The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: Illusion!

The vital energy flowed widely through the meridians of Su Yi's body, bursting with intense fluctuations. Su Yi walked up the steps with stubborn pride, step by step, head held high and body straight.

Under the invisible huge pressure, every step of Su Yi seemed to be struggling, with a tremendous force blocking her way, causing his body to tremble slightly upon landing.

"Oh, it seems that the little one is unwilling to give up?"

At the towering mountain peak, Right Dharma Protector's brow slightly furrowed and his eyes showed a new flicker of emotion, though he remained regretful.

Right Dharma Protector was acutely aware of the Heavenly Stairs, which had been arranged by the precursors of the Divine Sword School, and was sure it would never go wrong.

It was a comprehensive test, and those with insufficient talent would be oppressed especially and unable to ascend the Heavenly Stairs. Even if they were unsatisfied, what could those little guys do about it?

Situ Liuyun seemed to have intended to leave, gazing at the distant and stubborn figure on the Heavenly Stairs, without speaking but stopping his steps, gazing far off into the distance.

Many obscure energies in the emptiness surrounding them immediately emerged once again.

Step by step, Su Yi ascended the stairs, and his speed was not much slower than that of the other outer disciples beside him.

The vitality within his body surged, although strenuous, it had not yet reached the point of truly exhausting Su Yi.

Su Yi could still support everything, one hundred steps, three hundred steps, seven hundred steps.

Soon, Su Yi arrived at the second level.

"Hmm, someone with such little natural talent actually made it to the second level!"

Other outer disciples were amazed, observing the four attribute auras enveloping Su Yi's body at this moment let them know that his innate talent was average at best. However, the fact that Su Yi managed to climb up was quite surprising.

"This is only the second level. It is said that Su Yi is very strong and should have relied on his strength to come up, but it is estimated that he won't be able to go any further."

Some disciples whispered that they had previously heard the inner disciples mention something about the Heavenly Stairs.

"Brother Su Yi, let's go, we will climb up together!"

Zhang Qing appeared next to Su Yi, and he also noticed the attribute light on Su Yi, feeling a little regretful but didn't mind and continued to support Su Yi.

Su Yi smiled slightly, his gaze deep, and continued to stride forward.

Three hundred, five hundred, six hundred, reached the third grade.

"How is this fellow so fast!"

An outer disciple was amazed. He had been following Su Yi all along and found that Su Yi's speed was not inferior to his own.


The intangible force of collapse became stronger, as if it were enveloping Su Yi from all directions, trying to crush his body.

"Brother Su Yi, we can definitely reach the fourth level!"

Zhang Qing spoke with some gasping breath, sweat the size of beans on his face, seeming to struggle. Looking up, he saw a familiar figure ahead and said, "Martial Sister Jiahui is right in front of us, she will surely succeed!"

Su Yi lifted his gaze and saw a familiar figure in the middle of the third level. The graceful curves of her body were already visible, as she stepped onto the stairs one by one.


Su Yi continued, step by step, going up.

The invisible crushing force grew stronger and stronger, and only Su Yi knew the extent of the crushing force, which was probably far beyond that of other disciples.

"Isn't it just the Heavenly Stairs? If I can't even ascend it, how can I set foot on the Sacred Mountain?"

Su Yi's profound gaze fluctuated with a shimmering radiance, and his vigorous vitality surged continuously within his broad meridians, causing a trembling sensation akin to that of thunderous winds.

Soon, Su Yi felt the crushing pressure changing, and everything in the surroundings began to blur.

As if suddenly and imperceptibly, all the outer disciples in the surroundings disappeared, and the front area underwent a sudden transformation, causing the void to quiver. The steep stone steps beneath his feet gradually transformed into a boundless sea of waves.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

The surging waves roared, unleashing a terrifying force, as if it could sweep away everything in its path towards Su Yi, like an avalanche.

The towering waves were so high that the thunderous roar alone could tear a person into pieces, and devour everything.

"This is just an illusion, merely an illusion!"

Su Yi's gaze remained fixed, knowing it was just an illusion, taking each step forward.

"Rumble rumble..."

The wave as tall as a mountain came crashing down on Su Yi with a force that seemed to have always been there, and its imposing might grew more and more shocking.

When the terrifying waves fell before Su Yi's eyes, they disappeared without a trace.


For a moment, the boundless sea transformed, the raging waves gradually disappeared, and the temperature dropped, with bone-chilling coldness. Ahead, an endless glacier came into view.

The freezing temperature numbed the soul, capable of freezing everything, causing even the soul to tremble uncontrollably.

"Come on, it's just an illusion!"

Su Yi's body was shining, and he took step after step forward without stopping.

At this moment, on the third level of the Heavenly Stairs, numerous disciples had already stopped. Their sweat, as big as beans, fell profusely. Their faces were red, and they gritted their teeth to continue climbing the steps. It seemed that with each step forward, they required all of their strength.

"Isn't that Su Yi over there?"

"How can Su Yi still come up!"

The disciples who were gasping for breath, struggling to advance, were shocked at the sight of Su Yi.

Isn't this guy exceptionally talented? Why are they struggling so much while he, on the other hand, seems to be struggling as well but without any decrease in speed, having already surpassed many others?

There are only a hundred more steps left to reach the fourth level, Xu Jiahui glanced sideways and caught sight of Su Yi, whose body was covered in alternating rays of four attributes. Every step seemed arduous, yet he persevered, climbing step by step.

Soon, the figure disappeared into the distance, with his black hair swaying slightly and the broken sword on his back also covered in rays of light.

"You can definitely do it!"

Xu Jiahui's eyes flickered, with two different types of attribute light enveloping her body, alternating between brightness and darkness. There was also a third type of attribute light that was difficult to perceive, emitting a faint fluorescence as the Qi within her body surged, following in Su Yi's footsteps.

"Why are they so fast..."

Zhang Qing had already fallen far behind, gazing upon the figure ahead who was carrying a broken sword on his back. His eyes were filled with doubt, wondering if this person was truly of average talent. It didn't seem like it at all.

"I passed the level, finally passed the level!"

On the fourth level, an outer disciple was drenched in sweat and out of breath. However, as soon as he stepped onto the fourth level of stairs, he was overjoyed and tears of excitement almost spilled out.

He was a failure five years ago and was unable to set foot on the fourth level, only able to become an outer disciple.

During these five years, he dared not be negligent, worked hard on his cultivation, all for today.

Now, he has succeeded, stepped into the fourth level, his hard work made up for some of his natural talent, and he has a great chance of becoming an inner disciple.

"I also succeeded, I really succeeded!"

"Mother, father, I have succeeded, not letting down the family's hope!"

Soon, other disciples stepped onto the fourth level, all of them sweating and pale-faced, but filled with excitement.

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