The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 427

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Chapter 427: Ignorant of the Heights of Heaven and Earth!


Su Yi's brows furrowed and his face darkened.

"Swish, swish..."

Soon, there was a sound of breaking wind from the front, and figures emerged from the dense forest and behind the boulders. There were many of them, dozens in all.

All of them were inner disciples of the Divine Sword School, each with a remarkable temperament and strong aura. The foremost carried a bow and had an arrow nocked and ready.

Around thirty inner disciples immediately surrounded the Black Demon Mastiff, some of them also spotted Su Yi, Liu Ji, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui and others.

Unfortunately, none of these thirty inner disciples had ever laid eyes upon Su Yi.

Despite Su Yi's notoriety, known to even the tens of thousands of inner disciples within the Divine Sword School, there was not a single one among them who had seen him.

"Withdraw at once, or suffer the consequences!"

Witnessing several outer disciples in attendance, a few of the inner disciples became haughty and reprimanded them.

"Why should we withdraw?"

Unwavering, Su Yi showed no sign of moving, his countenance calm and collected.

The Black Demon Mastiff displayed a fierce look, standing in front of Su Yi, invisibly shielding him, with its gaze fixed on the group of inner disciples in front.

Liu Ji, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others also had a slight change in their gaze, and could tell that Su Yi was displeased.

"Do you want to die? Get out of the way and don't interfere with us capturing this Black Demon Mastiff!"

Another inner disciple's sword shone, clearly an extraordinary weapon approaching the level of a Spirit Weapon.

"Why should we make way for you? You injured my Black Demon Mastiff and still speak in such a tone. Perhaps you are used to being so arrogant and condescending in your daily life."

Su Yi's gaze was no longer calm. Once he had subdued the Black Demon Mastiff, it became his companion.

At this moment, the Black Demon Mastiff was injured and these inner disciples were still so arrogant, looking down on everyone. Naturally, this made Su Yi feel angry.

Listening to Su Yi's words, the group of inner disciples was somewhat surprised. Within the Divine Sword School, they had never seen an outer disciple dare to speak to them like this.

"What an arrogant outer disciple, so ignorant and presumptuous. It seems that he lacks discipline in ordinary times!" An inner disciple's face was indifferent, staring coldly at Su Yi.

"First capture this Black Demon Mastiff, perhaps we can find the Sword-patterned Stone."

The young man leading the group of inner disciples, who had bent his bow and set his arrow, seemed to have completely blocked the way for Black Demon Mastiff's escape.

This Black Demon Mastiff is not simple. It might be possible to find Sword-patterned Stones in its body. Moreover, if they could find a way to tame this Black Demon Mastiff, it would be even better, even though the chances of this are slim.


The Black Demon Mastiff growled lowly, showing its sharp teeth and staring fiercely at the inner disciples before him.

"Hand over the space bag on your body, and then get out of here, otherwise you will suffer the consequences."

Su Yi's eyes flickered, holding back his anger. This is the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. It is normal for these inner disciples to deal with demon beasts, and there was no reason for him to get involved. The only exception is that he has already tamed this Black Demon Mastiff, which is another matter.

When Su Yi's words were transmitted, each inner disciple was stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter.

"Hahaha...It made me laugh to death..."

An inner disciple laughed out loud with a contemptuous gaze, pointing directly at Su Yi, not caring about him at all. He said to the people around him, "It's really ridiculous. Do the current outer disciples think that they are extraordinary just because they can enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords?"

"Very well, we could use a few more followers. Let's reluctantly keep him."

Some inner disciples expressed this perspective. Rather than immediately surrounding the entering outer disciples, they traveled in groups intending to be the first to find Sword-patterned Stones and other opportunities.

"You're not qualified to recruit us as followers. I advise you to leave the space bags and go, otherwise, no one will be able to save you later!"

Zhang Qing spoke with resentment towards the inner disciples who disregarded the outer disciples. However, he also reminded them of their actions.

"Ha-ha, what a rare sight. Among all the outer disciples of the Divine Sword School, these few are truly unique," sneered an inner disciple.

"Don't waste time talking to them, capture the Black Demon Mastiff first, then deal with these outer disciples," said a youth, who believed that only by capturing the Black Demon Mastiff, would they have a chance to intimidate the outer disciples.

Another youth suggested first capturing the Black Demon Mastiff and only then punishing Su Yi, Zhang Qing and others. He believed that the Black Demon Mastiff was the only one these outer disciples feared and the punishment of the outer disciples could wait.

"I'll only say this once. Drop the space bags and get out of here!"

Su Yi spoke again, with a thoroughly serious expression.

"How dare you! You're seeking death!"

Finally, these inner disciples were angry too. These outer disciples not placing them in their eyes had completely enraged them.


A figure rushed out, his foot causing a surge of elemental energy as he leaped into the air, darted past the Black Demon Mastiff, and directly thrust his sword towards Su Yi.

The sword radiated with light and had a sharpness that pierced towards Su Yi's chest.


Su Yi's figure remained resolute and unmovable. With a cold snort in his throat, he raised his arm and shook it. A scarlet light flickered in his hand, and he extended two fingers. In that split second, as the sword tip was about to pierce his chest, he directly clamped it between his two fingers.


The treasure sword resounded, emitting a trembling sound.

The complexion of the inner disciple youth instantly changed as his treasured sword in hand seemed to solidify and no longer move a single inch, no matter how hard he tried to extend it or how much force he exerted to withdraw it.

Faced with such an unexpected turn of events, how could this inner disciple not be shocked?

"Get out!"

Su Yi shouted loudly, and a red light suddenly burst out between his fingers, followed by a surge of energy.


The sword resonated and then was enveloped in the red light, followed by directly cracking inch by inch in the stunned expression of the inner disciple.


A mouthful of fresh blood spurted from the young man's mouth, and his body was immediately shaken backwards and heavily fell to the ground.

In an instant, before the group of inner disciples even had time to react, the young man had already fallen to the ground.

The originally disdainful faces gradually froze and became horrified.

An inner disciple with a cultivation of seventh grade in the Yuan Xuan Realm, was unexpectedly not a match for an outer disciple.

Even more importantly, a Xuan Weapon level treasure sword was directly shattered by him.

That outer disciple was unexpectedly formidable to such a terrifying extent!


The inner disciple screamed miserably, convulsed in all limbs, and blood was dripping from his mouth.


Suddenly, the foremost young man holding a curved bow looked horrified, but also instantly drew and released his full bow, shooting an arrow directly at Su Yi.

"Be careful..."

Xu Jiahui exclaimed, her face changing drastically, reminding Su Yi.

The arrow broke through the air, instantaneously piercing through Su Yi's chest.

Only the arrow pierced through, but Su Yi's body was dissipating without any bloody mist overflowing.

"Su Yi..."

The faces of Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others turned pale with a frightened expression.

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