The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 393

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Chapter 393: Right Dharma Protector

Gazing with such eyes, like a sword aura, oppressing the soul, as if to see through oneself from the outside in.

Su Yi could not help but tremble inwardly, as a naturally superior aura emanated from the former, quietly exerting immense pressure on himself, as if to make him submit.

However, Su Yi has long since transformed under the influence of the mysterious light group and the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique he cultivated, gradually possessing a majestic and destructive might.

The awe-inspiring and destructive pressure, perhaps due to the cultivate of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, has completely merged with Su Yi and seeped into every cell and bone marrow of his body.

Such pressure seems invincible, and can even overpower the strong.

Faced with such pressure, a stern and destructive aura arose from within Su Yi, quietly surging from within to without. This aura allowed Su Yi to face the pressure calmly without a trace of fear.

"Is this the leader of the Divine Sword School?"

Su Yi speculated that the man sitting upright in the center of this grand hall, emanating an intangible superiority, was probably the leader of the Divine Sword School. He was a renowned figure throughout Central State, capable of causing a stir wherever he went.

Shortly after, Su Yi also noticed an elderly man in gray beside him who looked gentle but had bright eyes that exuded a sense of shrewdness.

The invisible aura emanating from this gray-clothed elder also made Su Yi realize his strength. Although not as strong as some of the elders, he was definitely not far behind. At the moment there were no other individuals in this grand hall, he was likely the Right Dharma Protector mentioned by the disciples outside.

"Greetings to you!"

As several elders entered the hall and bowed to Situ Liuyun, their solemn and dignified expressions became more apparent.

"Greetings, Master."

Su Yi secretly took a breath, realizing that the middle-aged man was indeed Situ Liuyun, the head of Divine Sword School. He immediately bent down and saluted along with several elders, showing neither arrogance nor servility.

However, since he was not a true disciple of the Divine Sword School, Su Yi didn't intend to pay any major respects.

"Elders, why have you come? Please take a seat. I was just hoping to discuss the matter of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition with you."

Situ Liuyun pretended to be unaware of everything, and a faint smile crossed his eyes as he looked away from Elders Yu Changqing and Shangguan Hu and towards Su Yi, asking, "How did an outer disciple end up here?"

"Master, this disciple was originally an outer disciple from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. I don't know why the esteemed elder of the Court of Justice personally came to arrest him. I felt uneasy seeing this, so I stepped in to stop it. I ask for your decision, Master." As he looked at Situ Liuyun, Elder Yu Changqing's gaze secretly flickered as he spoke.

"The Elders of the Court of Justice are resorting to using force on an outer disciple. I don't know what they are thinking!" Elder Lv Baimai spoke in a soft, insinuating voice.

"He is just an outer disciple, what big mistakes can he make to the point where even the disciple of the Court of Justice has to get involved? If this were to spread, the Divine Sword School would lose its reputation!" Elder Mei Huaye said, with an extremely impolite tone.

Elder Duan Yuerong didn't speak, but had a smile on her face, indicating that Su Yi didn't need to be nervous.


Elder Shangguan Hu let out a cold snort from his throat. How could he not understand the intentions of these elders? Did they think they could recruit this disciple just like that? He had already made arrangements and in the end, the one who laughs last will be the winner.

"What is your name, the outer disciple of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak?" Situ Liuyun's gaze was scrutinizing Su Yi, appearing calm but betraying internal turbulence.

He knew who this outer disciple was, a young man who could defeat Jian Shiyi within easy reach. Judging from his estimated age of fifteen or sixteen, his power and cultivation far exceeded those of Liu Yunchuan, Gong Qi, and Yun Lingfeng - the strongest of Divine Sword School's younger generation at their age.

What stunned Situ Liuyun even more was Su Yi's nonchalant and poised demeanor, which faintly exuded a distinctive aura.

"My name is Su Yi." Su Yi bowed again and replied to Situ Liuyun, but he was extremely nervous.

Although Su Yi is accustomed to such pressure, the various atmospheres in this hall are causing him some difficulty in breathing. He also hopes that the mysterious beautiful woman didn't deceive him. In case of any trouble, he wants to be able to escape smoothly.

"You are Su Yi, I've heard of you. You seriously injured several disciples on the Fifteenth Sword Peak. You were ruthless when the Sword Hall attacked you, you broke the rules of the sect, stripped and tied up the disciples on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, and stole the space bags of the disciples from the Court of Justice. You had the courage to refuse to be arrested!"

While looking at Su Yi, Situ Liuyun's voice was loud, but his gaze fixed on Su Yi as if he wanted to see through him.

Hearing Situ Liuyun's words, Yu Changqing, Mei Huaye, and other elders frowned secretly, all pondering about something.

Speaking of it, Su Yi is quite audacious, and it seems that no disciple in Divine Sword School has ever dared to do everything he has done.

At least they have never seen it in the Divine Sword School, but this guy in front of them has done it all. Especially when he stripped a bunch of inner disciples, including direct disciples, publicly paraded them, and took away their space bags. Such a precedent has never happened in the entire Divine Sword School.

"Master, I'm wrongly accused!" Hearing Situ Liuyun's words, Su Yi's expression remained unchanged as he replied, looking up.

"Is it so? Then tell us, what are you wrongly accused of? I heard that some disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak named Teng Ming and Wang Qin were severely injured by you, and they may be crippled in the future." The Plain-clothed Right Dharma Protector beside him looked at Su Yi with a faint light in his eyes.

"Those disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak robbed our pills on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, taking advantage of their superior position. Moreover, they attacked us first. You can investigate and find out." Su Yi bowed to Right Dharma Protector calmly.

Hearing this, Right Dharma Protector looked up sharply, his eyebrows slightly raised. He had long been aware of this matter, and as an elder, he was clear about the disputes among the disciples. However, he chose to turn a blind eye to certain things, which could motivate and encourage the disciples, as long as it didn't cause a major problem.

Besides, Teng Ming and others were injured on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, so there was no need to investigate. To be honest, this kid was purely acting in self-defense.

"Regardless of right or wrong, you shouldn't fight at the Sword Hall. It had violated the rules!" Right Dharma Protector said.

"I was also attacked by them first at the Sword Hall. Whether it was right or wrong, they should be punished first. Can't we fight back even if we are in danger of being killed?" Su Yi asked calmly and confidently.

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