The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: Black Demon Mastiff!

This demon beast is like a wolf or tiger, with a body over three meters long, revealing agility, especially with a golden mark on its forehead, adding to its heroic appearance.

At this moment, the demon beast walked slowly, with restrained breath, its eyes emitting a terrifying light in the darkness, steadily moving forward.

Dozens of meters away, under the demon beast's gaze, a faint light glimmered as several figures breathed and rested.

Gazing at those figures, the demon beast's eyes flickered with what seemed like delight, and its deep black scales began to emit a radiant light, ready to strike like a bolt of lightning.

"Beast of sin!"

Suddenly, at this moment, a faint voice of shouting spread out.

The demon beast's countenance immediately changed, revealing a startled expression as a black light burst forth from its body and it charged in the direction of the sound that had come from behind it.


Alas, the speed of the demon beast was fast, but someone's speed was even faster as a fist enveloped in red light swiftly and powerfully struck the demon beast's back like a bolt of lightning.


The demon beast's body was immediately sent flying, rolling on the ground from the force of the impact, and a pitiful howl escaped its mouth.


Such a howl-like scream was particularly harsh in this dark night, shaking people's hearts and souls!

"There is a demon beast!"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others who were meditating and breathing exercises immediately stopped their cultivation, their figure stiffened and their faces changed dramatically.


The demon beast screamed but seemed to have suffered no serious injuries, and it instantly tried to climb up.


With a slight cold snort, just at this moment, a foot stepped directly down and heavily landed on the demon beast's abdomen while it was trying to stand up.


At the same time, a destructive and majestic aura spread directly from the sole of the foot.

The demon beast intended to struggle, but suddenly its body trembled and the gaze in its fierce eyes turned into an instinctive awe and shock. It let out a low growl.

The figure that appeared was none other than Su Yi.

With Su Yi's current spiritual power, although the demon beast concealed its aura, it could not escape Su Yi's spiritual perception.

As Su Yi activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the remaining fear in the demon beast vanished, and its gaze turned into reverence.

"Black Demon Mastiff, but it seems to be somewhat special."

Looking at the demon beast suppressed under his feet, Su Yi recognized that it was a Black Demon Mastiff. Although its bloodline was inferior to that of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, it was only slightly weaker. No wonder ordinary demon beasts dared not approach, but this fellow still dared to approach with an intention to ambush.

This is a Black Demon Mastiff from the third level of the Yao Xuan Realm, with an earth attribute as a demon beast.

However, Su Yi felt that the Black Demon Mastiff in front of him seemed to be different from the recorded one.

From their recent confrontation, Su Yi noticed that this Black Demon Mastiff had amazing combat power and defense, far surpassing demon beasts of the same level.

"Is it a demon beast?"

"Oh, this is a Black Demon Mastiff!"

In a short time, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Liu Ji, and others had also been alarmed and hurried over.

The five of them didn't appear too surprised to see Su Yi had already suppressed this Black Demon Mastiff with one foot. Rather, the strange thing was that it was actually a Black Demon Mastiff with a high level of bloodline.

"Be honest with me!"

Su Yi retracted his foot and calmed his breath.


The Black Demon Mastiff growled deeply, rolled over, and then crawled directly towards Su Yi, showing a look of awe in front of Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing, who looked at each other in amazement.

Only Su Yi could understand at this moment. The Black Demon Mastiff's low growl was actually in beast language, expressing reverence towards Su Yi.

"Follow me, and one day I will give you a chance. Otherwise, I will kill you and make soup with your meat!"

Su Yi looked at the Black Demon Mastiff with a sense of invisible majesty in his eyes.


"Master, I'm willing to follow you."

The Black Demon Mastiff spoke in a deep animal language, trembling all over. It thought there were a few humans here and it could have a good meal.

Obtaining the flesh and qi from these humans was a great advantage, but it didn't expect there to be a powerful monster among them.

Sensing Su Yi's aura, the Black Demon Mastiff had already recognized him as the king of monsters.

The king of monsters was beyond its ability to resist, the terrifying aura crushed its animal soul and bloodline, rendering it unable to resist.

"Get up, from now on, call me master."

Su Yi nodded, the red glow in his eyes subsiding as he tamed the Black Demon Mastiff, which was expected.

However, Liu Ji, Wang Fan, Zhang Qing, and others were dumbfounded at the scene before them. They stared at Su Yi as if they had seen a ghost.

Did Su Yi just have a conversation with that Black Demon Mastiff? It seemed that he had easily subdued it.

Later on, as Su Yi sat cross-legged, the Black Demon Mastiff in front of him continued to howl and roar, as if responding to Su Yi.

Su Yi kept asking various questions to this Black Demon Mastiff.

It was at this point that Zhang Qing and others finally believed completely.

Firstly, Su Yi had indeed tamed the Black Demon Mastiff, a creature that was at the Yao Xuan Realm level, in an instant.

Secondly, Su Yi is capable of speaking the language of beasts and can communicate with these demon beasts.

"Hoot hoot..."

Listening to the exchange between Su Yi and the Black Demon Mastiff, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, Liu Ji, and others were left gasping in astonishment, unable to come back to their senses for a long time. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they could never have believed it.

"This fellow is too formidable!"

Deep inside, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others remained unsettled for a long time. From the time Su Yi arrived at the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak until now, everything he exhibited was so mighty and terrifying.

In less than half an hour, Su Yi stood up and stretched lazily. The Black Demon Mastiff stood respectfully by his side, looking at him with awe.

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others could only be shocked from afar and were too afraid to approach.

The Black Demon Mastiff of the Yao Xuan Realm level was far beyond their capability to deal with.

If it weren't for Su Yi just now, they would have suffered.

It could also be said that thanks to Su Yi, they truly escaped a catastrophe.

"Keep watch here, I'll be back soon."

Su Yi instructed the Black Demon Mastiff to protect Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing, and asked Xu Jiahui to wait for him here for a moment.

With a resolute look in his eyes, Su Yi left into the darkness of the night.


The Black Demon Mastiff growled lowly before settling down on one side.

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and the others looked at each other, gazing upon the Black Demon Mastiff, hesitant and wary.

"It's alright, it shouldn't harm us," Xu Jiahui reassured, not too afraid herself, but still keeping her distance from the Black Demon Mastiff.

Under the cover of night, Su Yi scouted out a concealed location.

As for the nearby demon beasts, Su Yi was not overly concerned.

In a hidden cave, Su Yi deliberately placed a few boulders to cover the entrance before crawling inside.

The cave was shrouded in darkness, but it didn't have much of an effect on Su Yi. He entered, his hands forming a seal as he sat cross-legged. A glow radiated from his forehead as he called forth the mysterious space.

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