The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 396

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Chapter 396: The Leader's Direct Disciple!

At this moment, the entire hall seems frozen for no reason. Under several gazes, Su Yi respectfully bowed to the elders present, facing the gaze of each elder.

At this moment, Su Yi also had great respect for these elders, including Elder Shangguan Hu.

Su Yi could tell that despite appearing strict and ruthless, Elder Shangguan Hu was actually trying his best to take him as a disciple.

Watching Su Yi bow, several elders and Situ Liuyun, the Right Dharma Protector, subtly shifted their gazes.

"Thank you for your kindness, esteemed elders. I am really honored, but currently not seeking a master. Please forgive me, and again, thank you."

After the ceremony, Su Yi spoke up. He had already made his decision not to stay in the Divine Sword School, and regretted having to disappoint the elders who had shown him kindness.

"You have no intention of being our disciple!"

As Su Yi finished speaking, the previously confident elders were taken aback, having never expected that this outer disciple would reject their secret promise.

Situ Liuyun and the Right Dharma Protector were also surprised, as the elders were so eager to accept this child as a direct disciple, something that countless disciples in the Divine Sword School yearned for, yet Su Yi straightforwardly refused.

Situ Liuyun's eyes flickered with light as he looked at Su Yi and said, "Su Yi, I am also interested in accepting you as a direct disciple. Do you have any interest?"


Many sharp gazes fell on Situ Liuyun all at once, leaving the elders and Right Dharma Protector stunned and gobsmacked.

"What's going on? Does the master actually want to take in a disciple? Is he trying to meddle with our affairs...?"

The elders were shocked. Wasn't it their responsibility to consult with the master on this matter? Why would the master suddenly intervene?

The Right Dharma Protector also appeared visibly surprised, unaware of the Sect Leader's intention to take on disciples.

Su Yi was also stunned. This was the head of the Divine Sword School. He could stomp his foot and probably shake the whole Central State and all its eminent figures.

To become the direct disciple of the head is such a lofty status. It is a temptation that probably no disciple of the Divine Sword School can refuse.

Not to mention the whole Divine Sword School, hardly anyone in the entire Central State, and even within the six lands, three continents, and one ocean, can resist such temptation.

Such serendipitous opportunity, if it were to fall upon anyone else, would undoubtedly lead to immediate entrance as a disciple.

To say that Su Yi was not moved in his heart, would be a falsehood.

As the direct disciple of the head of the Divine Sword School, had he been given the opportunity in the past, Su Yi would undoubtedly have eagerly accepted and become a disciple. On this path of cultivation, he would have faced significantly fewer obstacles and become a powerful figure. Perhaps he might have even married a daughter of a rich and powerful clan and risen to the pinnacle of life - it would not have been too difficult for him.

A glimmer shines in Su Yi's eyes.

Never having been guided by a famous teacher, he relied solely on his own efforts to hone his skills.

Although he possessed the "Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique" and the mysterious space, as well as "the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse" on him now, for Su Yi, at this moment, the Divine Sword School's master accepting him as a disciple is an immensely fortuitous opportunity.

With the guidance of the leader of the Divine Sword School's, it is enough to compensate for the many shortcomings in Su Yi's abilities.

However, Su Yi knows what he wants. Elder Su had no connection to him and saved him, brought him to Divine Sword School, healed him, and instructed Xu Jiahui to care for him. Even if, by some chance, Su Yi could become a disciple of the current master of the Divine Sword School, he must express gratitude towards Elder Su for saving his life and obtain his agreement before becoming a disciple.

"Thank you for your kindness, Master. However, I still reside on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, and I need Elder Su's approval before proceeding." Su Yi felt a hint of regret in his heart, as he missed such an opportunity and fortune.

"This guy, would even refuse the sect leader?"

Su Yi's words astonished the elders present, causing them to look at each other in confusion.

To be personally taken in as a disciple by the sect leader, who in the entire Divine Sword School could refuse such a great opportunity and stroke of luck?

But this youth actually refused, putting aside the tremendous opportunity and fortune, could it be said he didn't even give face to the sect leader?

Situ Liuyun felt very oppressed at the moment. He was the head of the Divine Sword School, and if he wanted to recruit disciples, not to mention the entire Divine Sword School, even countless outstanding young people with extraordinary talents from Central State, six lands, three continents, and one ocean would have to queue up.

But now, he took the initiative to speak, and this young man seemed to reject him outright without much consideration.

"You are only an outer disciple of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. If you join my school and tell Elder Su that you did so, he will not blame you for it."

While looking at Su Yi, Situ Liuyun was aware that if he was rejected in front of these senior elders, he would be stuck in a difficult situation.


The head of Divine Sword School, with his distinguished position, has said such words up to this point. Su Yi is not foolish, as he is currently a member of Divine Sword School, he cannot refute the face of the head of Divine Sword School.

Even if in the future he doesn't stay in Divine Sword School, it is best not to offend the esteemed sect leader of Divine Sword School.

However, even if he wanted to become a disciple, he had been saved by Elder Su and thus had to inform Elder Su first.

"Master, it's not that I don't want to become your disciple, to be honest, I have already become a disciple under Elder Su, so I need to wait for his consent."

Su Yi bowed, his face showing no expression, not wanting to offend the master's dignity and showing respect to the elders present.

Su Yi remembered the mysterious and beautiful woman's words, that as long as he claimed to be Elder Su's disciple, it would be enough to protect him. Even the sect leader of the Divine Sword School wouldn't dare to harm him until they confirmed his identity.

Therefore, Su Yi thought that using Elder Su as a shield wouldn't pose any problems.

"Have you already become a disciple of Elder Su?"

As soon as Su Yi finished speaking, everyone's expression changed.

All eyes suddenly focused on Su Yi, as if something major had happened.

Situ Liuyun and Right Dharma Protector's expressions darkened instantly, especially Situ Liuyun whose gaze nonchalantly twitched at the corner of his eye.

Looking at the gazes of the elders, sect leader Situ Liuyun, and Right Dharma Protector, Su Yi felt somewhat surprised inwardly.

Does it require such astonishment to be Elder Su's disciple? Remembering the words of that mysterious beautiful woman, Su Yi gritted his teeth inwardly and nodded positively, saying, "I have indeed entered the tutelage of Elder Su."

Right Dharma Protector's gaze flickered slightly as he looked at the expression on sect leader Situ Liuyun's face, and he asked Su Yi, "It's a major event to enter the tutelage of Elder Su. Why does no one in the Divine Sword School know about it?"

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