The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 420

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Chapter 420: It's Just to Entrust You With Belongings Beyond Personal Care

Moreover, on the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, some things are actually turned a blind eye by the school.

As long as it's not too extreme on the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, everything can be done.

The elders of the school are also mostly turned a blind eye.

The purpose of all disciples in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is to hone the younger generation without too many rules.

Their reason for being here is to plunder medicine in dealing with these outer disciples.

The only difference now is that they were just hunters, but now they become prey in the blink of an eye.

"It seems that you don't quite understand my intentions, but never mind, if everyone in this world understood me, what kind of person would I be?"

Su Yi muttered to himself and spoke to Jian Yue and others, slowly walking towards them as he finished his words.

"What do you want to do!"

Seeing Su Yi step forward, Jian Yue and the others showed an alarmed expression and stepped back slowly, their eyes fixed on Su Yi, their bodies emitting a sense of tension as they pulled out their swords unconsciously.

"I'm just helping you keep your belongings."

Su Yi spoke gently, moving forward with steady steps without stopping.

To be honest, Su Yi didn't have any particular feelings towards Jian Yue, but after all, he was at the age of youth and vitality, and naturally would not easily give in.

"Let's fight together, let's go all out!"

Jian Yue gritted his teeth and said solemnly, with no way to retreat, he could only fight with all his might. As an inner disciple and with the vigor of youth, he would not admit defeat, at least he would fight.

"Let's join forces and fight!" "Buzz..." In an instant, a group of inner disciples formed a speedy surrounding formation with swords flashing around, exuding a powerful Yuan Xuan Realm aura that gathered together to create an impressive display.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh..." Suddenly, the sound of swords clashing could be heard; a fierce energy was flying through the air. Over a dozen people were the first to attack Su Yi with their swords.

The sword energy from ten directions crashed in at the same time, enveloping the area completely.

These ten or so people knew of Su Yi's strength, so they were not polite from the beginning and immediately went all out.

Su Yi stood tall, with his shoulder-length black hair swaying.

In that moment, simultaneously, Su Yi's gaze also flickered, his feet burst with energy, and his figure instantly left behind a trail of afterimages.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"


In an instant, there was a loud roar of energy emanating around them, and muffled explosions filled the air.



Accompanied by screams and blood spatters, figures after figures were sent flying and crashing onto the ground, in the shocked gazes of the hundreds of outer disciples, while coughing up blood.

"Bang bang bang!"

Waves of energy erupted with a daunting aura and fierce force, accompanied by figures being thrown backwards as swords flew from their hands and fell far away.

Suddenly, sword light shattered and figures were thrown back.

"Plop plop", blood was spat out as hair became disheveled and clothes were torn, bodies were sliced open, blood flowed endlessly, and in some places, bare bones were exposed. Faint, bloody figures staggered backwards.

These falling figures were the inner disciples of Jian Yue and others.

The cries of pain were heard one after another, suffering severe injuries.

Each individual was severely wounded, gasping for breath while screaming in agony, blood gushing from their chests and abdomens.

Over thirty inner disciples were easily defeated in a matter of moments, unable to put up a fight, all suffering from serious injuries.

Everyone was stunned, completely at a loss for words.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing were particularly shocked, trembling and unable to stop their cold shivers.

They had originally thought that Su Yi would not meddle in other people's affairs, but who knew that Su Yi would suddenly come to this place?

Su Yi's body was surrounded by a red glow and an aura of coldness. Without even sparing a glance at the agonizing bodies lying on the ground, he collected everything from the bodies of the thirty inner disciples and stored them in his own space bag.

Nearly thirty inner disciples, although they possess formidable strength, none of them is a match for Su Yi.

Given Su Yi's current level of cultivation, how could anyone be his adversary?

These inner disciples would never be his match, even if they had the cultivation of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Several figures struggled to stand and then fixed their gaze on Su Yi, all showing expressions of awe.

They originally thought themselves to be numerous and believed that if they fought with all their might, they could cause some fatal damage.

However, these inner disciples were no match for Su Yi; they were immediately battered and incapacitated.

Swords fell to the ground one by one and figures spewed blood from their mouths.

Su Yi, alone, suppressed nearly thirty inner disciples.

One by one, the inner disciples were severely injured, leaving people shocked and appalled.

These inner disciples were all strong, with an average cultivation level of the fourth or fifth level of Yuan Xuan Realm, which was already terrifying.

"Space bags."

"Here are some spirit medicines, they have good effects."

Immediately, next to the dreadful figures, Su Yi murmured and collected all the pills, spirit medicines, and space bags from their bodies in his hands.

This is the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Although these outer disciples have nothing to do with him.

But this time, Su Yi really took all the items from these inner disciples into his own hands.

Su Yi had no intention of standing up for anyone, but in the end, he had no choice.

These inner disciples, each with great wealth and power, are backed by direct disciples.

While Su Yi was thinking about how to deal with these inner disciples, they unexpectedly showed up.

Bodies were strewn about in all directions, but Su Yi wasted no time and greedily took all of their space bags for himself.

Typically, outer disciples don't possess a space bag, but among the hundred inner disciples of Divine Sword School, about eight or nine out of ten have one.

Although the value of a space bag is significant, even in the entire Man City, there are very few who have enough money to buy a space bag.

However, for these inner disciples who belong to the Divine Sword School, being in possession of a space bag is not considered to be a particularly special matter.

The mistake lies in this being the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, where dozens of inner disciples were severely wounded and on the brink of death, yet Su Yi didn't show any mercy.

These inner disciples, in terms of their cultivation strength, on average only reached the fifth or sixth level of the Yuan Xuan Realm, and how could they possibly be a match for Su Yi?

Even in terms of his true cultivation, Su Yi is only at the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm, but in terms of his combat power, he has long surpassed the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Although Su Yi was alone, the inner disciples he faced were so disparate in strength that they were not even worthy opponents.

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