The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: What's Going On?

No one could imagine a human's body being able to reach such a level of perfection. If revealed to the world, everyone would be stunned.

Such a young man is terrifying both inside and out. If the outside world were to know, it would surely cause a stir and shock the world!

In his soul, Su Yi is currently feeling that the energy of heaven and earth is nourishing his body and refining his soul. The effect is not limited to his physical body.

All along, Su Yi has known that at the same level, he seems to have no fear of anyone, and can fight anyone at the same level, even the young offspring of the demon clan.

But Su Yi is not satisfied with this. He wants to become a strong person, protect everything around him, and one day he will step onto Scared Mountain to reclaim his own justice. He is not just about defeating those at the same level of cultivation.

Only when everything is more perfect and the foundation is more solid can one go further.

A while ago, his cultivation progressed too rapidly and as a result, Su Yi's foundation seemed to have developed some flaws.

Although this flaw may be invisible to the naked eye and can be ignored, Su Yi is able to sense its existence, and perhaps it may appear one day.

Now, under the impact of such cosmic energy, Su Yi can clearly feel that the original flaw has been eradicated and everything in his body is becoming more perfect.

However, Su Yi is not satisfied. He knows that by being more strict with himself, he will become stronger in the future.

Golden light enveloped him and Su Yi's body emitted a radiance that became increasingly crystalline and powerful in its aura.

At a certain moment, the golden light finally disappeared, and the surrounding energy of heaven and earth also began to dissipate.

Su Yi opened his eyes, his gaze shining brightly. He felt the surging power in his body had reached the fourth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, with an abundant soul and vigorous vitality.

"Why are there so many people...?"

As Su Yi saw the densely packed Divine Sword School's cultivators appearing in the distant void, he sensed many obscure and powerful auras projected into this space. He slightly frowned and revealed a bitter smile.

It seems that climbing to the seventh level has attracted too much attention.

This is not what Su Yi wanted, he doesn't want to draw too much attention.

Su Yi's ascent to the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs was purely for self-validation.

As for the benefits he ultimately gained, it was quite unexpected for Su Yi.

This benefit is astonishing and a great opportunity.

However, Su Yi didn't want to draw too much attention to himself. The Divine Sword School and the Sacred Mountain are both located in Central State. Given the grandiosity of the Sacred Mountain, there might be some spies from the Sacred Mountain within the Divine Sword School. If any information were to reach the Sacred Mountain and fall into the wrong hands, it would be detrimental to Su Yi before he even has the chance to grow stronger.

While pondering, Su Yi suddenly lit up with recognition. This was the Heavenly Stairs, a test to evaluate one's talent and strength, not like the Yuan Testing Stone which was commonly seen, but it might be related to the Yuan Testing Stone to some extent.

Su Yi knew well about the function of the mysterious space. Once he came into contact with the Yuan Stone, even he would not be able to control himself, just like what happened in Man City before.

With a curve of a smile on his lips, Su Yi put the broken heavy sword on his back again. At the same time, he slightly squatted down, stretched out his palm, and lightly touched the Heavenly Stairs.

"Hmm, what is Su Yi doing?"

Looking at Su Yi's movements, everyone was surprised and confused.

On the Heavenly Stairs, Su Yi took a deep breath inwardly and placed his palm upon the Heavenly Stairs, as a rush of vitality slowly surged out.


Suddenly, the Heavenly Stairs trembled, and Su Yi immediately felt a strong energy wave inside the Heavenly Stairs.


At the same time, the mysterious light mass in Su Yi's mind seemed to be suddenly attracted and began to move.


A radiance was released in Su Yi's mind, and a strange power flashed out like lightning.

Su Yi could clearly sense that a mysterious force was spreading from the glowing cluster in his mind and directly surging towards the Heavenly Stairs through his palm.

At this moment, Su Yi seemed to feel that a devouring force was formed in his palm, and finally, like peeling off a cocoon, he absorbed the energy from the Heavenly Stairs.

"Boom Boom..."

Immediately, the previously calm Heavenly Stairs shook and trembled, emitting a brilliant light from within and revealing shimmering rays of black, green, red, and white. The Heavenly Stairs were filled with a trembling sound.

"What's going on?"

This unprecedented change caused everyone present to turn pale.

"What's wrong again?"

In the distant void, the cultivators of the Divine Sword School were also shocked and alarmed.

"Crack, crack..."

A great light shone, the ground shook, and on the entire Heavenly Stairs, from top to bottom, cracks spread out like spider webs, quickly covering the entire Heavenly Stairs.

"Hmm, the pressure seems to have lessened a lot!"

"How strange, the pressure suddenly decreased a lot!"

The disciples of the Divine Sword School on the Heavenly Stairs were surprised to feel that the invisible and terrifying pressure that had been enveloping them had lessened significantly.


On the Heavenly Stairs, dense cracks appeared from Su Yi's palm.

Within a dozen breaths, everything had completely disappeared and quieted down.

The light on the Heavenly Stairs also directly dimmed.

"Have I succeeded...?"

Su Yi stood up, with a smile on his face, feeling that the Heavenly Stairs should contain a substantial amount of Yuan Stone energy.

As Su Yi expected, the Heavenly Stairs' function of testing aptitude should also be related to the Yuan Testing Stone.

Based on what Su Yi sensed just now, the Yuan Testing Stones within the Heavenly Stairs must be a tremendous number.

Currently, Su Yi is unaware of the great benefits obtained inside the mysterious space. Only by entering the space personally can he know.

"Hurry up, the pressure has decreased a lot. Once we step onto the fourth level, we can enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!"

"Quickly, charge!"

"Hurry, we must enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Soon, the disciples on the Heavenly Stairs understood and, taking advantage of the reduced pressure, immediately went up the Heavenly Stairs with great momentum.

All disciples hope to ascend to the fourth level and enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

On the Heavenly Stairs, cracks pervaded and there was no longer any radiance.

However, the two portals of spatial transmission above the fourth and fifth levels were still filled with light, shining brightly.

As for the sixth and seventh levels, there were no teleportation gates at all.

It seems that even the cultivators of Divine Sword School would never have thought that an outer disciple, who had his potential re-examined, would turn out to be a terrifying fellow who reached the seventh level.

Throughout history, in the assessment of outer disciples, it's rare for a disciple to step onto the fifth level, let alone the sixth level.

As for the seventh level, it normally only exists in legends.

"Clang clang..."


The disciples vied with one another, ascending towards the tiers of the Heavenly Stairs.

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