The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: Get Rich!

As he entered the mysterious space, a rich celestial energy filled Su Yi's body, as if to bind him.

The space was filled with mist and colorful rays of light.

Upon closer inspection, the mist was not actually mist, but an energy so concentrated that it appeared as such.

The mysterious space, already spacious enough, now appeared to expand to more than twice its original size under Su Yi's soul searching.

"This is the benefit obtained from ascending the Heavenly Stairs!"

Su Yi's heart trembled with joy as he immediately realized why.

While on the Heavenly Stairs, Su Yi finally felt distinctly in his mind that a mysterious light cluster swallowed and absorbed a tremendous amount of energy, much more surging than any previous experience he had.

At that moment, Su Yi was already speculating about how much benefit the mysterious space could gain.

The moment he entered the mysterious space, Su Yi immediately sensed the changes within.

The energy was the most concentrated in the mysterious space when it was at its peak. If cultivated here, it would be many times stronger than outside.

"Spiritual Essence..."

Su Yi arrived at the center of the mysterious space, and the area of the Spiritual Essence pool had expanded by half.

At this moment, within the pond of Spiritual Essence, half of the Spiritual Essence is shimmering and its intense energetic fluctuations make one's mouth water.

"I struck it rich!"

Su Yi is no longer the same as when he was with Man City, his vision and mindset have improved significantly. However, at this moment, he still couldn't help the excitement in his heart.

It's uncertain how many bottles of Spiritual Essence could be filled with the amount of Spiritual Essence in front of Su Yi.

Su Yi is well aware of the value of these Spiritual Essences, which is enough to tempt the powerhouses in the Demonic Emperor Realm.

Roughly estimating, Su Yi guessed that this half-pool of Spiritual Essence was enough to fill hundreds of bottles.

A bottle of Spiritual Essence is enough to provide immense benefits to a demon beast and even help a cultivator directly breakthrough.

The greatest benefit of this Spiritual Essence lies in the future; it has a tremendous effect on the transformation of living beings, capable of reaching bone and marrow.

If this Spiritual Essence were to be sold, it would, at the very least, not be inferior to the level of yellow-grade medicinal pills, and might even be higher.

Suppressing his inner joy, Su Yi didn't have particularly strong desires for these Spiritual essences.

The benefits that these Spiritual essences could provide Su Yi had already been given to him by this mysterious space.

Then Su Yi inspected the herbs and medicinal pills that had been stored in the mysterious space all along, and found that ordinary herbs had gradually become elixirs, the efficacy of which could be felt by the naked eye to be greatly enhanced compared to before.

Both the fragrance and color of those medicinal pills were enhanced.

Even the pile of Xuan Weapons and Yuan Weapons that were casually placed in the mysterious space seemed to be different from before.

"It feels so liberating, absolutely liberating. I sense that it should be soon..."

The voice of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng came, with radiance rippling and a few leaves at the top shining emerald green, sending out a fragrance.

"Granddaddy Seng, how are you?"

Su Yi arrived at the side of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, observing the waves of spiritual energy emanating from the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. He couldn't help but feel a little throaty and salivate uncontrollably.

"What do you want, young man?"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng subconsciously retreated, tightly retracting its red-blood-colored emerald-like whiskers. It remembered what a character Su Yi was.

"Hehe, don't worry, Granddaddy Seng. I don't need anything from you right now."

Grinning in embarrassment, Su Yi's recent breakthrough renders unnecessary the benefits of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. Furthermore, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng appears to be preparing for another tribulation soon, so it cannot be influenced.

Upon hearing this, Blood Spiritual Ginseng relaxed its guard, looked at Su Yi, the leaves on its head shook slightly, and its gaze seemed to be rotating. It said, "The energy of heaven and earth inside has suddenly intensified a lot. I feel that I will be able to overcome the tribulation again soon, in the recent period of time."

"Congratulations, Granddaddy Seng."

Su Yi was pleased. If Blood Spiritual Ginseng could pass the tribulation again successfully, it would be able to reach the true level of Demonic Void Realm. Even if his grandfather's injuries were severe, it could still be effective.

Of course, Su Yi was genuinely happy for Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

The chance of successfully passing the tribulation again after failing is extremely rare, but Blood Spiritual Ginseng succeeded. Although it has not yet succeeded in passing the tribulation again.

"Rest assured, I promise I will fulfill what I owe you. Without your space, I wouldn't have recovered so quickly."

Seeing Su Yi's somewhat contemplative expression, Blood Spiritual Ginseng thought he was thinking about the request he had made before.

"Many thanks to Granddaddy Seng."

Su Yi expressed his thanks with a smile on his face.

"You, little guy, seem to have made quite a progress recently. Did you make such a quick breakthrough?"

Then, Blood Spiritual Ginseng looked at Su Yi with a look of unbearable shock in its eyes.

Blood Spiritual Ginseng still remembered that when it first met Su Yi, this guy was only at the Yuan Xuan Realm level. But in such a short time, he had probably reached the Yuan Spirit Realm level.

The invisible aura also made Blood Spiritual Ginseng feel that Su Yi was probably even stronger than before, surely going through another transformation.

"Slight progress."

Su Yi smiled shyly and was quite satisfied with his recent progress.

"This abnormal kid," Blood Spiritual Ginseng was shocked.

Afterwards, within the mysterious space, Su Yi sat cross-legged and began to focus on his tasks.

Su Yi had to deal with the bunch of space bags in his arms first.

There should be many gains from these space bags carried by the Divine Sword School's inner disciples, that's what Su Yi estimated.

Then, with the passage of time, Su Yi became increasingly skilled.

As expected, thanks to the effects of the mysterious space, the gains from the inner disciples were quite substantial, just as Su Yi anticipated.

However, it should be due to their entry into the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords that these inner disciples are carrying various elixirs.

The quantity of elixirs in each space bag is considerable among cultivators at the Yuan Xuan Realm level.

Perhaps these inner disciples are aware of the danger in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, so before entering, they make various preparations, and elixirs are definitely essential.

However, these inner disciples probably never thought that shortly after entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, their space bags would be snatched away.

After a full two hours, Su Yi looked at the pile of Yuan Stone powder in front of him and had a smile on his face.

He has obtained a lot from over a hundred space bags, with hundreds of elixirs in total.

Although they are all ordinary elixirs, Su Yi is very satisfied.

By placing these elixirs within the mystical space, their efficacies can be enhanced considerably when the time comes.

Afterward, Su Yi busied himself in the mysterious space for a while, then found many jade bottles and filled them with Spiritual Essence before departing.

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