The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: How Can He Be a Rival?

"Su Yi..."

The faces of Jian Yue and other inner disciples immediately turned gloomy.

They have already heard of the name Su Yi.

Especially Jian Yue, who was deeply moved when Su Yi and Jian Shiyi fought in front of the Divine Sword Cliff, and he was there at the time.

"What's going on..."

Su Yi, Xu Jiahui, and Zhang Qing walked over and, seeing the commotion in the crowd, their gazes slightly narrowed.

"It's Su Yi."

Looking at Su Yi approaching, that familiar figure is so unforgettable to all outer disciples who came from the Heavenly Stairs. The holy shock is still vivid in their memories, how could they possibly forget?

That adolescent, on the Heavenly Stairs, with the wind and clouds surging, a strange phenomenon descended from the heavens. Climbing up step by step, with lightning and thunder, the world changed color, a lone individual stood at the top of the Heavenly Stairs. How heart-shaking it was!

That scene, makes these outer disciples shudder even now, with a feeling of goosebumps rising on their skin.

With their gaze fixed on Su Yi, a group of outer disciples instinctively parted, and some even discreetly stood behind Su Yi.

"Su Yi, these inner disciples want us outer disciples to hand over the pills and follow them!"

"This is clearly taking advantage of us outer disciples too much, they are bullying us!"

In the crowd, a bold outer disciple spoke up, his voice low and said to Su Yi.

To them, Su Yi was also an outer disciple. At this moment, they naturally stood behind Su Yi, hoping he would defend them.

Su Yi came to check the situation and had just heard the commotion of the fight. Looking at the expressions of the outer disciples and the two injured ones on the ground, he already had a rough idea of what had happened.

Survival of the fittest is a normal thing, even in a sect.

After all, this is a world where martial arts are supreme, and Su Yi has long been accustomed to this.

Therefore, Su Yi doesn't intend to meddle in this. It is not a matter of drawing a sword to help others when seeing injustice on the road, and he cannot protect these outer disciples all the time while in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

Moreover, these outer disciples have no relationship with him and Su Yi's personality doesn't concern this.

A path was continuously separated from the crowd for Su Yi, Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing to swiftly reach the front, where they met with the 30 inner disciples.

These inner disciples seem to all be acquainted with Su Yi.

Each gaze falls upon Su Yi, unconsciously causing dark expressions to appear on their faces.

The name Su Yi and its reputation have long been spread among the inner disciples.

Moreover, there were many inner disciples present who had witnessed Su Yi defeat Jian Shiyi in front of the Divine Sword Cliff.

At this moment, upon seeing this familiar young man, they naturally felt a bit apprehensive.

They knew that their strength would not be a match for Jian Shiyi's, and since he had been defeated by Su Yi, it would be troublesome if he were to stand up for these outer disciples.

Su Yi walked through the crowd and looked at the two heavily injured outer disciples lying on the ground without any visible expression on his face. He scanned over the two or three dozen inner disciples before finally turning his gaze away.

However, Su Yi's indifferent gaze inexplicably caused the inner disciples' hearts to tremble, unable to meet his eyes. The scene fell into an eerie silence.

"This matter has nothing to do with you, you can leave."

Jian Yue felt a little nervous and uncomfortable under Su Yi's indifferent gaze, and couldn't help but speak up.


Su Yi nodded.

Seeing Su Yi nod, Jian Yue and the other inner disciples suddenly relaxed, feeling as if they had received a pardon.

It seemed that Su Yi had no intention of meddling in the affairs of these outer disciples, which was exactly what they wanted to see.

Looking at Su Yi nodding, the outer disciples couldn't help but exchange puzzled looks, feeling as if they had just grasped a life-saving straw but were drowning again at this moment.

Su Yi seemed to have no intention of interfering, which was exactly what they most wanted to see.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing didn't show much change in expression, knowing somewhat about Su Yi's character - he was never one to meddle in others' affairs.

As these outer disciples and inner disciples displayed contrasting expressions, Su Yi's gaze remained calmly fixed on these thirty inner disciples.

Su Yi's expression even carried a slight hint of a smile, and he kindly and attentively addressed the ladies, "Ladies, the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is very dangerous and not a good place. You must pay attention to your safety and not be careless."


Listening to Su Yi's words, these inner disciples couldn't help but feel secretly surprised and puzzled.

"We will be cautious."

Jian Yue was also puzzled, but still replied.

"Well, the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is too dangerous. For the sake of your safety, give me your space bags and elixirs, I will keep them for you." Su Yi looked at these inner disciples with a serious expression, as if he was doing a good deed for them.

Hearing Su Yi's words, all the outer disciples in the audience were stunned.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing were also secretly moved and looked at each other.

Among them, the inner disciples' facial expressions changed the most dramatically. Each and every face was shocked and stunned as they suddenly looked towards Su Yi, their astonishment frozen in place.

Just moments ago, these inner disciples were thinking that Su Yi wouldn't meddle in their affairs. But who could've guessed that he would turn his attention towards them without even bothering to look their way?

Keeping the space bags and medicinal pills was hardly any different from how they dealt with the outer disciples.

"Su Yi, don't go too far! There are so many of us inner disciples, you will not have it good!"

Jian Yue gritted his teeth and gazed at Su Yi, this terrifying outer disciple who had defeated Jian Shiyi, and they had no choice but to fear him.

"Humph. I am only trying to safeguard your belongings for your own good. If you truly don't comprehend, then I am afraid I must persist in my own way!" Su Yi stood there calmly with a smile still on his face.

"Are you trying to rob us? We are inner disciples, and we're not easy to mess with!"

Jian Yue gathered his courage and his expression darkened.

Su Yi clearly intended to rob them. Jian Yue had originally planned to use his position as an inner disciple or the rules of the sect to intimidate Su Yi, but he quickly remembered that when they were outside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi shamelessly took Ba Yi's and others' space bags in public, stripped them bare and displayed their contents, showing no fear of his status as a direct disciple, let alone an inner disciple.

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