The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Do Good Deeds, Don't Ask About Future!

A group of outer disciples were dumbfounded, looking at each other and their eyes filled with amazement.

Without a doubt, these outer disciples felt secretly pleased. The inner disciples who had just disregarded them were now being reprimanded, and this was the retribution they deserved.

"Let's go."

After packing everything up, Su Yi waved to Xu Jiahui and the others, and left.

Liu Ji, Qing Chao, and Wang Fan were still a bit stunned and immediately followed behind.

"Shall we follow Su Yi?"

"He probably won't take us with him, as they are all from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, and we are not."

"It would be great if he could stand up for us."

Watching the backs of Su Yi and others, some outer disciples wanted to catch up, but didn't dare, realizing that Su Yi was probably not going to take so many people with him.

A group of inner disciples lay on the ground, looking lifeless and unbearable.

Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there were no significant differences from the outside world, including the sun, moon, stars, and the sunrise and sunset.

At dusk, the crimson clouds covered the vast mountain ranges.

Su Yi and his team encountered a group of inner disciples again. The number of people was large, no less than fifty, and the leader had cultivation that was close to the level of Yuan Spirit Realm.

This group of inner disciples has already recruited several hundred outer disciples, a vast and magnificent group that appears quite impressive and powerful.

However, on the faces of those outer disciples, not even a hint of joy could be raised.

They had originally thought that they could obtain some sort of opportunity or serendipity upon reaching the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Never could they have imagined that as soon as they arrived, they would be suppressed and looted by the inner disciples, forced to become their servants.

Upon seeing Su Yi and his group, some inner disciples recognized him and their faces twitched. For the sake of their reputation and prestige, they didn't back down, but they also had no intention of making a move.

"Hello everyone, there are many dangers in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, so please be careful."

When Su Yi saw this group of inner disciples, he was overjoyed as if he had seen relatives and walked up to them warmly.

Afterwards, everything happened so suddenly.

In a brief moment, a group of inner disciples were defeated by Su Yi in the most decisive and clean way, leaving them wailing in despair.

"I've already told you, the continuous mountain range is very dangerous. I will keep your space bags safe for you."

With a smile, Su Yi gathered all of the space bags one by one, causing Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing to sigh in resignation, having grown accustomed to his actions. He stowed them away in his now bulging pockets.

Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and Qing Chao still seemed a bit dazed.

"When direct disciples of our sword peak arrive, we won't let you go!" An inner disciple shouted angrily, with a mixture of fear and anger.

"I shall do good deeds without asking for future rewards."

Su Yi waved and continued on his way, now shrouded in the darkness of the night.

After a moment, Su Yi found a secluded spot in a cliff, with a high and wide view of the surrounding terrain, which could detect dangers nearby at the first time.

With moon and stars shining dimly, and the night wind blowing gently, occasional beast roars could be heard coming from the distant and vast mountain range in all directions.

"It is said that there are fierce demon beasts here, but it seems that we have just entered, and have not encountered any demon beasts along the way."

Zhang Qing listened to the sound of beasts roaring from far to near, and was secretly wary. Those demon beasts were not easy to deal with.

Su Yi smiled slightly. He had sensed the demon beasts on the way, but it was probably because the invisible aura that pervaded from his Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique made those demon beasts, who had a lower cultivation level, dare not approach and avoided them from far away.

It is estimated that other outer disciples have probably encountered many demon beasts on the way.

"It is said that there are spirit medicines and even unimaginable opportunities here, I don't know if it is true or not." Qing Chao said. He had heard someone mention it.

"I have also heard, but obtaining the spirit medicine is not easy. Even if we do get it, with so many inner disciples around, if they find out, they would come to rob us."

"This is the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords," Liu Ji said, "and Divine Sword School will not meddle too much in it. Even if we obtain the spirit medicine, the inner disciples will still plunder it."

Although they entered the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, today was just the beginning, and their initial joy and excitement had already turned into worries.

They all knew that if it were not for Su Yi today, they would have become followers of those inner disciples.

Su Yi looked around and the bulky space bags in his arms contained more than a hundred of them.

"I wonder if there are any strong individuals monitoring this place at all times."

Su Yi surveyed his surroundings, wary of the possibility of powerful individuals from the Divine Sword School monitoring the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords that had been arranged by their predecessors.

With so many space bags in his embrace, Su Yi knew that they could only be opened in the mysterious space. Despite the fact that via his Soul Tamer's techniques, he could also open them, Su Yi had no intention of revealing his identity in that manner.

Furthermore, with so many space bags, it was uncertain how long it would take to open them with Soul Tamer's methods.

"First, regulate your breathing. The deeper you go, the greater the danger,"

said Zhang Qing, sitting cross-legged, breathing and regulating his thoughts, slowly emitting an aura of elemental energy.

Xu Jiahui and Liu Ji followed suit, gathering their thoughts and regulating their breathing in preparation for the journey the next morning.


Beast roars echoed from far to near and reverberated in these vast mountains.

Su Yi looked at Zhang Qing and Xu Jiahui, and smiled helplessly.

These guys might not have honed their skills outside. They take it easy without much vigilance. They don't know how many demon beasts are secretly watching around here.

He secretly released a bit of the aura of Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique. The hidden demon beasts around immediately retreated in fear and dared not approach.

These demon beasts have weak auras, and they are just some small demon beasts, without much intelligence. Su Yi couldn't be bothered to deal with them.

Su Yi was thinking that he had to spend a month in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords and look for Sword-patterned Stones. It was not boring, but also time-consuming. He couldn't count on Xu Jiahui and others, and he couldn't find much alone.


Suddenly, a red light flashed in Su Yi's eyes in the dark night, and his expression changed slightly.

Immediately, Su Yi seemed to realize something, stood up suddenly, and disappeared without a trace.

In the darkness, within the deep and mysterious forest, a demon beast as long as three meters silently emerged.

The demon beast was completely black, and if it were not for the moonlight occasionally shining on its deep and dark scales, it would be difficult for the naked eye to detect it.

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