. This young man's main attribute was wind attribute.


Without delay, Situ Muyang waved his hand and the Wind Battle Armor shimmered with a dazzling light. With a howling gust of wind, he charged towards Su Yi.

Under the powerful momentum, the void trembled and sand and stones flew everywhere!

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others were shocked and could feel that the strength of the black-robed youth had suddenly increased by a level after he put on a suit of armor.

"Bring it on!"

Su Yi spoke lightly, his battle spirit undiminished, his eyes pouring out a red glow, his attacks opening and closing widely, continuing to resist stubbornly.

With his cultivation in the Fourth Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, Su Yi truly didn't believe he couldn't handle an opponent like the boy before him, even with that heavy armor. He actually wanted to test the strength of the armor.


Situ Muyang gave a cold humph, his thin lips slightly curling to reveal his gleaming white teeth. Under the Wind Battle Armor, his speed had increased who knows how much compared to before.

Hovering in the low altitude, Situ Muyang launched himself downwards like a hunting eagle.


At this moment, Situ Muyang's figure was as fast as lightning. In a flash, he created several afterimages in mid-air during his descent, his body like a bolt of lightning charging straight towards Su Yi with a stunning momentum.

"So fast!"

Su Yi secretly agreed that after using this armor treasure, the young man in front of him had greatly increased in both combat power and defense, as well as speed.

Looking at the former diving down, Su Yi's eyes flashed with a hint of redness, and the afterimage rapidly enlarged in his pupils.

If it weren't for Su Yi's strong soul power, it would have been difficult to sense and capture such speed.


There was a flash of light under his feet, and Su Yi's body tilted as he moved in an incredible arc.

With the Hundred Transformations Step in his repertoire, Su Yi also possesses speed as his reliance.


Just as Su Yi dodged, Situ Muyang's fingertip swept out like lightning, with obscure light, able to pierce the air, and swiftly approached Su Yi's head.

Such an attack was fast, accurate and ruthless, and could not have been achieved without real training.

This was enough to prove that Situ Muyang, although young, was not a delicate flower raised in a greenhouse.

However, the fingertip only passed by Su Yi's neck, brushing past and cutting off a few strands of his hair.

In terms of practical experience, Su Yi had honed his skills in various dangers and crises over the years, and was no less superior than the former.


In a split second, Su Yi was prepared, he stepped in Hundred Transformations Step, leaned his body backwards, his fist gleamed with a bright light and with a vast and surging momentum, he took the opportunity to strike towards the other person.

Situ Muyang's wings behind his back trembled, revealing his white teeth, surprisingly he didn't intend to dodge and instead moved forward.


Everything happened quickly, Su Yi's punch landed heavily on Situ Muyang's armor.

At the moment of impact, a crisp sound of weapons colliding echoed, with splashing flames and howling gusts.

Visible circles of energy and qi spread out from the touched armor.

Su Yi didn't hold back much in this punch either, but upon landing on the armor, it made his fist feel a bit sore.

The armor on Situ Muyang's body only slightly dented before quickly recovering, emitting a burst of light.

"This is not good..."

In that moment, Su Yi suddenly sensed something ominous.

This guy is actually resisting head-on, he must have ulterior motives.

Su Yi retreated violently, the very first moment he retreated.

But it was too late - those pairs of wings seemed to unfold countless razor-sharp blades, enveloping him in a terrifyingly cold light, moving as fast as lightning bolts while the strong winds howled.

"Break it!"

Without any hesitation, Su Yi was shrouded in a halo of vital energy, and the vital energy in his body surged as he fiercely punched forward.

"Clang, clang, clang, clang..."

The sound of metal clashing, sparks flying, fierce winds sweeping the land, and dazzling light radiating.

With unmatched power, Su Yi forcefully broke open the approaching wings and rushed out directly.

However, the extremely fierce gusts of wind around him swept over Su Yi at lightning speed, piercing through the halo of vital energy around him, causing his clothes to reveal several cracks.


On Su Yi's back, there appeared a shallow bloodstain.

That was the mark left by a blade-like wing. If it weren't for Su Yi's quick evasion, he might have been seriously injured.


Situ Muyang's wings expanded behind him, brushing against the ground and retreating several meters in a straight line. The light on his battle armor fluctuated.

"Su Yi, be careful!"

Zhang Qing and others exclaimed in surprise, never imagining that Su Yi would be wounded.

"It's a very strong armor, definitely a valuable treasure!"

Su Yi's gaze shifted towards the treasure armor, which had allowed the teenager to reap a lot of benefits.

Su Yi glanced at the blood mark on his shoulder, and smiled faintly. He had been too careless earlier; if the young man had been stronger, he might have been seriously injured, with dire consequences.

"Let's end the fight quickly!"

Watching in amazement as Su Yi avoided his most prized and confident blow, Situ Muyang's expression changed, his wings flapped behind him, and a dazzling light shone.


In an instant, a brilliant white wind attribute light burst out from the Wind Battle Armor, surrounded by swirling winds.

At the same time, an indescribable sense of strength emanated from Situ Muyang's body.

On that Wind Battle Armor, there are secret patterns spreading, emanating a terrible ancient aura.


The violent wind howled in the air, picking up sand and stones, and dust was flying, the breath was terrifying!

This scene was extremely shocking!

"So strong!"

Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Liu Ji and others looked horrified.

It's really frustrating to compare people with others. How young that teenager is, yet he is so strong!

"Use all your cards, I won't hold back anymore!"

Howling winds, a glow enveloping the surroundings, pressure pervading, an ancient aura spreading, Situ Muyang with his wings flapping on his back appeared like a young war god!

Looking down from a high point, Situ Muyang gazed at Su Yi below, revealing his handsome face with a grin and his gleaming white teeth.

"Are you the only one who can fly? Since that's the case, let me give it a try too..."

Su Yi gazed at his opponent, who held the advantage of flight and had several advantages. As soon as he spoke, his handprints condensed and a burst of red light erupted behind him, causing his elemental energy to surge.

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