The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 405

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Chapter 405: Proud and Unyielding, Firm and Resolute!

"Tested Alone!"

The Right Dharma Protector's eyes were shining with vigor, and his expression turned serious, tense, and solemn as a powerful aura was fluctuating around him.

A brilliant golden light shrouded the Heavenly Stairs in solemnity and dignity.

"What's going on, unable to make any progress."

"No way to go up any further!"

"What's happening, why can't we go up anymore!"


With steps on all four sides, at this moment, all disciples suddenly found themselves unable to take even half a step up.

At this moment, each and every one of them seemed to be crushed by a hundred thousand mountains, imprisoned in place. If they forced themselves to go up, they would vomit blood from being crushed.

Su Yi raised his gaze and at this moment, under the cover of golden light, he could feel clearly that all the crushing force seemed to be targeting himself.

"Come on!"

Su Yi lifted his foot once again, his vitality surged within his body, and he ascended the steps towards the Sixth Grade.


The Heavenly Stairs trembled, a great pressure shrouded them, and the aura fluctuated with mysterious runes flickered.

The mighty and overwhelming force of destruction suddenly enveloped Su Yi with a solemn and majestic momentum.

At this moment, the force of collapse has become vastly different.

The force of collapse not only crushes the physical body, but also crushes the soul from the inside out, intending to overwhelm Su Yi completely.

The force of collapse fell like a mountain, causing Su Yi's body to tremble.


At the same time, the spiritual energy within Su Yi's body surged with full force, resonating in the wide meridians like thunderous roars.

Su Yi's eyes were filled with surging crimson, step by step, ascending higher and higher.

"Heavens, how can Su Yi still go up!"

At this moment, only the disciples on one side of the Heavenly Stairs could see Su Yi.

Their gazes fell on Su Yi, who was the only one continuing to climb the stairs. Everyone was incredulous and shaken.

"How could this average guy still be able to go up there?"

Some disciples were puzzled. Su Yi's talent was clearly mediocre, but he had already reached the fifth grade and was still able to climb up, which was extremely frightening.

"Su Yi was able to defeat Jian Shiyi, his combat power is incredible, maybe he is forcibly climbing the stairs relying on his terrifying strength!" Some disciples said, trembling in the face of the pressure emanating from the Heavenly Stairs.

"I believe he has his extraordinary qualities, being able to defeat Jian Shiyi, how amazing and remarkable that is. Besides, he is still young, perhaps he really has a chance to ascend to the sixth level!"

Some disciples were moved, having inexplicable confidence in Su Yi. These past few days, they have heard too many rumors about Su Yi.

"After all, with mediocre aptitude, I'm afraid the sixth level is too difficult. It represents the Emperor Grade aptitude. It's terrifying that someone can rely on their own combat power to ascend to the sixth level!"

Many disciples whispered quietly, this is also their inner voice.

No matter how strong a person's fighting ability is, it would be terrifying if it was compared to the Emperor Grade talent based solely on their fighting ability.

"Perhaps not, this Su Yi is very mysterious. Look, now it seems that only he can continue to climb the Heavenly Stairs. Maybe he really can reach the sixth level!"

Many disciples also lean towards Su Yi. At this moment, the terrible pressure on the Heavenly Stairs is looming and pressing down, and it is amazing that only that figure can continue to climb the stairs!

"Brother Su Yi, keep it up!"

On the third level of the Heavenly Stairs, Zhang Qing could barely move forward. He gazed from a distance at the figure shrouded in golden light, ascending alone with grandeur. Though he didn't know what had happened, he silently supported the figure in his heart.


Gradually, as Su Yi stepped up one by one on the fifth level of the Heavenly Stairs, the golden light around him began to sway.

With every step Su Yi took, the surrounding emptiness quivered slightly, and there was a dull sound that spread like muffled thunder.


A series of muffled thunder-like sounds spread, as Su Yi fell step by step, as if the heavenly drum was pounding one after another.

Faintly, the Heavenly Stairs rumbled, and a violent wave of energy spread out in the shining golden light, inexplicably capturing the heart and soul, making people tremble with fear!

With each step upward, Su Yi endured greater and greater pressure, as if being crushed by mountains, an invisible force suppressing his soul!

The pressure was too terrifying, beyond imagination!

At this moment, Su Yi has become increasingly exhausted, but still persisted with a straight posture.

Proud and unconvinced, firm and strong!

All around the void, invisible and mysterious breaths were fluctuating, tightly locked onto Su Yi's body.

Above the towering peaks, Situ Liuyun's eyes were burning like flames, seemed to be ascending step by step with Su Yi, and the flames in his eyes were also rising.

"It's so astonishing, can he really step on the sixth level?"

The Right Dharma Protector whispered, his expression becoming nervous unconsciously, his gaze firmly locked on the Heavenly Stairs in the distance.

On the last fifty steps, Su Yi became more and more exhausted, the invisible crushing pressure had reached its limit, as if wanting to tear apart and crush his body.

This kind of tearing and crushing not only affects the body but also the soul.

"If you try to stop me, I will insist on climbing!"

With a loud cry in his heart, Su Yi unleashed the tremendous power of the Indestructible Vajra Body and the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul in that moment.

On his Indestructible Vajra Body, his skin glowed like warm jade, causing Su Yi to shine brightly and bask in the golden light.

However, all of this was too far away and with Su Yi's robe covering his body, no one could clearly see such a scene, otherwise they would surely be frightened.

In her mind, at this moment, the invisible pressure enveloped Su Yi's soul, causing it to tremble.

But at this moment, under Su Yi's Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, there was a tremendous sense of pressure within his soul, containing destruction and majesty, diffusing out from deep within his soul.

This sense of destruction and majesty that coexisted originated from Su Yi's deep soul under the influence of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, not from the mysterious light group.

At this moment, Su Yi had no intention of the mysterious light cluster interfering.

From Su Yi's understanding of the mysterious light cluster, if there were any movements in his mind, it would be enough to deal with everything.

At this moment, Su Yi wanted to verify himself and see if, with his true ability, he could step onto the Heavenly Stairs!

The pressure was immense, the invisible pressure seemed to be able to crush everything.

The pressure seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. Su Yi, who possessed the Indestructible Vajra Body and Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, was able to endure it for now, but his whole body felt as though it could be torn apart at any moment.

Nevertheless, Su Yi was fearless. What hadn't he experienced in all these years?

The pressure in his mind and soul flowed and pervaded. He withstood it, releasing an aura of destructive majesty.

On the surface of the body, Su Yi's skin was glowing with vitality, exuding a continuous stream of life force that nourished the whole body and supported the continued ascent.


The sound of thunder grew increasingly clear, and the pressure grew stronger.

Thirty steps left, twenty steps left, five steps left...

All the gazes that could be seen at the moment were staring in shock, with horrified expressions and tumultuous emotions.

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