The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: Can You Be Even More Shameless?

"If you don't think you're wrong, why did the Court of Justice pursue you?" Right Dharma Protector said to Su Yi.

"The disciple of the Court of Justice clearly saw Huo Dongqiu and others from the Fifteenth Sword Peak attacking me first, but turned a blind eye. I was forced to defend myself and almost died before I was able to stop them. And they never arrested Huo Dongqiu and his companions. This is clearly bullying. They are obviously in league with Huo Dongqiu and his group. How can I just surrender? If I did, who knows what would happen to me?" Su Yi had a look of grievance on his face and could almost cry.


Merely listening to Su Yi's words, the elders and Situ Liuyun present couldn't help but be stunned. According to the information they received, could this really be true? However, upon closer examination, it seemed to be the case indeed.

Just hearing Su Yi's account of defending himself against life-threatening danger... they couldn't help but wonder how this lad managed to say it? Given his ability to defeat Jian Shiyi so easily, how could Huo Dongqiu and his associates hope to catch up if Su Yi refused to fight?

Right Dharma Protector was also stunned, somewhat at a loss for words. After a long pause, he stared right at Su Yi and asked, "So you publicly humiliated all of our disciples, stole from them their space bags, and damaged the reputation of Divine Sword School. Is there no excuse for this outrageous behavior?"

"Right Dharma Protector, you misunderstood me. Ba Yi and other disciples went to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak and got injured during the disturbance. I saw their severe injuries and blood-stained clothes, so I helped to take care of them. As for the space bag, they were injured and dizzy, so if they lost their space bags, they would be very anxious. That's why I helped keep their space bags for them. Since you asked, I will return the space bags to them."

As soon as the words fell, Su Yi pulled out a large number of space bags from his arms and respectfully took a few steps forward to offer them to the Right Dharma Protector.


"Can it still be done like this...?"

Looking at Su Yi, everyone present was dumbfounded, including Situ Liuyun and the Right Dharma Protector. Could this kid be any more shameless?

Elder Yu Changqing, Elder Lv Baimai, and others were all astounded.

They were initially thinking of how to speak up for and help this young boy out of his predicament, but never expected him to be so eloquent when he spoke.

Looking at the pile of space bags presented by Su Yi, the Right Dharma Protector's eyes twitched inexplicably at the corner, refusing to take them.

Lastly, after glancing at Su Yi, the Right Dharma Protector sighed and accepted the space bags.

Su Yi lowered his head, and a hint of a smile curved his lips as he silently handed over the space bags to Right Dharma Protector; now it had nothing to do with him anymore, it was no longer his concern.

"Boy, no matter how eloquent you are, you can't deny your recklessness. Sharp words won't get you far." After taking the space bags from Su Yi's hand, Right Dharma Protector glanced at him.

"This matter will naturally be investigated thoroughly, no matter how sharp-tongued you are."

Situ Liuyun spoke, his gaze shifting away from Su Yi, and looking towards the elders. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Elder Shangguan Hu and smiled slightly.

He said, "Shouldn't we leave this matter to the Court of Justice? I wonder what Elder Shangguan thinks. Do you have a way to deal with it?"

"Master, it's not appropriate. Although Su Yi made some mistakes, they were only minor. He is still young, and it would be too harsh to hand him over to the Court of Justice." Elder Yu Changqing's face changed instantly. He wouldn't let Su Yi fall into the hands of Shangguan Hu.

"That's right. Although Su Yi made a mistake, he was also forced to act. Please be lenient with him, Master." Elder Lv Baimai also pleaded, with a sneaky look toward Su Yi.

"Master, although Su Yi made a mistake, it was a minor one. Tomorrow is the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, and this child is quite talented. I hope you can be lenient in your punishment." Elder Lv Baimai also interceded for Su Yi, giving him a meaningful look.

"I didn't expect all the elders to plead for this outer disciple, it seems that he must have some exceptional qualities."

Situ Liuyun looked at the elders, pretending to be surprised, with a slight smile, and then looked at Elder Shangguan and asked, "Elder Shangguan, do you think that we can give this disciple a lenient punishment?"

"Punishment? Why should there be any punishment?"

Elder Shangguan Hu finally spoke, looking at Situ Liuyun and the other elders present, appearing confused.

Looking at Shangguan Hu's expression, the elders were also stunned.

"Shangguan Hu, why do you want to arrest Su Yi?" Elder Lv Baimai said impatiently, raising his eyebrows and twitching his striking white eyebrows with a hint of humor.

"I have found out that although Su Yi has made mistakes, he didn't take the initiative to provoke the incident, and it was not Su Yi who caused the trouble. Therefore, the sin is not too heavy. As for the rumor that he robbed some disciples' space bags, it seems to be just a rumor. So, even according to the rules, Su Yi will only be confined for seven days at most." Elder Shangguan Hu looked at the elders present and said calmly, but his eyes secretly revealed a confident smile to Su Yi, as if telling him that everything was under his control.


While listening to Elder Shangguan Hu's words, Yu Changqing, Lv Baimai, Mei Huaye and other elders were all trembling with expressions on their faces. This was not what Shangguan Hu said before!

"Master, I have found out that Su Yi is an outer disciple of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, with good talent. If we can guide and teach him a little, he may become a cornerstone of our Divine Sword School, a talented pillar of our Divine Sword School. Therefore, I personally went to find Su Yi, hoping to accept him as a direct disciple."

Elder Shangguan Hu was aware of the surprise on the faces of the elders present, with a hint of satisfaction in his heart. These guys wanted to compete with him for disciples. They were a bit naive.

Before Shangguan Hu's words had even finished, several elders' eyes had already widened.

These elders were not surprised that Elder Shangguan Hu wanted to take Su Yi as his disciple. They had already known about it.

Otherwise, why would an elder of the Court of Justice like Shangguan Hu personally bother an outer disciple? It was just a pretense to take Su Yi away.

The elders were amazed at Shangguan Hu's sudden change. This guy was waiting here, actually planning to speak up in front of the sect leader.

Situ Liuyun's gaze was quite calm, as if he already knew everything.

Ignoring the changing expressions of the elders present, Elder Shangguan Hu looked at Su Yi with a confident and smiling face. In his black obsidian-like, shining, and clear eyes, the once sharp and piercing gaze softened and his tone became gentle as he asked Su Yi, "Su Yi, I would like to take you as my direct disciple. What do you think?"

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