The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: Closed-Door Meditation for Several Days!


The demon beasts around were roaring, trembling in fear, bowing down and taming their fierce and ferocious gaze, no longer showing hostility.

This scene surprised Zhang Qing and others. They looked at each other in awe, amazed by Su Yi's astounding performance.

Su Yi retracted the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and smiled, concealing his aura.

After a moment, in the cave where demon beasts had been lurking, Su Yi produced a palm-sized, sword-shaped stone that was dark and glossy, covered with sword-like patterns, and made of an unknown material that was extremely hard and smooth.

"Is this the Sword-patterned Stone?"

Su Yi examined the stone in his hand. Was this the Sword-patterned Stone? He sensed no energy fluctuations, but the material was unique. There seemed to be nothing special about it, and he wondered why the Divine Sword School would seek out these stones.

"This is the Sword-patterned Stone. The top sixty-eight disciples who acquire the most Sword-patterned Stones will have a chance to compete at the peak of Spirit Sword Peak!" Xu Jiahui explained.

Su Yi put the Sword-patterned Stone into his space bag. Perhaps the Divine Sword School was investing in these stones to encourage disciples to collect and vie for them. The ones who possessed the most would certainly be extraordinary.

"It is said that the Sword-patterned Stones can be exchanged for corresponding credits within the school," Liu Ji added. Since it was too distant for them, they didn't usually pay attention to it, but Liu Ji had heard about it coincidentally.

"Is it so...?"

Su Yi became interested in this possibility. He could now collect as many Sword-patterned Stones as possible.

Inside the cave, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon was prostrating on the ground, its feathers emitting a dazzling golden light. It stood beside Su Yi with awe in its eyes.

The human's aura just now filled it with an unprecedented fear, and the ominous pressure from the depths of its beast soul let it know that the human in front of it was terrible, even more so than the rumored aura of the demon clan.

The Sword-patterned Stone was also obtained by Su Yi from the Dark Golden Demon Falcon. As Su Yi guessed, this demon beast leader actually had a piece of the Sword-patterned Stone on its body.

"Where are these Sword-patterned Stones usually found?"

Su Yi asked Dark Golden Demon Falcon. As the leader of a demon beast in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, it should know many things.

"Master, these Sword-patterned Stones are rare and usually guarded by powerful beings. The kings have informed us to guard them closely," Dark Golden Demon Falcon answered.

"Are there demon beast kings here?" Su Yi asked with a slight furrow of his brows.

"Yes, they are powerful beings, but rarely show themselves. They only tell us to guard these Sword-patterned Stones and not let them fall into the hands of humans," Dark Golden Demon Falcon answered truthfully, but there were many things it didn't know.

"This Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords has indeed been arranged."

Su Yi's eyes lit up with excitement, but it was not surprising. The predecessors of the Divine Sword School were supposed to have subdued the king of demon beasts to guard this Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

On the one hand, it serves to hone the skills of the disciples who enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, and on the other hand, it is a precaution in case of major accidents.

The young disciples of the Divine Sword School enter this Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords to hone their skills. Although it is true training, the Divine Sword School doesn't dare to be too bold and place all of its young disciples and direct disciples in an uncontrollable environment.

Those direct disciples are the foundation of the Divine Sword School in the future and must not have any problems. Everything must be within a controllable range.

"Shall we continue on our way now?"

Zhang Qing asked Su Yi, feeling a little excited. Su Yi's ability to subdue these powerful demon beasts and his knowledge of the beast language, gives him an absolute advantage within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Continuing on this path will surely lead to obtaining multiple Sword-patterned Stones.

"No, why don't you stay here for a few days?"

Su Yi looked at Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui and the others, his expression becoming serious.

"Stay for a few days?"

Xu Jiahui and the others were somewhat puzzled at his words.

Given their speed in the past month, it was unclear whether they would be able to leave the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. If they stayed here for a few days, they might have even more trouble leaving later.

"If you stay here for a few days, your cultivation will increase significantly. If you're willing to stay, you'll be able to leave the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords naturally when the time comes." Su Yi looked at Xu Jiahui and the others with a slight smile, knowing what they were thinking.

Su Yi had always wanted to express his gratitude to Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and the others. Back when he had been heavily injured and brought back to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak by Elder Su, it was thanks to these outer disciples, especially Xu Jiahui.

Therefore, at this moment, Su Yi wishes to bestow some benefits to Xu Jiahui and others before the direct disciple arrives, so that they may have some self-protection power. He cannot always protect them by himself. Genuine power lies in being self-sufficient. Su Yi has always understood this truth.

"To be able to increase our cultivation level rapidly?"

Upon hearing this, not only did Liu Ji, Wang Fan, Zhang Qing and others, but even Xu Jiahui's delicate face glowed with admiration. For them, there was no greater temptation than to have their cultivation level increase rapidly.

"Brother Su Yi, is this true?"

Zhang Qing looked at Su Yi with great anticipation, afraid that Su Yi was just joking. If they could rapidly increase their cultivation level, then their goal of entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords would be achieved.

Su Yi smiled and said to the group, "Prepare to go into seclusion for a few days. As for how much benefit you will gain at that time, it depends on yourselves."

"Brother Su Yi, are you really going to give this to us? We have nothing to offer in return..."

In a moment, in the cave, Su Yi took out a few small jade bottles and handed them to Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, etc.

Zhang Qing and the others felt grateful as they held the jade bottles. They could sense the powerful energy emanating from them. This couldn't just be ordinary stuff. And yet, Su Yi was giving it to them unconditionally. They felt grateful in their hearts. In the Divine Sword School, the inner disciples were only interested in plundering their benefits.

"Take Spiritual Essence, refine it with your cultivation base. But this Spiritual Essence is extremely potent and robust. It may give you some trouble. I hope you can withstand it."

Su Yi smiled slightly. This Spiritual Essence was simply a way of thanking Xu Jiahui and the others for taking care of them.

During this period of time on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, Su Yi could feel that although the outer disciples were not strong, they were very loyal and had developed an emotional bond.

Although Spiritual Essence was extremely valuable, there were some things that were even more precious to Su Yi than Spiritual Essence.

"We will definitely hold on, Brother Su Yi. Thank you..." Zhang Qing and others express their gratitude.

At this moment, Zhang Qing and the others probably have no idea about the true value of the Spiritual Essence that Su Yi gave them. They can only wonder.

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