The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 406

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Chapter 406: Flourishing in the World!

They were watching that figure walking forward, step by step, under the thunderous roar.

The young man's body, with four attributes shining alternately, now represents not mediocrity, but a divine ring in the air, shining brightly, enveloping the tall and slim figure like a mountain.

Such a young man, with a sword on his back and radiance pouring down, exuded an inexplicable sense of awe and sanctity from his very being that shook everyone's soul.

Such signs astonished all the people who were able to witness them at the moment.

That young man, unexpectedly ascended the Heavenly Stairs in this way.

This vision is so shocking!

"Too powerful, I feel like Brother Su Yi is going to cause a sensation!"

Zhang Qing trembled in awe, stared in wonder and silently cheered in his heart.

Everyone was stunned, such a scene was truly breathtaking.

That young figure stood like a god of war, fierce and commanding.

Enveloped in a divine aura and shining with a golden light, the spectacle was both terrifying and awe-inspiring.


Suddenly, as Su Yi took another step and ascended the Heavenly Stairs,

A particularly violent tremor resounded. The golden light enveloping the Heavenly Stairs suddenly disintegrated and scattered, and the radiance fluttered and swirled.

In that instant, all the pressure on the entire Heavenly Stairs seemed to disappear in a moment.

The entirety of the Heavenly Stairs suddenly lost any kind of imposing pressure, even the Heavenly Stairs itself seemed dull and devoid of radiance, without any light.

"What's going on? Could Su Yi be on the brink of failure?"

Someone was taken aback, could it be that Su Yi failed?

"No, wait, look, Su Yi seems to have reached the sixth level!"

Suddenly, a disciple exclaimed in astonishment, and it was clear to see that Su Yi had landed on the sixth level.

At this moment, Su Yi stepped into the sixth level, the light around him faded, but he still glimmered from within, with an astonishing aura that seemed to be expanding.


Almost at the same time, the entire world was trembling, and the light that disappeared from the Heavenly Stairs suddenly reappeared, merging and connecting with each other.

A radiance shrouded the depths of the sky and fell upon Su Yi once again.

In an instant, an even greater pressure descended from all directions, sweeping over the entire Heavenly Stairs.

The disciples who had just felt the pressure disappear had not yet reacted before being crushed to the ground once again, feeling like they were on a rollercoaster with their hearts racing.

"This pressure is too strong!"

A disciple's face turned deathly pale, his heart racing, his vitality stagnating. The pressure was much more dreadful than moments before.

"The sixth level, Su Yi has reached the sixth level!"

Gasps and cries of astonishment erupted in succession, all gazes struggling to lift up and observe.

At this moment, above the Heavenly Stairs and beyond the sixth level, one young man with disheveled black hair and a grey robe, carrying a broken sword on his back and emitting a radiant glow from his body, was surrounded by divine energy and possessed an indescribable aura that instilled fear.

Gazing upon the slim and distant figure instilled in them a quivering of the soul, like that of a youthful warrior descended from the heavens.

"He has truly ascended to the sixth level, a talent that can rival those of Emperor Grade!"

"With his own battle prowess, he is comparable to those with Emperor Grade talent. This Su Yi is truly astonishing!"

"Incredible strength! Who would have thought that amongst us outer disciples there could be such a remarkable individual!"

"Who says that natural ability determines the capability to become a powerhouse? Su Yi is an exception, a proud outer disciple of our Divine Sword School!"

Some disciples exclaimed with excitement, awe, and tumultuous emotions, followed by surging fervor.

Who says that one's innate talent determines everything, and that those with insufficient talent can never compare to the inner and direct disciples?

The young man named Su Yi before their eyes is a vivid example.

Upon the towering mountain peak that pierced the clouds, the gaze of the Right Dharma Protector trembled, while the heart surged with tumultuous emotions.

"Achieving the sixth level solely by means of battle prowess is too powerful, too ferocious!" Right Dharma Protector shook, with a dazzling glint in his eyes and a surging emotion in his heart.

"The sixth level, the sixth level..."

Situ Liuyun murmured to himself with his eyes emitting a radiance akin to containing two blazing seas burning fiercely.

"Yes, it's the sixth level!"

The Right Dharma Protector was very excited. How could he not be aware of what it represented?

By relying solely on his combat power, Su Yi was already on par with an Emperor Grade genius.

"There is another level..."

Beyond the sixth level, Su Yi paused for a moment, sensing everything around him as the pressure continued to rise.


Suddenly, a thunderbolt broke through the sky, causing the entire area to shake with a resounding boom, echoing through the empty space.


Suddenly, the empty space was oppressive and out of nowhere, from the sky, a thick black cloud descended and hovered.

In a matter of moments, the black cloud pressed down, and from within its depths, lightning flashed and the faint sound of thunder, like 'rumbling', echoed through the sky, shaking the heavens and earth.

A tremendous pressure swept across this corner of the world, permeating and stirring the vast sky, making people shudder inexplicably and tremble from the depths of their souls.

"This is..."

Everyone was stunned, the scene was too terrifying.

"Vision, is this the vision from heaven and earth!"

Some disciples with strong eyesight exclaimed that this was a vision from heaven and earth.

One by one, the gazes rested upon Su Yi's figure, their brows furrowing with focus.

At this moment, only that person could continue to ascend the Heavenly Stairs, and all the movements could naturally only be caused by him.

This phenomenon of heaven and earth also came because of him, it was him who caused the phenomenon of heaven and earth.

The Heavenly Stairs were shrouded in dark clouds, and lightning was shuttling through them.

Su Yi was covered in a divine aura, and his skin was radiating with a glow, with a dazzling aura surrounding his body as the center.

At this moment, Su Yi who was in the midst of it all, could feel the terrifying extent of the pressure that enveloped and crushed down upon him, like a towering mountain carrying a force of ten thousand catties, poised to crush and shatter everything from flesh to soul, until nothing remained but destruction!

However, in Su Yi's deep and unfathomable gaze, there remained an unwavering fearlessness!

With a solid handprint, a streak of red light flashed across his eyes, and at this moment, the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique within Su Yi's body started to operate.


In that instant, an irresistible aura surged out from Su Yi's body, domineering and destructive, with an imposing majesty.

At the same time, Su Yi's profound gaze burned with flames, and the elemental energy flowed through the broad meridians in his body, accompanied by the sound of wind and thunder.

As the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique was activated, Su Yi immediately felt that the pressure he was under had been relieved to a certain extent.

There was an inexhaustible and vibrant energy flowing out of Su Yi's body, causing a dazzling aura to surround him like a small sun burning brightly.


It seemed to sense Su Yi's presence, causing the whole Heavenly Stairs to tremble with a resounding "boom!"


The void roared, black clouds churning and lightning streaking through the sky.

Faint thunder roared unceasingly in the sky, as if it was warning Su Yi.

Everyone trembled in fear, the aura was too dreadful, chilling their souls and setting their hearts pounding.

"Does this lad still aim to ascend to the seventh level?"

Upon the towering mountain peak that reached into the clouds, the Right Dharma Protector's gaze trembled and his heart beat faster.

"If he were to ascend to the seventh level, our Divine Sword School will flourish in the world!"

Situ Liuyun spoke, his hair swaying, his eyes shining like the sun, with fervent flames blazing within them!

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