The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: Situ Muyang!

Looking at the black-robed youth, Xu Jiahui and others could only pray for him.

Although the youth showed terrifying strength as soon as he appeared, based on Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others' understanding of Su Yi, let alone his strength, which may be scarier, after all, even Jian Shiyi was defeated.

Su Yi's decision was naturally based on absolute confidence, otherwise, he would not have made such a choice.

As far as the black-robed youth and Su Yi are concerned, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others naturally choose to believe in Su Yi.

"You go first, so I won't be accused of bullying you!"


As the words fell from the black-robed youth's mouth, he suddenly stomped his foot, unleashing a surge of dark earth elemental energy from his sole, forming a shockwave. Half of the large tree underneath his foot instantly crumbled into powdery wood chips, disintegrating until it rose one foot above the ground level.

His body was surrounded by faint black earth elemental energy waves. The black-robed youth looked as if he were in a black mist, exuding an inexplicable pressure. On his handsome face, his clear eyes began to radiate brilliance, as if he could overlook all directions.

"As you wish!"


With a faint red light flashing in his eyes, as Su Yi's words fell from his mouth, his elemental energy surged, and his figure was like a lightning bolt, appearing in front of the black-robed youth in an instant, with a palm exploding out.


A surge of fire elemental energy surged forth from Su Yi's palm print, as if wanting to burst into flames. The scorching breath made the surrounding air seem to ignite, causing the skin to tingle and hairs to stand on end!

"Hmm, Yuan Spirit Realm!"

The speed and momentum were impressive, and the youth in black robes couldn't hide his surprise as his facial expression changed.

The fact that this outer disciple was clearly of the Yuan Spirit Realm level was enough to astonish him. No wonder this guy in front of him was so arrogant.

However, the youth in black robes only showed surprise for a moment. His gaze became disdainful and he revealed a faint smile. He used earth attributes while the other used fire attributes, which was obviously a disadvantage.


In an instant, the youth in black robes released his earth attribute energy, forming an energy shield that enveloped him. With a straight shake of his right arm, a dark aura-covered palm was sent towards his opponent.

Watching the youth's attack, Su Yi's lips curved up in a faint smile as the two palms collided. "Explode!" he muttered under his breath. "Boom!" There was an energy explosion between their palms, but it was quickly silenced by a muffled sound.

The second muffled explosion came from the palm of Su Yi's hand. It seemed that a huge and hot current was compressed and then expanded before it burst like a bomb.

With a thunderous boom, a burst of volcanic-like air erupted and stirred up a small tornado.

Everything went beyond the expectations of the black-robed youth. His body was suddenly shaken back in a straight line. The one-foot stake under his foot turned into powder. As his foot passed by, the ground cracked, and he needed several steps to stabilize himself.

"Who are you?"

When his figure stabilized, the black-robed youth suddenly raised his gaze, staring tightly at Su Yi without any other intention.

His palms that had just collided were slightly numb. At this moment, the black-robed youth was most aware that the opponent was using fire-based martial arts, and he didn't gain any advantage, but suffered a lot. Such a person, why is he an outer disciple of the Divine Sword School? It is definitely not normal.

"First, tell me your name," Su Yi asked the black-robed young man.

"My name is..."

Situ Muyang opened his mouth, but then it seemed that he remembered something, and suddenly his tone changed, "If you win against me, I'll tell you!"

"Likewise, if you defeat me, you'll naturally know my name!"

Su Yi smiled, just now the Crimson Flame Palm was only a slight probe. This black-robed youth was extraordinary, but fortunately, in terms of cultivation level, he should only be at the Second Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

"You are qualified to become my follower!"

Hearing this, Situ Muyang took a deep breath inwardly, stabilized his mind, and this state of mind was already outstanding among his peers.

"You are even stronger than I imagined, could you be an outer disciple or an inner disciple of the Divine Sword School?" Su Yi looked at Situ Muyang, subtly prodding him.

"If you win me, I will tell you!"

Situ Muyang's gaze sank, and in that instant, the cultivation of the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm on his body spread out without reservation.

The black-haired youth's hair floated up, he was young and had a somewhat tender complexion, but his imposing manner was as strong as that of a ruler of all, with the might to conquer the universe!

"The Yuan Spirit Realm is so strong!"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others all experienced a surge in their cultivation, and at this moment, they were deeply impressed by the terrible and powerful aura emanating from Situ Muyang's body, greatly shocked.

How could a young man like him, who had already reached the Yuan Spirit Realm, not shock Xu Jiahui and the others?

However, after witnessing too many of Su Yi's deeds, the shock and impact that this black-robed youth brought to Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others at this moment was much smaller.

"His cultivated martial arts are formidable!"

Feeling the inexplicable aura exuding from the black-robed youth before him, Su Yi was certain that it was closely related to his cultivated martial arts.

This black-robed youth's identity was certainly not simple, and his martial arts were definitely at least at the level of Emperor Grade or higher.

"Now, let's see how strong you really are!"

Situ Muyang spoke with a deep voice, his eyes shining with profound black light.

Although this youth before his eyes was not much older than him, he had already suffered a setback, sparking his fighting spirit!

The handprint solidified as Situ Muyang stared at Su Yi, stomping his foot and leaping forward with a fierce attack. His fist descended, exploding as it hit the ground.

In this instant attack, Situ Muyang appeared to have not utilized any martial art techniques, solely relying on his fist-fighting skills obtained through self-discipline, simple yet effective.

With Situ Muyang's unrestrained cultivation at the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm as support, his punch reverberated through the void, compressing and distorting the air with a shrill sound.

The black-robed youth before their eyes made a strong and vigorous move, with a formidable aura, causing Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others to slightly furrow their brows, intently focused on the scene.

Su Yi remained silent, a unique sense of battle intent quietly building up within him. His pupils turned coldly fierce, and his aura suddenly skyrocketed, surging forward. He threw his arm up and threw a punch upwards, directly clashing with his opponent's fist. Immediately, a dark light burst forth along with a burst of radiance.


As the two fists collided, the energy resounded with a dull sound.


Under the devastating force, Situ Muyang's figure was shaken back into the low air, his body suspended before landing and staggering backwards several steps.

"Earth attribute!"

Situ Muyang's gaze turned dark. To think the other person also possessed the earth attribute and was able to condense a martial technique to counterattack within such a short period of time. The gathering of qi's intensity, the responsiveness, and the accuracy of the strike, were all subject to exacting demands.

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