The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 407

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Chapter 407: The Imposing and Mighty God!

"It seems that his aura is still getting stronger!"

Many eyes on the Heavenly Stairs were looking at that young man, and they could all feel that his aura was even more powerful than before.

At this moment, the domineering and majestic aura on Su Yi's body continued to rise, becoming more and more terrifying. His gray robe fluttered, like a young war god!

The disciples of the Divine Sword School on the other three sides of the Heavenly Stairs were unaware of what had happened.

They were unable to see it, but the terrifying power also shrouded and imprisoned them.

They could only look up and see that the void was already turbulent, the sky and earth changed color, and the terrifying pressure was so great that they had to worship and prostrate themselves!

Su Yi raised his eyes, and his whole body's pores were shimmering at the moment. His physical body was glowing, as crystal clear as warm jade.


With eyes as red as the sun, Su Yi's aura gathered and surged in his divine halo, carrying a majestic and destructive breath, as he continued to climb the stairs to the seventh level.


On the entire Heavenly Stairs, a huge pressure swept over, causing the world to change color and crushing down towards Su Yi, bringing terror to everyone present and instilling an unparalleled sense of fear.

Su Yi, fearless and majestic, walked with his head held high and a commanding presence. His body was surrounded by a divine aura, wrapped in a breathtaking crimson light that emitted an unparalleled destructive pressure, pervading an astonishing momentum.


Suddenly, a beastly roar echoed through the depths of the Heavenly Stairs. Amidst the rolling clouds and flashing lightning, a shadow of a fierce creature emerged.


There were beasts that roared tremendously, and there were eagles that flew over with their huge bodies covering half the sky.

There were furious gorillas pounding their chests.

There were ferocious tigers poised to pounce, crossing through the empty space.

There were dragons with open mouths and claws stretching across the sky...

This was too shocking; the heaven and earth were in turmoil, with a tumultuous wind and clouds surging.

The entire Divine Sword School suddenly shook at this moment.

The tide rose, the mountains trembled, the dark clouds surged, and the lightning flashed and thundered!

"Heavens, what is happening!"

Figures leapt out one after another from the Divine Sword School, their gaze filled with astonishment.

Afterwards, their eyes followed the upheaval of the heavens and earth, gazing towards the direction of the Heavenly Stairs.

There, a burst of divine light exploded with thunder and lightning, causing wind and clouds to surge, leaving people in shock!

"It's the commotion of the Heavenly Stairs, what is happening!"

At the Divine Sword School, the powerful ones were shocked, rose into the air, and headed towards the direction of the Heavenly Stairs.

Around the Heavenly Stairs, the atmosphere was even more magnificent.

Disciples on the other three sides could only see the virtual space above the Heavenly Stairs shaking, with lightning and thunder, and hazy light.

Amidst the vast stretch of dark clouds emerged ferocious beasts exuding an incredibly fearsome aura, engulfing the entire world in a haze.

Everyone trembled in fear and fell to their knees in worship.

This aura was too terrifying, no one could resist it.


One by one, the ferocious shadows of giant beasts swooped down towards Su Yi, as if to crush him.

The great beasts were illusions, but their terrifying powers were real.

If it were a cultivator of the same level, they would have long knelt down, crushed by this imposing aura.

However, Su Yi still stood tall, enveloped in a radiance and a burst of crimson light, fearless, stepping forward.

One by one, the ferocious projected giant beasts dashed against the divine aura that surrounded Su Yi.


With every collision, the creatures in the universe seem to hear the sound of wind and thunder, like the roar of dragons and tigers. It is resonant and deafening, echoing through the sky, and bursting with dazzling light.

With each bump, Su Yi's ascent became more difficult, and his speed gradually slowed down, but he still stood tall and proud. "It's terrifying!"

All the gazes that could be seen were petrified and horrified.

Many powerful cultivators from the Divine Sword School have appeared in the distant void around the Heavenly Stairs, observing everything on the Heavenly Stairs.

When all the powerful cultivators of the Divine Sword School saw the commotion caused by that young man, they were stunned and horrified!

"Someone is ascending towards the seventh level, no wonder!"

"Is the Divine Sword School about to produce another heaven-defying monster-like young genius?"

The strong ones around Divine Sword School become more and more numerous, seeing everything, their spirits soaring high.

No wonder why the Divine Sword School is in such turmoil, with a disciple climbing towards the seventh level!

The Qi wind on the Heavenly Staircase roared, and the energy surged!

Su Yi marched forward with his head held high, his eyes fierce and determined, step by step.

With every step Su Yi took, the Heavenly Stairs beneath his feet seemed to sway and cracks emerged and spread throughout them.


On the fiftieth step, the terrifying beast's illusion that was above the void began to gradually disappear.

Thick dark clouds gradually gathered above, accompanied by heart-pounding silver lightning, arcs of electricity ravaged with frightening thunder pressure.

On the towering mountain peak, Right Dharma Protector and Situ Liuyun gazed with intense concentration towards the distant Heavenly Stairs.

"This is the power of heaven. Only those with Heavenly Grade talent can resist it!"

Situ Liuyun spoke these words, with his heart in turmoil.

The Heavenly Stairs were arranged by the predecessors of the Divine Sword School which connects heaven and earth. To ascend to the seventh level, one must have the Heavenly Grade talent and be able to challenge the might of the heavens.

Otherwise, you'll be crushed.

Moreover, Su Yi relied solely on himself to climb to the seventh floor, which is tantamount to provoking the might of heaven. He may face even more severe crushing.

Right Dharma Protector remained silent, petrified.

The will of heaven is crushing, and the kid is challenging it with his own will. It's too fierce. If he succeeds, even if his talent is average, he will be stronger and more abnormal than Heavenly Grade as he solely depends on himself.

Amidst the flashes and thunder, Su Yi's black hair was loose and waving as he continued his ascent up the steps.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

"Pfft, pfft, pfft..."

Amidst the electric flashes and thunderous roars, the electric arcs converged into thunder and struck towards Su Yi.

Thunderbolts struck upon Su Yi's divine aura, and then vanished.

World-shattering thunder and lightning, along with divine power, were released altogether, to destroy everything!

The whole world trembled with fear, it was too terrifying!

Each bolt of lightning that struck Su Yi's divine halo emitted a deafening blast, resonating like a clap of thunder.

With each step Su Yi took, the Heavenly Stairs quivered beneath him, just as if he were treading on the souls of all present, causing them to shudder in both fear and awe!

"Su Yi is truly fearsome, this time in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, he will rise from his position as an outer disciple and face off against the top geniuses of this sect!"

Everyone was trembling with fear and trepidation at the sight of this young war god, for he was truly terrifying!

"Could that be Su Yi?"

The onlookers from the Divine Sword School grew more and more. They dared not approach, content only with the distant view.

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