The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 426

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Chapter 426: Everyone Should Pay Attention to Safety


Under the cover of darkness, the roars of beasts could be heard coming closer and closer. With the presence of the Black Demon Mastiff, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others were filled with trepidation and dared not relax and breathe evenly.

However, as time passed, Liu Ji, Zhang Qing, Wang Fan and others no longer felt as much fear towards the Black Demon Mastiff as before.

It wasn't until dawn that Su Yi returned.


The Black Demon Mastiff rose and exuded a sublime dark glow from its colossal figure, while the daunting pupils in its eyes oscillated, sending shivers down one's spine.

"Brother Su Yi."

Zhang Qing and Liu Ji immediately stood up.

"Let's continue our journey."

Su Yi stretched lazily. The air in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords was filled with thick spiritual energy of the world, which was even more abundant than the spiritual energy at the Divine Sword School. If one were to cultivate here regularly, their cultivation would be twice as effective.

"If we could find some Sword-patterned Stones, we should get as many as possible. This way, Brother Su Yi can fight against the powerful direct disciples in the final battle."

Zhang Qing expressed little hope for finding Sword-patterned Stones, but he hoped that Su Yi could find them and end up in the final clash at the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

"It is said that wherever the Sword-patterned Stone is found, there are ferocious demon beasts or other dangerous creatures."

Xu Jiahui furrowed her brow, aware of Su Yi's formidable strength, but in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there was no safe place. Even the powerful direct disciples had the potential for losses.

"There's no rush to find Sword-patterned Stones, let's go on."

Su Yi smiled slightly and said to the Black Demon Mastiff, "Let's go, lead the way."


The Black Demon Mastiff nodded with a low growl, its body agile as it quickly disappeared into the dense forest ahead.

"Brother Su Yi, where are we going now?"

Zhang Qing was puzzled and looked at Su Yi with a quizzical expression, seeking an explanation.

"Go and accomplish some great tasks, and everything will be achieved with half the effort." Su Yi said mysteriously with a smile.

Last night, Su Yi had inquired about many details of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords from the Black Demon Mastiff, and got a clearer understanding.

Within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there are many demon beast leaders and rulers who control the demons within.

"Su Yi, are you planning to go find those demon beast leaders?"

Xu Jiahui asked Su Yi with widened eyes, as she and Zhang Qing were present when Su Yi questioned the Black Demon Mastiff yesterday.

The fact that Su Yi had just asked the Black Demon Mastiff for directions made Xu Jiahui suspect that he was now actively searching for the demon beast leaders.

"It would be wise to find some demon beasts to serve as mounts, as it would prove to be quite convenient," suggested Su Yi.

After Su Yi smiled and inquired about the situation inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords last night, he had already made a decision in his heart.

Since everything here is related to demon beasts, and it is said that some places where Sword-patterned Stones exist also have powerful demon beast leaders. Why not find a few of them and solve everything?

"So we really have to go find the demon beast leaders..."

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and others looked at each other. If it were usual, they would not have the courage to do so.

They don't dare to deal with ordinary demon beasts, let alone those powerful ones.

But now with Su Yi by their side, Zhang Qing and the others were emboldened, and they had absolute confidence in Su Yi for some unknown reason.

Despite setting off, luck appeared to be evading the six of them.

Because the Black Demon Mastiff didn't follow closely, but concealed itself under Su Yi's orders and led the way.

Half an hour later, Su Yi's team was surrounded by a group of inner and outer disciples.

There were only a dozen inner disciples, but a considerable number of outer disciples, about forty to fifty. Judging from their expressions, they had probably been plundered by the dozen or so inner disciples and subsequently recruited as followers.

"I didn't expect there to be a few more, let's take them all together..."

The leader of these inner disciples, with a cold smile on his face, watched as several outer disciples approached. At the same time, his own smile froze on his face, his expression blank as a look of horror crept into his eyes.

"Su Yi..."

Among the dozens of inner disciples, a gasp of disbelief could be heard as one of the six figures was recognized by some.

That young man carrying a broken sword on his back... perhaps there are few people who don't recognize him in Divine Sword School.

"Hello everyone, please be careful in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords..."

Looking at those dozen inner disciples, Su Yi smiled and went up to meet them.

And at that moment, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and Xu Jiahui looked at those dozen inner disciples and secretly felt sorry for them.

It is feared that after a while, these inner disciples will not even be able to cry.

Indeed, as Xu Jiahui had anticipated, it only took a moment for those dozen inner disciples to lie in disarray on the ground, their space bags enthusiastically taken care of by Su Yi before he departed.

For the rest of the day, Su Yi ran into three groups of inner disciple disciples like these, totaling hundreds of people.

However, the result was always the same, Su Yi was very enthusiastic.

"This must be the most miserable time for all the inner disciples in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition!"

Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Liu Ji, and others looked at the end of each inner disciple, shocked and secretly happy.

Inner disciples have always bullied outer disciples, but this time it's completely reversed. Every inner disciple will suffer if they encounter Su Yi, for sure.

"I wonder how many inner disciples have entered the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Su Yi's eyes moved as he looked at the space bag in his arms, which he had stuffed full. It was somewhat comical to behold.

"Altogether, it's quite a lot, over ten thousand," replied Zhang Qing.

"That's so much."

A sly smile played around Su Yi's lips. With so many inner disciples, if he can obtain all of their space bags, he could surely strike it rich.

"Let's not overdo it, though. There are still quite a number of inner disciples."

Liu Ji thought that Su Yi was worried about the large number of inner disciples and would be cautious. If so many inner disciples banded together, they wouldn't be easy to deal with.

"Hehe." Su Yi chuckled, he really hoped to encounter more inner disciples.


At that moment, a low growl of a beast echoed from not far ahead.

"It's the Black Demon Mastiff."

Su Yi's eyes sank as soon as he heard the voice of the Black Demon Mastiff, who had been concealed all the way and had not shown himself.


Soon, amidst the chaos of the stone mountain road ahead, the agile body of the Black Demon Mastiff leapt out and, with a hint of panic, landed directly beside Su Yi.


Su Yi's expression darkened as he scanned the scene. The Black Demon Mastiff was pierced by an arrow, with its black scales surrounding the wound broken and oozing fresh blood.

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