The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: Temporarily Passing Through!

"Not long after becoming a disciple under Elder Su, I was brought back to Divine Sword School by him. It has only been a few days since then. The Sect Leader and elders, after Elder Su returns, you can inquire about it to him."

As he had already reached this stage, Su Yi could only bite the bullet and go ahead, firmly reminding himself that he was a disciple of Elder Su.


The elders exchanged covert glances, while Situ Liuyun's gaze twitched involuntarily.

As soon as Su Yi arrived at Divine Sword School, he couldn't escape their investigation. It was already known that he had only recently arrived and was brought back by Elder Su himself.

In all likelihood, what Su Yi said was almost entirely true. Coupled with his natural talent, if Elder Su were to really make an exception and take him in as a disciple, it would indeed be possible.

"Su Yi, did Elder Su have any specific instructions for you when you became his disciple?"

Situ Liuyun gazed at Su Yi, his facial expression and gaze at this moment were quite complex.


Su Yi shook his head, feeling that the gaze of the sect leader Situ Liuyun and the other elders seemed to hint at something. He was afraid of saying too much and making mistakes, so it was better to say less. Anyway, as long as he could prove that he was a disciple of Elder Su, that would be enough.

"Master, if he is truly Elder Su's disciple, then..."

Originally, Elder Shangguan Hu, who seemed sure to win, was now looking very disappointed. It's no wonder this kid wasn't moved by his promise at all. It turned out he was already Elder Su's disciple, which made all the difference.

"I will investigate this matter when Elder Su returns, and you have nothing to do with it now. Later, I will have someone send you back to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak."

Situ Liuyun took a deep breath and raised his eyes slightly, waving his hand to signal Su Yi to leave first.

"I take my leave, Master."

Su Yi's eyes flickered secretly, and judging from the situation, it seemed that he had passed this test, as the matters of the Court of Justice were not even mentioned.

At this moment, there was no point delaying, so Su Yi immediately bowed and turned away.


Looking at Su Yi, Situ Liuyun's gaze remained complex and he stopped Su Yi.

Su Yi halted, gazing at Situ Liuyun with a hint of apprehension creeping in his heart.

"I cannot be certain if you are Elder Su's disciple, but for now, receive the outer disciple emblem of the Divine Sword School. Tell them it is on my order and someone will take care of everything for you. Tomorrow, you shall participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition of the Divine Sword School. As for the rest, we shall see what fate has in store when Elder Su returns," Situ Liuyun spoke.

"Understand," Su Yi nodded and bowed.

Su Yi decided to receive the outer disciple emblem himself. As for the rest, fate shall decide until Elder Su's return.

If Elder Su blames him when the time comes, he can only accept it.

As Su Yi walked out of the main hall, the invisible force of pressure and tense air disappeared instantly, leaving him feeling relaxed and stretching lazily.

This also deeply impressed Su Yi. The elders of the Divine Sword School are extremely powerful, especially the head of the Divine Sword School, Situ Liuyun. Despite being in his middle age, the aura emanating from him is much stronger than that of the other elders.

"With hard work and cultivate, one day I will become strong!"

With his palms tightly clenched, a glint of crimson flashing in Su Yi's eyes, he possessed the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, mysterious space, the identity of a Soul Tamer, and the tome "the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse". Oneday, he would venture forth and conquer the Six Lands, Three Continents, and the Great Ocean.


"Follow me, I'll take you back to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak!"

There was a roar of a beast and a armored disciple of the Divine Sword School came riding on a huge demon beast, the Heavenly Soaring Eagle, to take Su Yi away.

The Divine Sword School is far apart between the seventy-two peaks, and requires crossing over mountains and hills, especially as some small mountains are continuous. It would take a whole day to walk from the Sky Sword Peak to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, even by making use of one's True Qi.

The flying demon beast mount turned out to be a Heavenly Soaring Eagle that was at the level of the Demonic True Realm, which made Su Yi secretly amazed.

It is not an easy task to tame a demon beast of the Yuan True Realm level as a mount.

The Heavenly Soaring Eagle gazed at Su Yi with fierce and fearsome eyes, for no apparent reason, causing him to feel sudden fear.


Su Yi leaped onto the flying demon beast and rode away with the armored disciple, letting out a sigh of relief. They had narrowly avoided danger and passed through this trial.

Meanwhile, Su Yi was unaware of the complex expressions on the faces of the elders, including Situ Liuyun and Yu Changqing, who had remained in the main hall.

"Master, could this Su Yi truly be Elder Su's disciple?" Elder Lv Baimai was the first to speak and ask Situ Liuyun in the hall.

Situ Liuyun's face revealed a slightly bitter smile, and he sighed, "If Elder Su really takes in such a talented disciple, then it's a good thing."

Although he said that, for some reason, the bitter sadness behind Situ Liuyun's smile was evident to everyone.

"Well, it's also a good thing to have such a talented young disciple in our Divine Sword School!" Elder Mei Huaye said, although a hint of embarrassment was visible in his gaze.

"If this kid was not just an outer disciple, but rather a disciple of Elder Su, then we wouldn't have a chance to compete with him." Elder Shangguan Hu said with a bitter expression on his face.

"At such a young age, being able to defeat Jian Shiyi, what level will he achieve in five years?"

Elder Duan Yuerong's eyes were filled with shock and anticipation. When Liu Yunchuan, Yun Lingfeng and the others entered the Divine Sword School five years ago, they were no match for Su Yi at present.

What level will Su Yi reach in five years' time?

"I don't know where Elder Su found this kid, but he really has outstanding talent!" Elder Yu Changqing sincerely admired.

"Tomorrow is the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. We will see at what extent this young man's talent can reach." Situ Liuyun spoke, his gaze flashing with anticipation.

"Master, many elders suddenly arrived at Sky Sword Peak, saying..."

Suddenly, a disciple of the Divine Sword School, dressed in armor, reported from outside the main hall. Looking at the present Elder Yu Changqing and others, he hesitated to speak.

"What's the matter? Just say it directly?"

Right Dharma Protector spoke and said to the disciple in armor.

"Many elders have come and said they are looking for a disciple named Su Yi. They don't want Elder Yu, Elder Shangguan, and others to take advantage of it first."

The disciple in armor was also speechless. So many elders had come together, all for an outer disciple. Such a thing had never happened in the Divine Sword School.

"Hmph, those guys came pretty fast." Elder Lv Baimai's voice came out with a faint cold snort.

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