The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 418

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Chapter 418: Inner Disciple Jian Yue

Jian Yue's words may seem simple, but it is clearly robbery. He claims to be safeguarding the pills, but in reality, he intends to snatch the precious pills that are already scarce in the outer disciples' hands.

It is feared that all the opportunities found in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords will eventually be handed over to these inner disciples, which is a blatant exploitation.

They have all heard about these incidents within the sect. During the previous Grand Swordsmanship Competition, many inner disciples dealt with outer disciples in this manner, and the eventual outcome was predictable.

"Why are you making noise? Don't show any lack of gratitude. Do you want to die?"

Looking at the noisy group of outer disciples, an imposing and stern inner disciple gave a deep shout, his eyes filled with coldness, and his aura immediately spread out. It seemed that without striking, he could intimidate them and today would not go smoothly.

"Who wants to die, step forward!"

"Do you want to die, all of you?"

Suddenly, the inner disciples understood, and a surge of Yuan Xuan Realm qi emanated from their bodies, gathering together, causing flying sand and rocks, swirling dead branches and fallen leaves, and displaying an astonishing momentum.

Faced with the aura emanating from this group of inner disciples, the outer disciples trembled inwardly.

The cultivation of outer disciples, at the seventh or eighth level of the Yuan Soul Realm, is already considered high. However, their cultivation was mostly at the fifth or sixth level of the Yuan Soul Realm. How could they compete with these inner disciples who had already reached the fourth or fifth level of the Yuan Xuan Realm? This thought made them tremble with fear.

"We can choose not to follow beside you. We are like water and oil, and if you force us, with our large numbers, we won't be easily provoked!"

Among a group of outer disciples who were trembling in fear, there was a tall and sturdy young man who gritted his teeth and spoke up.

These inner disciples were certainly not something they could handle, but now they had six or seven hundred people, which was more than twenty times the number of these outer disciples.

As the saying goes, it's difficult to fight with two fists against four hands. Once they start, it will be twenty people fighting against one. They won't lose!

"Indeed, with our multitude, we won't be easily provoked!"

"If he continues to deceive us, we have no choice but to fight to the death!"

Immediately, a bold outer disciple echoed his words, raising his arms and shouting.

"We are not easily bullied, we will fight to the death too!"

"We must never surrender the medicine, even if it means fighting to the death!"

In an instant, the outer disciples moved in unison, their bodies emanating a fluctuating aura, and the hundreds of people were filled with indignation.

The momentum they gathered together was no less than that of these thirty inner disciples.

For these outer disciples, it was clear to everyone that the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords was extremely dangerous.

Being outer disciples, their resources were already scarce. The pills they carried were precious. They knew that if they were to give away these pills, they wouldn't have any aid in times of peril.

It was already difficult to pass through the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, and now it will become even more arduous.

Moreover, these inner disciples are not even direct disciples, and even the direct disciples have the possibility of casualties within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

Once they encounter danger, these inner disciples will only be preoccupied with themselves, and they will probably end up being cannon fodder, without caring about their life or death.

Gazing at the outraged group of outer disciples, the faces of the inner disciples also darkened with concern, as they had no assurance whatsoever in the face of this imposing atmosphere.

With their cultivation power, they could completely disregard these outer disciples.

However, if one were to face twenty outer disciples desperately, it would be a different story.

Jian Yue's face looked ugly and completely gloomy. His gaze swept over the outer disciples in front of him, and finally settled on the tall young man who led the crowd. A sinister expression flashed across his face as he said, "Show no appreciation of favor. You are just an outer disciple, thinking that you can enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords and become an inner disciple? Even if I kill you outside, it's the same as killing a dog. What's more, inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, if you want to seek death, I'll gladly oblige!" Shh! As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Yue's Qi surged under his feet, and his figure immediately rushed towards the tall young man who led the defiance among the outer disciples.

In that instant, the tall youth inexplicably felt a chill run down his spine and his heart couldn't help but shudder as Jian Yue's figure had already arrived in front of him, and the aura emanating from him was something he couldn't possibly contend with.

As soon as the figure appeared, Jian Yue vigorously swung his arm and a punch mark directly blasted towards the other's chest, swift and fierce, without much restraint. The force contained in his fist was even more powerful, resonating in the air with a "woo-woo" sound!

The tall outer disciple's face changed drastically, and he had little reaction time. He could only instinctively throw a punch in haste to meet the attack.

"Bang!" But it was too slow. Jian Yue's fist, containing explosive power, burst into a bright light of Qi and had already firmly clasped onto his chest with lightning speed. A deep muffled sound reverberated instantly.

"Crack..." As the energy muffled, the sound of bone fracture and a pitiful scream of "ah..." immediately followed suit.

"Pu chi..."

With a "pu" sound from the mouth of the tall and sturdy young man, a large amount of bright red blood mist sprayed out. His body flew out and heavily fell to the ground several meters away.

A group of outer disciples instinctively retreated in panic, but still a few people were hit and stumbled back, ultimately falling to the ground with a pale face.

"Just earlier you were shouting vigorously as well!"

Jian Yue, however, didn't stop. He then glared at the second outer disciple who had just shouted the most violently. When the former was equally shocked and unresponsive, he fiercely punched him in the shoulder.

"Bang!" "Splat..."

With a muffled sound and a mouthful of blood, the disciple was directly blasted and thrown to the ground. There was a blood mark on his shoulder and blood was dripping.

In succession, the two were instantly blasted away, their fate unknown, leaving the audience stunned and intimidated.

Jian Yue scanned the audience with a forbidding gaze, immensely satisfied with the outcome.

In this situation, as long as he suppresses a few ringleaders, it will be enough to intimidate the entire crowd.

"Pu chi..."

Nearby, the two outer disciples were still vomiting blood and convulsing. It seemed like they had not yet perished, but their condition was precarious after being severely injured to this extent.

The group of angry outer disciples who were originally full of emotions suddenly became quiet at this moment.

Jian Yue's just act deeply shocked them, and they realized that they were no match for the inner disciples.

"Su Yi, it's Su Yi who has come!"

"Su Yi has arrived."

Suddenly, a commotion was heard from outside the crowd.

When the name Su Yi spread, it immediately caused a great disturbance among the outer disciples as their gazes simultaneously turned to the direction behind them.

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