The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 408

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Chapter 408: If You Block Me, You'll Be Crushed!

Su Yi's speed became slower and slower, but the lightning and thunder on the void and his momentum became more and more terrifying.

At this moment, every step Su Yi took up the stairs was slow.

Every step Su Yi took down was like causing the entire Heavenly Stairs to tremble and oppress the void.

The radiance on his body dimmed increasingly, eroded and destroyed by the incessant lightning, and Su Yi's body also began to waver and sway like he could be blasted down the Heavenly Stairs at any moment.

In the final ten steps, the radiance around Su Yi's body had already faded, enveloped by dazzling lightning; that dreadful might swept over his trembling figure, his face turning pallid.

Outsiders could sense the terrible pressure, but only Su Yi, who was actually within its grip, truly knew how terrifying it was.

The invisible pressure from outside to inside crushed everything, infiltrating into every nook and cranny, tearing apart the flesh, crushing the soul, and ultimately seemed to annihilate Su Yi's will.


Finally, under such dreadful pressure, Su Yi coughed up a mouthful of blood, stumbled, and nearly fell down directly.


With a roar, Su Yi's momentum erupted, like a revived war god. He stamped the ground fiercely, ascended another level, and continued to stand proudly!


In that instant, the entire world trembled as if there were gods and demons roaring in anger, making people's heart quiver in fear!

"Su Yi, come on, you can do it!"

On the third level of the Heavenly Stairs, Zhang Qing raised his gaze to the distant top, fists clenched, and shouted loudly, hoping Su Yi could hear him.

"Su Yi, keep going, hold on, step onto the seventh level!" As Zhang Qing's words fell, disciples immediately joined in with support.

"Even among us outer disciples, there are those who can become strong ones. Go for it, Su Yi!"

"Su Yi, go for it!"

In the crowd, disciples immediately began to shout words of encouragement, their voices gathering and soaring to the sky. Although the sound was drowned out by the thunder and lightning at this moment, it could still spread out.

Su Yi continued to climb the stairs, with an excruciating effort.

Once again, as he took a step down, the Heavenly Stairs roared and a brilliant electric arc enveloped Su Yi, overwhelming everything.


Blood oozed from the corners of Su Yi's mouth once again. The pressure crushed his will, ground his soul, and threatened to tear his body apart, as if he were being crushed under the weight of a hundred thousand mountains.

Su Yi's heartbeat accelerated, and he was almost out of breath.

The pressure was immense, boundless!

Su Yi gritted his teeth and continued to ascend step by step, his momentum bursting forth and resonating with the earth and sky, causing the void to tremble!

"It's too powerful!"

The disciples below trembled with cold, their hairs standing on end and shivering, and some even stiffened up.

At that moment, the young man was just like them on the Heavenly Stairs, moving together, thrilling them!


With the final step, Su Yi spat out a mouthful of blood and his light faded away.

Blood stains were oozing from the inside out of Su Yi's grey robe, a result of the cracks in his physical form as his Indestructible Vajra Body was crushed.

Su Yi's body finally gave way and bent slightly as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, dripping with wounds all over.

"He's injured, to the extreme!"

"This is too difficult, even if he can't take the final step, he has done his best!"

One disciple spoke up, and the terrifying pressure that followed was beyond imagination. It was extremely formidable to be able to take the last step.

"The last step is even more terrifying than all the previous ones combined!" A cultivator spoke up from the distant void, with a sharp gaze.

"Seemingly one step, but actually an insurmountable obstacle!" An old figure revealed a shining expression, shocked by it.

On the towering mountain peak, the Right Dharma Protector clenched both fists silently, gazing into the distance and asking, "Is this the end of his effort, after all?"

"Can this kid still hold on for the last step?!" Situ Liuyun's eyes flared like a sea of fire, with waves rising up.

Su Yi's back was slightly curved, his body bent forward by the external pressure from within, his mouth bleeding continuously, his face pale as a sheet.

But at this moment, despite the pallor on his face, Su Yi remained fearless and even wore a faint smile on his face. He grinned, revealing his bloody teeth, adding to his ferocity, murmuring, "The last step, do you think you can stop me?"

As soon as he finished speaking, with all eyes fixed on him, Su Yi unfastened the broken sword from his back.


The broken sword fell to the ground, but Su Yi held it with his left hand and leaned it against the stairs beside him.


In that moment, Su Yi's back straightened once again, and the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique within his body was pushed to its limits. His entire body glittered once again with a terrifying aura emanating from within.


As if sensing Su Yi's purpose, on the Heavenly Stairs, the space was filled with thunderous explosions and dazzling electric arcs, gathering into a brilliant thunderball. With the mighty power of thunder and lightning, the arc ensued with tremendous momentum, terrifyingly destructive as if it could destroy everything in its path.

"This is the convergence of heavenly wrath, a warning that any intrusion will be met with eradication!"

On the towering mountain peaks, in Situ Liuyun's eyes, there were dazzling with brilliance. At that moment, his face had a serious expression.

"Young man, you have reached your limits. Don't force your way through, or you'll truly be annihilated!"

In the distance of the void, the cultivators of the Divine Sword School trembled with awe. Everyone could feel the immense pressure emanating from the scene.

The thunderball was no longer a deterrent, but held within it a killing intent. If one couldn't withstand the heavenly power, they would truly be wiped out on the Heavenly Stairs.

"Bring it on!"

Su Yi was once again enveloped in red light, with his left hand supporting the broken sword, standing tall, overlooking the world, fearless like the God of War!


With a loud shout, Su Yi lifted his broken sword in his left hand and took a step forward, immediately stepping onto the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs.


In that moment, heaven and earth trembled together, wind and clouds surged, and the mountains and rivers trembled.

"Oh no!"

At this moment, as the final step was taken, all of the disciples surrounding the Heavenly Stairs were able to look up and see clearly.

As a young man set foot on the seventh level, the terrifying thunderball overhead carried immense power and also fell in horror at the same time.

The thunderball carried the power of the heavens, its imposing presence making the skies crackle with endless, crushing force until it seemed that the very void would shatter.

"If you try to stop me, you'll be crushed!"

Su Yi bellowed, a dominant and majestic aura suddenly sweeping over him. Gathering the last of his Qi in his lower abdomen, it burst forth, gathering around his right fist as his face contorted with a fierce expression.

"Boom!" At the same time, Su Yi shook his arm and his right fist exploded towards the falling thunderball.

A terrible force erupted like a volcano, and Su Yi's fist shone brightly as if it had expanded, with clear wind and thunder sounding like thunder, resounding loudly.

In that instant, the king-like awakening within Su Yi's body and the immense pressure of the emperor's arrival reached their peak.

All the visible gazes were dumbfounded, as the young man at this moment not only didn't retreat, but also dared to control the divine might. What a ferocity!

In a moment, a collision occurred between a fist and a thunderball.

This was an earth-shattering confrontation, instantly thundering and lightning wreaked havoc in the sky, while the heavens and the earth shook with a deafening roar!

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