The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 422

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Chapter 422: Meeting With Loved Ones

The trio of Su Yi, Zhang Qing, and Xu Jiahui arrived, and judging by their demeanor, Su Yi surmised what had happened.

The three youths ran towards them, exhilarated and overjoyed as if they had just reunited with their own kin.

"Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and Qing Chao, there you are."

Zhang Qing and Xu Jiahui were taken aback by the sight of the three youngsters rushing towards them, but then they were filled with delight.

"Ah, we've been looking for you. Thank goodness we've found you."

The three youths were thrilled and could barely contain their excitement as they joined Su Yi and the others.

Su Yi acquainted himself with these three young men; Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and Qin Chao were also outer disciples of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

"Are you all alright?"

Su Yi inquired of the three men, his gaze sweeping over the surroundings, as if this had only recently occurred and there were no traces of violence.

"We are fine, except for the inner disciples of the thirteenth sword peak who attempted to plunder us and coerce us into serving them. We refused, so they threatened us."

Liu Ji spoke up; taller than Zhang Qing and with a piercing gaze, standing alongside Su Yi gave him a sense of security and eased his nerves.

"It's Su Yi!"

"Su Yi has arrived!"

"He is also one of our outer disciples!"


With Su Yi's arrival, the outer disciples in the audience immediately stirred up, whispering and observing. Subconsciously, someone stood behind Su Yi.

Quickly, Su Yi didn't even advance, yet a group of outer disciples subconsciously took the initiative to stand behind him, invisibly pushing him to the front.

The group of inner disciples stared at Su Yi, their faces entangled in complex expressions.

The name Su Yi, like a looming shadow, was already known to them.

Just defeating Jian Shiyi alone was enough to make them tremble with fear at this moment.

Moreover, they also heard of how Su Yi dealt with Huo Dongqiu, Ba Yi, Wang Qin, and others and the mere thought of it makes them tremble.

If Su Yi were to stand up for these outer disciples, they would fear being no match for him.

"Su Yi, this matter is not related to you. The disciples of Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak are free to go."

The leading inner disciple gritted his teeth and spoke first. He didn't want to offend Su Yi and with the outer disciples of Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak present, he naturally didn't dare to make a move.

"Thank you then." Su Yi nodded slightly, his eyes filled with a smile as he looked at the group of inner disciples before him. It was as though he was seeing family.

"You're welcome."

The leading inner disciple spoke up, and all the inner disciples present were very surprised, some even acting like spoiled children.

Su Yi was unexpectedly polite to them, and his gaze was friendly, like that of seeing a relative, which made them feel flattered.

This was the terrifying guy who defeated Jian Shiyi, but now he was so courteous to them.


Seeing the inner disciples' overwhelmed expression, Zhang Qing and Xu Jiahui felt helpless.

Looking at Su Yi's smiling face as if he had seen a relative, Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing knew that these inner disciples were going to be in trouble again. Perhaps they would not be able to cry later.

"It's okay. The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is dangerous everywhere, so be careful and stay safe!" Su Yi admonished the inner disciples with a concerned expression.

The outer disciples looked surprised, exchanged glances, and seemed like Su Yi had no intention of standing up for them but rather wanted to get close to the inner disciples. This made them feel disheartened.

On the contrary, that group of inner disciples were all very happy at the moment.

Being able to make friends with Su Yi, what a good thing it is!

"We're fine, we'll be more careful."

The inner disciples were moved and happy. They were originally worried that Su Yi would stand up for the outer disciples, but now it seems that Su Yi is actually so easy to talk to, and he cares about them so much, which is completely different from the rumors of his fierceness.

"That's good."

Su Yi gazed at the group of inner disciples, a smile on his face the whole time, and politely said, "The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is too dangerous. How about this, you all give me the space bags on your body and I'll take care of them for you until we get outside. It's also good to have them as a precaution. What do you think?"


As Su Yi uttered those words, the entire crowd fell into silence and confusion, unsure of what to make of the situation.

The smiles and looks of smugness on the faces of the inner disciples gradually froze, their expressions visibly darkening.

"Su Yi, are you playing a trick on us?!"

The leader of the inner disciples' expression turned grim. It was only now that they understood that Su Yi had never intended to leave without taking something from them.

No concern or politeness was to be found in Su Yi. He was there only to plunder their treasures.

Once hunters, they were now the hunted.

This Su Yi was shameless, actually claiming to help them safeguard their space bags.

"You don't understand me, but I don't blame you. You will understand in the future."

Su Yi smiled and walked towards the group of inner disciples.

"Su Yi, we will fight with you!"

The group of inner disciples was not willing to give in either. They drew their swords and gathered their momentum, launching a strong attack towards Su Yi amidst the flying sand and rocks.


Su Yi also moved, with a flash of vigor under his feet, his figure advancing instead of retreating.

"Bang bang bang..."



Soon, a great battle was about to break out, and suddenly exploded with a dull thud.

The sword light shattered, and the dull sound was like thunder. Some people screamed, some spat out blood, and some figures flew out backwards.

Everything was chaotic, almost dizzying for the disciples present at the scene.


"Bang, bang, bang..."

Soon after, the group of inner disciples were seen spitting blood and flying backwards, falling to the ground one after another. They were covered in blood, pale-faced and unable to fight again.

Soon, everything calmed down. None of the inner disciples were able to stand up again, Su Yi collected his energy and clapped his hands, with a calm expression on his face.

"You see, I have warned you that the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is very dangerous. You didn't believe me. Now, you can let me help you keep your space bags."

With a light tone and a smile on his face, Su Yi took out space bags from each of the inner disciples lying on the ground, skillfully stuffing them into his own arms until they were bulging.

These inner disciples looked angry and shocked, and they dared not struggle anymore.

At this moment, they truly experienced it themselves. Behind Su Yi's seemingly smiling face, there was definitely a ferocity. This terrifying guy in front of them didn't show any mercy just now, and if they struggled again, the outcome would be even more tragic.

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