The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: White Armor!

Without abundant vital energy, honed through bloody battles, and one's own comprehension, none could be lacking, as otherwise it would be impossible to achieve.

And beneath that punch lay a terrible force, like a series of shockwaves, endlessly pouring forth, with seven different types of strength within the punch itself, making Situ Muyang unable to control the continuous power that came from it, almost causing him to vomit blood.

At this point, Situ Muyang truly realized that the guy in front of him was very troublesome. His father was right. Among the direct disciples of the Divine Sword School, there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers, some of whom were unfathomable. Recently, an outer disciple had become very powerful as well.

"You really surprised me, enough to make me use my true strength!"

Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi. His eyes shone, his feet on the ground, launched another attack at Su Yi.

"Do your best!"

Su Yi's robes fluttered, his expression unchanged. He lifted his arm, and stepped forward with the Hundred Transformations Step, his elemental energy surging like a tidal wave, and began to battle Situ Muyang.

Situ Muyang exerted all his strength, hoping to recruit the young man as his follower. He wanted to show him that even the disciples of Divine Sword School were nothing special. Despite his young age, he was ready for any challenge.

Su Yi tested Situ Muyang, trying to determine the young man's true strength and identity.

For a young man to enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, his martial arts must be extraordinary, as well as his physical movements.


Situ Muyang's attack was ferocious, his arm reaching out suddenly and striking Su Yi with unimaginable accuracy and power.

In terms of speed, Su Yi is truly not afraid of those with the same cultivation level, let alone this black-robed young man who is only at the second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, Su Yi has been just testing him all along.

Hundred Transformations Step moved quickly, and Su Yi avoided the attack while punching fiercely, creating a scorching temperature in the red light sweeping by.

Situ Muyang's body slightly sank as he evaded in an instant. The residual shockwave of Su Yi's punch hit a huge stone, shattering it, and the dust rose.

Su Yi was secretly shocked that this black-clothed young man was at the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, but his combat power repeatedly surprised Su Yi.

The combat power of this black-clothed youth was not what an ordinary Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator would have.

There was no doubt that if Su Yi estimated himself to be at the same Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, he would need to exert all of his efforts to deal with this black-clothed young man. It would definitely be a difficult task.

Moreover, this black-clothed youth seemed to become even stronger as the battle progressed, indicating that he might still have some hidden cards.

"How impressive!"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others had already fallen far behind. They didn't even have the qualification to be included.

Gazing far ahead, the two young men engaged in an intense duel, with swift movements, fierce attacks, one domineering and majestic, the other arrogant and ferocious, causing Zhang Qing and the others to tremble with fear.

These two young men were too powerful, awing and shaming them. It was too much to bear. People compared themselves with them will only lead to frustrations!


A harsh bird cry echoed from under Situ Muyang's feet as a black Peng Bird's shadow spread its wings and soared into the sky.

The black shadow of the Peng Bird appeared alive, with a wingspan of several meters, black light radiating, illuminating the sky, a cry that pierced through the clouds and shook the earth, and a ferocious and intimidating aura emanating from its tiny blood moon-like pupils.


When such a black shadow of a fierce bird appeared, an oppressive aura fell upon the demon beasts present, causing the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, the Black Demon Mastiff, the Cracked Earth Tyrant Bear, and others to roar in response.

"Condense your essence and take the form of the Dark Phantom Falcon!"

Su Yi was quite astonished as he knew this was not a simple task to condense one's essence and take the form of an animal. The stronger the animal, the more difficult it was to achieve.

The Dark Phantom Falcon was a true demon beast of the demon clan and its bloodline was much stronger than that of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon or the Black Demon Mastiff.

"In order to condense the form of any particular demon beast, sufficient knowledge of that beast is necessary, but more importantly, one needs a drop of its blood!"

It was evident that this young man in black robes possessed the bloodline and blood essence of the Dark Phantom Falcon, making his identity unquestionable. He must have a remarkable background within the Divine Sword School.

"Keep going!"

Situ Muyang's demeanor was calm, but his eyes were filled with the spirit of battle. His gaze was deep and his hair was already disheveled. With his feet stepping on the ethereal shadow of the black bird, he soared into the sky. The black light surged and roared, crushing towards Su Yi.

The momentum of this surge was enormous, causing sand and stones to fly about, and energy to sweep through, as if even the void around them was in turmoil.

Su Yi's gaze was heavy. At this moment, standing beneath such a Dark Phantom Falcon, even a cultivator of the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm might not be able to withstand it. This young man was indeed not an ordinary strong person.

However, Su Yi was fearless and unmoved as he watched the figure and the ethereal shadow approaching with a small storm-like momentum. Suddenly, he raised his arm, clenching his fist tightly. A terrible burst of elemental energy erupted like a volcano from his fist, bursting towards the massive ethereal shadow of the Dark Phantom Falcon.

A burst of radiance erupted, and the fist suddenly glowed even more brightly, with a clear and resounding sound like wind and thunder. It carried a dominant awakening and tremendous pressure as if an emperor had arrived, echoing through the air.

"Clatter..." The force raged, making the surrounding space feel a kind of fluctuation.

In that moment, the Dark Phantom Falcon seemed to sense something and a terrifying gaze flooded out of its blood-red eyes.


At this moment, the surrounding demon beasts were also trembling and roaring incessantly.

The fist collided with the massive phantom of the Dark Phantom Falcon, and an extremely violent energy erupted in the collision, exploding like a storm and shooting out directly in the low altitude.

The phantom of the Dark Phantom Falcon shattered in a terrifying gaze, and the black light burst out like a black sun blooming.

"Crash, crash..." The powerful wind swept through like a storm, stirring up flying sand and rocks, and the front void became blurred.

The figure of the black-robed youth was lost ahead, engulfed by the storm around him.

Su Yi's figure swayed slightly before steadying himself, his clothes rustling and his hair dancing. A sense of regal destruction permeated the air.

As the view ahead gradually cleared, a brilliant white light diffused, forming a halo floating in midair, enveloping a figure of extraordinary divinity, with a radiant glow.

This figure was none other than the black-robed youth. However, at this moment, his body was adorned with a stunningly bright and immaculate suit of armor.

Piece by piece, the armor covered Situ Muyang's body like a kind of feathers, even covering his head, only exposing a small portion of his face.

The armor was glowing and had an ancient aura.

The most peculiar thing was that behind the armor, there were a pair of white wings, incredibly agile and sharp-edged, shining with a cold radiance.

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