The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: Dark Golden Demon Falcon!

The leading young inner disciple's face also showed a hint of joy, but this joy only lasted for a moment before it froze on his face. His pupils contracted as the figure of the youth came closer and closer into view.


A deep muffled sound immediately emanated from the young man's chest, as a mouthful of blood sprayed out and he was sent flying backwards, falling heavily in the distance amid a spray of blood mist.

Su Yi appeared.

Seeing Su Yi unscathed, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others all breathed a sigh of relief. Although they were surprised, they secretly smiled bitterly, knowing that with Su Yi's strength, how could these inner disciples be his opponents?

"Quick, let's attack together!"

"This outer disciple is formidable and mysterious. Let's act together!"

The surrounding group of inner disciples finally regained their senses, their faces changed drastically, and they all acted together at the same time.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh..."

Sword auras swept out one after another, a group of inner disciples acted, their Yuan Xuan Realm aura fully displayed, sword lights enveloped Su Yi, sharp sword energy swept across the surroundings, causing flying sand and rocks.

The situation was something that Zhang Qing and Xu Jiahui had long been accustomed to, and they had no worries at all.


"Bang, bang, bang..."

With screams of misery and muffled thuds, accompanied by sprays of scarlet blood, figures lay strewn across the ground, gruesomely wounded and agonizing.

Amidst wails of sorrow, Su Yi unreservedly plundered the possessions of these inner disciples before withdrawing with Black Demon Mastiff, Xu Jiahui and others, extracting the arrows from the Mastiff's body without hesitation.

It was only at this point that these inner disciples came to believe that the Black Demon Mastiff truly belonged to the young man.

They had hoped to find a way to subdue the Black Demon Mastiff but their chances were slim and they had not suspected that the young man had already gained its loyalty.

After a brief search for a quiet place, Su Yi tended to Black Demon Mastiff's wounds, applying medicinal herbs.

"Thank you, master." Expressing gratitude and reverence, Black Demon Mastiff had been leading the way ahead but had not anticipated encountering a group of dozens of humans that had nearly captured him.

"How far is it?" Su Yi asked.

"Master, we should be arriving soon ahead, but I usually travel alone and don't know the demon beast leader. The nearby demon beasts should increase in number." Black Demon Mastiff communicated in beast language, informing Su Yi.

"Lead the way and be cautious." Su Yi waved his hand and continued on.

Gradually, the group walked out of the mountains and a towering peak appeared before them. Strange rocks and sky-high trees scattered on the mountain looked like giant umbrellas covering the sky.


Many beast roars emerged from all directions, causing Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others to darken their faces, activate their energy and be cautious.


Soon, at the foot of the mountain peak, demon beasts emerged one by one and encircled Su Yi and the others.

In mid-air, there were around a dozen flying demon beasts circling and flapping their wings, emitting a radiant light with sharp and menacing eyes, closely staring at Su Yi and others.


The beastly roar shook the void, causing Zhang Qing and others to suddenly turn pale with fear and tremble with trepidation. At this moment, there were hundreds of demon beasts altogether, a scene they had never seen before.


The Black Demon Mastiff raised its head and roared, revealing its large blood-stained fangs.

Su Yi gazed at the surrounding demon beasts with an unchanged expression. They were all merely at the Yao Xuan Realm level, with only a few at the peak of the ninth grade.

Without releasing the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique from his body, Su Yi's invisible aura still seemed to affect these demon beasts, causing some of them to tremble and feel uneasy.

His body exuded an ethereal air, yet from within Su Yi, an invisible aura permeated and diffused.

Through cultivating the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and being tempered in the mysterious space, this aura has gradually assimilated with Su Yi, melding with his temperament.

Therefore, at this moment, even without activating the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, demon beasts can sense that aura and dare not approach, filled with dread and unease.

"My master wishes to see your leader!"

The Black Demon Mastiff roared, speaking in the language of beasts to the surrounding demon beasts.


A fierce bird with wings several meters wide screamed piercingly as it swooped down from above the mountain peak, splitting the clouds and cracking the rocks.

This ferocious bird shone with a golden radiance like the sun, emanating from its golden feathers and enveloping its body like a shimmering orb of gold light, which was both dazzling and sharp.

At first glance, the fierce bird appeared like a sun descending from the sky, accompanied by a fierce and sharp aura.

"Oh my god, this is a Dark Golden Demon Falcon!"

Xu Jiahui's face paled in horror. It was actually a Dark Golden Demon Falcon, an extremely powerful demon beast that was rumored to be formidable.

"Second Grade of Demonic Spirit Realm!"

Su Yi raised his gaze to look at the Dark Golden Demon Falcon. It was an extraordinary demon beast, with a bloodline that could definitely rival the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard and was even vaguely superior to the Black Demon Mastiff.

Su Yi had not expected to encounter such a Dark Golden Demon Falcon so soon after entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

The demon beasts in the Second Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm are sufficient to prove the danger faced by the Divine Sword School disciples in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

At least, there are few outer and inner disciples who can handle it. The consequences of encountering them can be imagined.

"You again, Black Mastiff. Are you here to submit?"

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon told the Black Demon Mastiff, but the menacing light in its sharp eyes was secretly falling on Su Yi, as if sensing something.

"This is my master. Submit to him!"

The Black Demon Mastiff roared in beast language. It recognized the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, which tried to make it submit. However, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon didn't press the issue.

"You actually submitted to humans!"

The gaze of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon sank abruptly, staring coldly at the Black Demon Mastiff, then its pupils tightened to Su Yi.

"You are seeking death, human, by plotting against my demon clan!"

In an instant, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon emitted a shrill cry, and golden light burst out as its wings spread, exuding a fierce aura that covered the sky, with a rumbling sound pouring down, it immediately swooped down towards Su Yi.

For the demon clan, if humans have intentions against them and tame demon beasts as mounts, they will naturally be unhappy.

"Sinner, how dare you!"

A faint cry came from Su Yi's throat. In an instant, Su Yi's robe shook, and a vast aura swept out.

With a crimson light pervading and unyielding, Su Yi stood as a war god on the earth, his entire body enveloped in red light, giving his body an extraordinary and divine sense.

The terrifying and ferocious aura of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon swept towards Su Yi, its imposing momentum was frightening, but in an instant, it was blocked by the invisible breath emanating from Su Yi's body.

A tyrannical and destructive breath erupted, Su Yi's clothes rustled, but he remained unmoved.

With rage and murderous intent, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon swooped down like lightning and in an instant, halted in its tracks. Its fierce eyes widened with horror and fear.

Its eyes quivering. The Dark Golden Demon Falcon looked at Su Yi in utter amazement, its body trembling.

Finally, the body of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, enveloped in a golden light, slowly slithered down and prostrated itself before Su Yi, as if worshiping a king. Its sharp, menacing eyes were replaced with looks of awe and admiration.

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