The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: Proud and Defiant!

Without a doubt, the words of this old man were highly provocative, instantly causing the outer disciples present to feel their blood boil and their nerves relax, their fighting spirit soaring and their eyes shining brilliantly.

"I must definitely step onto the fourth level!"

Zhang Qing's eyes sparkled with brightness, inspired by the words and with his fists clenched, his fighting spirit was high.

"Now, I declare the Grand Swordsmanship Competition officially begins. Let everyone step on the Heavenly Stairs!"

The old man raised his hand and his voice was like thunder as he suddenly waved his hand down.


With the old man's speech coming to an end, the atmosphere also reached its apex, soaring to the skies!

Gusts of breath surged out, and figures appeared from all sides, climbing up the Heavenly Stairs simultaneously.

In Su Yi's eyes, there was also a dazzling light shining. At this moment, amidst the crowded mass of people around him, he also involuntarily rushed towards the Heavenly Stairs.

The Heavenly Stairs is too great in size, like a towering peak that can be climbed on all sides.

Present were over 20,000 outer disciples, who at this moment were rushing towards the Heavenly Stairs without appearing too crowded.

Someone has already stepped onto the Heavenly Stairs, seemingly effortlessly ascending the steep steps with swift strides, eager to reach the top in one fell swoop.

"Success is certain!"

Many determined gazes glimmered, fists clenched tightly.

"Clang clang clang!"

As they stepped onto the Heavenly Stairs, the bodies of these disciples immediately began to radiate with shimmering light. Some had waves of crimson and green light, while others were enveloped by black, golden, or blue light.

These are all attribute lights. Stepping onto the Heavenly Stairs, their attributes were immediately detected, rendering the Heavenly Stairs as a large Yuan Testing Stone.

The old man who opened his mouth stood silently on the side, watching the densely packed disciples surge up the Heavenly Stairs, knowing fully well what was happening.

Five years ago, this group of outer disciples were rejected due to inadequate talent to become inner disciples.

Even after five years, the chances of success are probably around one or two in a hundred.

Among the more than twenty thousand outer disciples present, only the final two or three hundred who passed the test and were selected could become inner disciples, and this is the highest number.

Although talent can be improved with resources and personal efforts, the extent of this improvement is not significant.

Amidst the surging crowd, Su Yi was jostled onto the Heavenly Stairs. He took a step forward.


As his foot touched the stone steps of the Heavenly Stairs, a tremendous force of collapse descended upon him, causing Su Yi's foothold to tremble and nearly causing him to fall.

In an instant, Su Yi's vital energy surged within his body, straightening his posture and firmly planting his feet on the ground.

At this same moment, Su Yi's body was aglow with four kinds of brilliance: black, green, red, and wind. The radiance was dazzling and brilliant, with the light alternating and lingering around Su Yi's body.

As the four kinds of brilliant light shone and lingered around Su Yi's body, in an instant, from the distant void, there arose a series of elusive breaths, suddenly rippling.

"How can there be four kinds of attributes all around?!"

"Well, although there is wind attribute, the other three attributes are so chaotic and unordered that there is no order of importance!"

"How could this be? Ah..."

Faintly, from the distant mountain peaks around them, came sighs that outsiders would find difficult to perceive.

As they looked up at the towering peaks, Situ Liuyun and Right Dharma Protector were also startled, their gazes drastically changing.

"How could this be!"

The gaze of the Right Dharma Protector was filled with regret as the four attributes had almost proven that Su Yi didn't have much talent.

"Although Wind is a special attribute, he also has Earth, Water, and Fire attributes. The chaotic four attributes don't have any hierarchy, and among the three attributes of Earth, Water, and Fire, there are two that are mutually restrained. Ah..."

Situ Liuyun sighed; the conflicting and chaotic elemental properties would probably hinder his future progress in cultivation, limiting everything he could do.

"It's a pity, such a shame!"

Unfortunately, the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

"Oh, four types of attributes? This talent seems average."

"The four types of attributes seem very chaotic and the talent is too ordinary. Can Su Yi really defeat Jian Shiyi?"

The changes on Su Yi's body, the radiance of four attributes lingering around, immediately caught the attention of the surrounding disciples, causing a commotion for a while.

However, at this moment, the disciples didn't pay too much attention. On the Heavenly Stairs, it is most important for them to test and ensure that they can pass.

"Hahaha, so he is only someone with low talent!"

In the crowd, there was a figure sneering.

This was an outer disciple who had been beaten by Su Yi before. Upon seeing the attribute light on Su Yi's body accidentally, he instantly revealed a cold smirk and felt great in his heart.

As the attribute aura surrounded Su Yi, the surrounding discussions also fell into Su Yi's ears.


At the same time, on the Heavenly Stairs, a tremendous force of collapse continued to envelop Su Yi, like a giant stone weighing down on his shoulders, about to crush Su Yi's waist.

The crushing force was increasing, seemingly preventing Su Yi from moving forward and taking another step.

Obviously, the tremendous crushing force exerted on Su Yi's body at this moment is much stronger than anyone else's. This powerful crushing force can even be clearly sensed by outsiders.

"Those with mediocre talent cannot set foot on the Heavenly Stairs and will be crushed down!"

A disciple spoke up, with a look of surprise in his eyes. He had heard from his senior brothers that the Heavenly Stairs were very mysterious. The higher one's talent, the less resistance one would encounter. Those with insufficient talent would not even be able to step onto the Heavenly Stairs.

"It seems like his talent is truly too ordinary, and have been subjected to exclusion from the Heavenly Stairs."

In the distant mountains far in all directions, there were hidden movements of fluctuating qi and faint sounds of sighs and regrets could be heard.

"It's such a pity, with decent cultivation, but held back by limited natural talent."

High atop the mountain peak, Right Dharma Protector gazed towards the Heavenly Stairs and sensed the commotion upon it. It was preventing those with ordinary aptitude from advancing on the Heavenly Stairs.

Situ Liuyun remained silent, but apparently, his face also expressed a sense of regret.


On the Heavenly Stairs, Su Yi's qi surged and flowed in the broad meridians, emitting a sound like a creek.

With his qi, Su Yi resisted the intangible force of collapse, stood tall with his head held high, and his body remained upright without bending.

At this moment, Su Yi could clearly feel the immense force of collapse that was specifically targeting him on the Heavenly Stairs.

"Are you also trying to stop me? I insist on going up today, what can you do to stop me!"

The obstruction of the Heavenly Stairs ignited Su Yi's fighting spirit. He was unwilling to submit. Just like when he was tested by the Yuan Testing Stone of the Sacred Mountain, which classified him as an insignificant disciple, are the Heavenly Stairs doing the same?

Su Yi was rebellious, refusing to submit.

Aren't the Heavenly Stairs testing people's battle power? If I insist on stepping on it today, what can the Heavenly Stairs do to me?

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