The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 409

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Chapter 409: Reaching the Summit!

The entire Heavenly Stairs trembled violently, as if it was about to collapse.

Thunder and lightning raged, engulfing everything.

The dazzling lightning spread over the Heavenly Stairs, encompassing the entire structure.

"Incredible, can Su Yi withstand it?"

Some disciples were shocked. They trembled with fear under the immense power of heaven.

"If he cannot withstand it, our Divine Sword School will lose a heaven-defying genius. But if he can, this guy Su Yi might become the first in at least several thousand years for the entire Divine Sword School!"

The Divine Sword School's strong cultivators in the distant void also gazed at the dazzling thunderstorm, their hearts beating with fear!

Above the emptiness, there are powerful and obscure breaths fluctuating.

The entire Heavenly Stairs continued to tremble and echoed loudly.

Everyone was shocked, their eyes widened, amazed beyond belief!

"Will he be able to withstand it?"

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing held their breath and didn't dare to exhale. Their fists were tightly clenched, and their fingernails dug into their palms unconsciously, showing the intensity of their nervousness.

The exchange of fire didn't last long in reality, but at this moment, it felt incredibly endless.

The tense and horrifying atmosphere made it difficult to breathe, and the energy seemed to solidify. The picture was like being frozen right in front of their eyes.

Eventually, everything dissipated, and the brilliant thunder gradually disappeared.

Everything turned pale, even the surrounding winds and clouds were dissipating like an apocalyptic omen.

The sunlight began to penetrate, the line of sight became bright, and the thunder clouds dwindled, as if they had never appeared before.

Someone held their breath, anticipating, nervous, the surroundings seemed to freeze, entering a static state.

As everything became clearer, at the very top of the Heavenly Stairs, above the seventh level, that young man had already stepped his feet onto the seventh level.

The young man stood with his jet-black hair undone and his left hand on the sword, surrounded by a dazzling beam of light that radiated an intrepid and fierce aura. His eyes gleamed with a crimson glow as he peered down on the world.

At this moment, Su Yi realized how difficult it was to stand on his feet, only supported by his broken sword, as he suffered severe injuries that almost debilitated him.

Nevertheless, Su Yi was overjoyed, for he had climbed the Heavenly Stairs on his own merit and not by relying on any power from the mysterious space.


With a resounding noise, a golden light fell and enveloped the Heavenly Stairs amidst the endless sky.

The resplendent golden light descended and eventually enveloped Su Yi.

When the radiant light shrouded him, it inundated Su Yi with an infinitely surging force.

Visible to the naked eye, Su Yi was covered in a golden glow, with energy rippling through the surrounding space, as misty vapors obscured the view, and his aura regenerated and even ascended.

Soon, Su Yi's visible bodily wounds were restored in an instant, his complexion becoming rosy, and the energy within his body once again boiling.

Glowing brilliantly, Su Yi exuded an awe-inspiring aura as he stood towering over the Heavenly Stairs, his body surrounded by a divine halo, gazing down disdainfully upon the mortal world as a young war god.

All eyes were filled with shock and astonishment, fixed upon him in a daze.

"What's that?"

On the towering mountain peak that reached into the clouds, Situ Liuyun's figure rose into the void, staring blankly at the Heavenly Stairs.

"I understand now, Su Yi has succeeded, using his own strength to reach the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs. This is the reward granted by the Heavenly Stairs!"

Around them in the void, the voices of cultivators from the Divine Sword School trembled.

That youth had ascended to the top of the Heavenly Stairs through his own power.

He succeeded in ascending the Heavenly Stairs, the level of terror could be compared to, if not surpassing, the innate talent of the Heavenly Grade.

"Is this true? Su Yi successfully reached the summit!"

The area was filled with many stunned and incredulous gazes.

Su Yi really reached the summit, which is only attainable for those with the legendary innate talent of the Heavenly Grade. They bore witness to the birth of a legend.

A person with average talent, but relying on his own efforts, has climbed to the top of the Heavenly Stairs. This is terrifying.

"Our Divine Sword School is about to thrive!"

On the towering mountain peaks, even the pupils of the Right Dharma Protector are somewhat dilated, deeply shocked in his heart.

"This child is extraordinary. Our Divine Sword School will rise!"

Situ Liuyun exuded a powerful and fluctuating aura, his eyes containing waves of shock at this very moment.

"I knew you could do it!"

Xu Jiahui lifted her gaze, dressed in the unified outer disciple attire of the Divine Sword School and yet her outstanding aura could not be concealed. Her enchanting dimples and clear, beautiful eyes were captivating.

"Is it possible that Su Yi will henceforth be the number one disciple of our Divine Sword School? This is truly astonishing!"

There was an uproar around, Su Yi was too terrifying. Rumors had it that he was a Heavenly Grade talent, extremely terrifying, powerful, and ferocious enough to sweep everything.

And now, Su Yi proved that he was not inferior to the legendary Heavenly Grade talents.


On the Heavenly Stairs, it appeared to be slow but was actually fast. With the visible eye, the rising energy on Su Yi's body reached its peak. Shimmering in golden light, his energy soared like a flying dragon. With one breath, he directly ascended to the next level.

"He actually broke through?"

All eyes were dumbfounded. At this moment, the youth with a godlike aura was already terrifying enough, but now he was directly breaking through in front of them.

"He has ascended the Heavenly Stairs, this is the reward granted by the Heavenly Stairs!"

In the distant void, a strong figure opened his mouth.

"The Heavenly Stairs were arranged by the Divine Sword School's predecessors, connecting the heavens and earth. Su Yi ascended the Heavenly Stairs, defying destruction and resisting the thunderous might of the heavens. His reward will not only be a mere breakthrough, but also the refinement of the celestial energy, which is the greatest benefit." An elderly figure spoke, with eyes sparkling like stars and a shocking demeanor.

The Heavenly Stairs are connected to the heavens and earth, and the benefits that Su Yi received at this moment came from the celestial realm.

At this moment, Su Yi's eyes were closed, standing quietly, engulfed in golden light.

At this moment, no one saw the thin level of skin falling off of Su Yi's body amidst the shimmering golden light.

This is the result of everything Su Yi encountered while ascending the stairs, including the crushing pressure and physical tearing.

The old skin fell away, revealing Su Yi's more translucent and powerful body.

At this moment, the golden light on the Heavenly Stairs seems to have a function of separating everything from the heavens and earth. No one can probe the subtle changes in Su Yi's body. It is a new transformation.

Only Su Yi himself knew that the energy surging into his body at this moment was refining his Indestructible Vajra Body, making it even more perfect and flawless.

If a strong individual were to see everything on Su Yi's body at this moment, he would surely be stunned.

This kind of flesh is terrifying, enough to compare with the young beasts of the demon clan, and is even more fierce.

Such a physical body seemed to have reached the pinnacle.

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