The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 395

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Chapter 395: Fighting for a Disciple!

At this moment in Elder Shangguan Hu's heart, everything was just going through the motions.

Accepting Su Yi as a disciple in front of the Sect Leader, even if Elder Su comes back and makes trouble, they can deal with it together. It's simply killing two birds with one stone.

As for Su Yi, Elder Shangguan Hu is confident.

How could anyone among the disciples of the Divine Sword School refuse his irresistible offer? Would this young man dare not to accept it obediently?

"Hmph, Shangguan Hu, what do you mean? Do you want to steal my disciple? Su Yi is my disciple, and I won't let him go!"

Elder Lv Baimai snorted, without waiting for Su Yi to respond, he already stared at Su Yi and asked, "Su Yi, how about joining my peak?"

"Hehe, if Su Yi were to join your peak, he might hinder his own talent."

Elder Mei Huaye sneered, twirling his eight-character mustache as his hazel eyes glared at the other elders. His unkempt grizzled hair shook as he then turned his gaze to Su Yi, his eyes full of suggestiveness as he said, "Su Yi, join my peak. As a teacher, I will diligently guide you, unlike the rest who only know how to talk."

"Ridiculous. Will joining your peak guarantee that he won't waste his natural talent?"

Elder Yu Changqing glanced indifferently at Elder Mei Huaye before approaching Su Yi with a smile on his face. "Come to the Twenty-eighth Sword Peak and become my disciple. It will definitely be better than joining theirs."

Each elder spoke with a hint of mysterious confidence.

At this moment, these elders all believed in their promises and were sure to impress Su Yi.

Making Su Yi join their peak was a foregone conclusion.

"Su Yi, I also hope to have you under my tutelage. With your potential, I will support you with full force in your cultivation."

Elder Duan Yuerong also spoke, her kind face showing some subtle anxiety. It appeared that these elders were determined to recruit Su Yi, as he was a disciple who was almost capable of breaking into the top ten of the Sword Tower rankings. His gifts were exceptionally rare in the hundreds of years of history of the Divine Sword School and therefore were more than desirable.

"Of course, it is to join under my tutelage!"

"Why? I was the first to arrive at the Divine Sword Cliff. Don't you have enough disciples on each Sword Peak?"

"Nonsense, Su Yi must join under my guidance. If you don't agree, let's have a competition!"

"Let's have a competition then, who's afraid of whom? Su Yi must join the 17th Sword Peak under my command!"

"Let's just do it. Whoever wins will have Su Yi as his disciple!"


In an instant, the several elders had turned into a noisy bunch, with signs of rolling up their sleeves and getting into a big fight, all unwilling to yield to one another.

The fact that these several elders were trying so hard to win over an outer disciple left even the Right Dharma Protector speechless.

However, Right Dharma Protector knew very well in his heart that with such a disciple who had even defeated Jian Shiyi, it was likely that the other elders in the Divine Sword School were on their way here right now after hearing the news.

Situ Liuyun's gaze remained calm and steady as he observed Su Yi, but there was a flicker of light in his eyes, as if he were pondering something in secret.

"Please calm down, elders. As elders of the school, don't tarnish your dignity in front of the disciples." Looking at the five elders who were making a commotion and unwilling to compromise, Situ Liuyun felt quite helpless.

"Otherwise, let the sect leader make the final decision in this matter."

Duan Yuerong turned to Situ Liuyun, gazed into his eyes and said softly, "Do you remember five years ago when the various sword peaks recruited disciples? The sect leader personally said that for the next recruitment, let the Ninth Sword Peak be the first to choose disciples. I think there's no need to wait for the next time, I will just pick Su Yi."


Situ Liuyun smiled helplessly. It was true that during the last recruitment for disciples among the various sword peaks, because of the dispute over the allocation of Yun Lingfeng and a few other disciples, they had promised that Elder Duan could choose first during the next recruitment.

"No, next time is next time. We cannot do it this way," Elder Mei Huaye objected immediately.

"I don't agree either, next time is next time, this time doesn't count!"

"We'll talk about the next thing next time, but this time is unique, not acceptable!"

The three elders, Yu Changqing, Lv Baimai, and Shangguan Hu, also protested. They had arranged everything and could not let Elder Duan Yuerong snatch it away.

Su Yi felt helpless and confused. He didn't know why, but several elders had unexpectedly offered to take him as their disciple and promised him valuable treasures and resources for cultivation.

Is it not generally difficult to be accepted as a disciple by these elders, like reaching the heavens?

Has the situation changed now, that it has become so difficult for these elders to take on a disciple?

If these elders were to know Su Yi's thoughts at this moment, they would be speechless. How could it be difficult for them to take on a disciple?

If they wanted to accept a direct disciple, the people who want to be their direct disciples would be queued at the Divine Sword School, stretching for tens of miles.

What an honor it is to be the direct disciple of the venerable elder of Divine Sword School! This position indicates the potential to become a powerful figure in the future!

It is indeed a great challenge to be accepted as a direct disciple by these elders. Without sufficient natural talent, one can never catch the attention of their discerning eyes.

However, Su Yi is completely unaware of how remarkable his innate talent truly is. At the age of fifteen or sixteen and with the cultivation of the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, he even managed to defeat Jian Shiyi, who was at the Fourth Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm!

Such exceptional talent will not escape the scrutinizing gaze of these elders, especially with the Grand Swordsmanship Competition just around the corner. With this level of strength, there is a real chance of making it to the top ten in the competition.

Even with conservative estimates, defeating Jian Shiyi already means that he can advance one to the top fifteen.

Moreover, the elders witnessed with their own eyes, that Su Yi defeated Jian Shiyi without even exerting his true full force.

On top of that, Su Yi is still so young, once guided and trained properly, his future is limitless. Nobody can predict how far he can go in the end.

Who with vision and ambition would want to miss such a disciple?


Watching several elders disputing in front of him, Situ Liuyun felt helpless. He turned his gaze towards Su Yi and asked with a subtle change in his eyes, "Su Yi, the elders in the Divine Sword School have always had a high reputation. Being able to become the disciple of any one of them will be your great fortune. What do you think? Are you interested in apprenticing under any of them?"

Upon hearing Situ Liuyun's words, Yu Changqing, Lv Baimai, Shangguan Hu and the other elders all looked at Su Yi, each with their own secret gestures in their eyes.

Although these elders were all confident, they were still a bit nervous at the moment. They really didn't want to miss out on such a talented disciple.

The gaze of the Right Dharma Protector became curious as well, unsure of how Su Yi would make his choice.

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