The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 404

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Chapter 404: Great Perseverance and Great Determination!

Some people are able to step into the fourth level. Apart from their efforts at the Divine Sword School in the last five years, their family's support is also indispensable. They even carry the future and fate of the entire family.

The fourth level has a space fluctuation entrance, with shimmering light curtains.

This is a space teleportation gate that leads directly to the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. By entering it, one can hone their skills alongside the inner disciples who have already set foot in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

However, some people were still hesitating. Climbing to the fourth level was already the ultimate, and if they continued to go up, they were afraid there would be no hope.

"Hey, Su Yi, how did he also rise up?"

"It's Su Yi who defeated Jian Shiyi, but his talent seems quite mediocre!"

"Didn't they say that those with mediocre talent can't even climb the Heavenly Stairs?"

Upon reaching the fourth level, the disciple caught a glimpse of Su Yi. His figure shone brighter, having also ascended to the fourth level.


The flames raged on, the scorching heat capable of incinerating everything in its path.

The intangible force of collapse was also growing stronger.

"Is that it, just an illusion!"

Su Yi's deep and calm gaze was bright and shining. When he tempered his Indestructible Vajra Body in the Forest of Demons, he required the forging of the Earth's core fire, and managed to endure it. At this moment, what he faced was only an illusion.

Step by step, he ascended the stairs, his black hair and his gray robe slightly fluttering. Su Yi didn't stop.

"He's still going up!"

The disciples on the fourth level were astonished to see that Su Yi was still ascending, seemingly without any intention of stopping.

"Come, let us see how far we can step forward in the end!"

Some people gritted their teeth, their pale faces showing a hint of determination, wanting to continue and see how far their ultimate limit could reach.

If one could set foot on the fifth floor, the future would be boundless.

"Hmm, quite intriguing indeed. Rumors have it that those lacking innate talent won't find it easy to climb up, as not only is it difficult to even take a step forward, but there are also various illusions hindering their progress. But this fellow has already reached the fourth level!"

On the towering mountain peak reaching to the sky, Right Dharma Protector gazed into the far distance, with a glint in his eyes.

"The illusions will vary depending on the person, this is a method set up by the Divine Sword School's ancestors. It will not only test one's combat strength and innate talent, but also one's great determination, perseverance, and endurance." Situ Liuyun spoke softly.

"It seems that boy is truly remarkable." Said Right Dharma Protector.

"Speaking of it now seems a bit premature. He is only on the fourth level. With that boy's combat power, forcibly climbing to the fourth level based on strength alone, is not impossible." Said Situ Liuyun, his gaze looking far away, filled once again with anticipation.

"Clatter, clatter..."

The gale howled, cutting through bones like a sharp steel blade, causing people to tremble in fear.

Su Yi was currently caught in the midst of the violent gusts, as if he was being torn apart into a thousand pieces. The excruciating pain and the terrifying crushing force reminded him that this was not an illusion, but reality.

"Illusion, what can you do to me!"

Su Yi's deep and firm gaze had an evident wind attribute aura amidst the raging winds. The gravity, seas, and flames he had just passed through all bore distinct earth, water, and fire attributes respectively.

It seemed that all of these illusions were heavily related to Su Yi's inherent elemental energy.

However, this is an illusionary realm, and Su Yi's soul seems to be unaffected, reminding himself clearly that this is only an illusion.


Above the fourth level, a disciple's body trembled and he spat out a mouthful of bright red blood on his pale face, unable to take another half step forward.

"It's too difficult, I can't climb up anymore!"

Some disciples had already collapsed with pale faces, unable to support themselves after just a few steps. The higher they climbed, the more terrifying the invisible pressure became, forcing them to give up. They couldn't go up anymore.

"This guy is still climbing, could he possibly reach the fifth level?"

One after another, gazes were fixed on Su Yi who continued to climb the stairs, and those gazes were inevitably shocked.

If one really reaches the fifth level, that represents the person has King Grade talent, but Su Yi relies on his fighting power to climb, which is even more astonishing.

Step by step, Su Yi's figure became taller and taller.

Another disciple stepped onto the fourth level, thrilled and excited. As he watched the figure already nearing the fifth level, he was struck by a sense of disappointment.

Those who had not attempted before chose to try, but after a few steps, they gave up because they simply couldn't move forward.

The immense pressure, far beyond the fourth-level staircase, made it difficult for them to catch their breath.

Xu Jiahui's figure appeared on the fourth level, with a slightly immature but charming figure, pale face, and sweats soaking his hair. He glanced up to see the familiar figure that was already approaching the fifth level, and chose to continue.

"Is this Xu Jiahui from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak? Surprisingly, she also came up here!"

Some disciples looked at each other in confusion. Usually, no one goes to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, and its disciples rarely come out, so they are not very familiar with it.

The fierce wind howled, and Su Yi's qi surged inside his body, his flesh radiating light as he steadily took step by step.


Suddenly, when he took a step forward, the powerful wind disappeared suddenly, and at the same time, everything in front of his eyes suddenly became clear.

"Is this already the fifth level!"

Looking around, Su Yi's heart was moved, and at this moment, he had already set foot on the fifth level.

"He's actually reached the fifth level!"

On the towering mountain peak, the gaze of Right Dharma Protector trembled uncontrollably. Despite Su Yi's mediocre talent, he had reached the fifth level, which only the King Grade talents could step onto.

The empty space around them trembled imperceptibly with many concealed breaths rising and converging on the Heavenly Stairs.

"He's on the fifth level! Su Yi has actually made it to the fifth level!"

On the fourth level, there were already dozens of disciples watching the figure that had stepped onto the fifth level. Their gazes trembled and hearts were greatly impacted. That guy had really made it to the fifth level.


Suddenly, the entire Heavenly Stairs trembled inexplicably.

"What's going on!"

All the disciples on the Heavenly Stairs trembled, as if suddenly feeling an uneasy soul tremor, as if sensing some sort of ominous premonition.


At the same time, above the void of the Heavenly Stairs, a bright golden light suddenly appeared and enveloped the entire Heavenly Stairs. The golden light shone brightly on the Heavenly Stairs, with mystic patterns flowing and a magnificent and solemn grandeur.

In that moment, hidden breaths fluctuated in all directions of the void.

"What's going on?"

On the towering mountain peaks, Right Dharma Protector's expression was filled with amazement. He had never heard of the Heavenly Stairs undergoing such changes before.

At this moment, the entire Heavenly Stairs seemed to have become different, shrouded in golden light and emitting an invisible pressure.

"It is said that when someone with great talent appears, the Heavenly Stairs will test them alone. Could it be..."

Situ Liuyun fixed his gaze upon the Heavenly Stairs in the far distance, emanating a radiant aura from his body, as his eyes emitted a dazzling gleam, resembling a crimson flame ablaze.

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