The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: Sky Sword Peak!

There were thick and mottled bluestones lying on the square, and a giant tortoise towering up to two people's height, holding a huge stone sword carved from a boulder, piercing the sea of clouds.

Several stone pillars carved with various ancient animal patterns were clustered around the square, adding a touch of ancient atmosphere to this place.

Ahead, there was a towering palace, with the ancient characters "Divine Sword School" shining brightly, like dragons and phoenixes dancing, above the gate.

These three big characters also carry a kind of pressure that makes people take a second look and tremble in their hearts.

On both sides of the gate, a pair of fierce stone beasts with bared fangs and glaring eyes stand guard, towering several meters high, inspiring awe in people's hearts!

Su Yi looked around curiously. This place was definitely not ordinary. Although there was no fluctuation in aura, he was inexplicably trembling and his soul was affected.

"This place is not simple, perhaps some kind of terrible means is arranged here!"

The Soul Tamer's perception told Su Yi that this mountain was definitely not simple, giving him an inexplicable feeling of being able to suppress the world.

The energy of heaven and earth was obviously the most concentrated around this mountain peak, and many medicinal herbs that had reached the level of spiritual medicine still grew on the mountain, making it a treasure land.

"Greetings to all the elders."

Before the palace gate, there are several armored figures looking at Yu Changqing, Elder Shangguan Hu, and others who came. Instantly, someone stepped forward and bowed.

Su Yi's gaze swept over the figures dressed in armor, all of whom appeared to be about thirty years old, but their aura was incredibly strong. If they were to be anywhere else, any one of them would be a formidable opponent.

"It should be the main peak of the Seventy-Two Sword Peaks."

Su Yi speculated in his mind as he gazed at the mountain. This should be the main peak of the Divine Sword School's Seventy-Two Peaks. It is rumored that only disciples and elders with qualifications are allowed to enter the main peak, also known as Sky Sword Peak, during the gate meetings and when the sect leader calls for meetings.

"Is the sect leader available?"

Elder Yu Changqing waved his sleeve and asked the disciple in armor.

"Elder, the Sect Leader and Right Dharma Protector are both waiting."

The visitor nodded and glanced curiously at Su Yi. Several elders had brought an outer disciple to Sky Sword Peak, which seemed unusual.

"Boy, go see the Sect Leader."

Upon hearing this, Elder Shangguan Hu spoke. His obsidian-like eyes gazed subtly at Su Yi, seemingly reminding him of something.

Elder Shangguan Hu felt particularly pleased, especially when he saw Su Yi's shocked expression that seemed to leave him unable to recover.

Elder Shangguan Hu rejoiced in secret. Did Yu Changqing, Mei Huaye, and Duan Yuerong really think it was enough to just meet the leader? With his promise to hold a position as an Elder in the Court of Justice in the future, how could this kid not be moved?

If he could bring this young man under his wing, then in the upcoming Grand Swordsmanship Competition, he could also make a name for himself.

"Please let the leader decide everything!"

"Yes, let the leader decide!"

"Let the leader make the final decision on this matter!"

Elder Yu Changqing, Elder Mei Huaye, and Elder Lv Baimai spoke up, but at this moment, they all looked at Su Yi with meaningful glances, giving him a subtle and special look.

At this moment, each of these elders has their own little motives in their hearts.

Seeing Su Yi still in a state of shock, the elders were secretly pleased, it seemed that their promise was absolutely effective.

They didn't believe that someone could resist such a promise and remain unmoved.

If such a talented individual was taken under their wing, not to mention being able to stand out in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, it would also ensure their position in the various sword peaks of Divine Sword School.

Several elders were only familiar with the strength of this outer disciple through rumors.

However, today, they were shocked by what they witnessed with their own eyes after seeing Jian Shiyi's defeat.

With the shrewdness of these elders, how could they not see that this outer disciple even held back when defeating Jian Shiyi?

In the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, if this guy goes all out, he might be able to break into the top ten, which has really stirred the hearts of several elders to take him as their disciple.

At their age and status, everyone wants to take in a few exceptional disciples with limitless potential.

In response to the subtle signals from the several elders, Su Yi could only force a bitter smile for himself.

To be honest, the promises of the elders were quite enticing to Su Yi, and the temptation was extraordinary.

The Mysterious True Pill and Dao-level weapon... any one of them is a treasure. The effect of the Mysterious True Pill goes without saying.

The Dao-level weapon is beyond measure, its worth cannot be described in any words.

Su Yi also knew that such temptation would be difficult for any young disciples of the Divine Sword School to resist.

The temptation was great, but soon Su Yi calmed down.

Su Yi knew very clearly that what he wanted was not these things. Even if he had everything given by the three elders, it would be difficult to set foot on Scared Mountain.

Divine Sword School is a first-class force, a behemoth, a grand sect.

However, Scared Mountain is even more powerful, it is one of the strongest forces on six lands, three continents, and one ocean.

Having accepted these, it was probable that he would not set foot on the Scared Mountain.

Su Yi took a deep breath secretly with a slight smile on his lips. He stayed at the Divine Sword School just to personally thank Elder Su.

Following several elders, Su Yi walked into the palace ahead with his thoughts in his mind.

The hall is vast and could easily accommodate thousands of people. The Golden Silk Tree has several carved reliefs of rare and exotic birds and beasts as well as intricate patterns of swords. The craftsmanship of these carvings is exquisite, and they look lifelike.

Numerous enormous Bright Moon Pearls hang from the top of the palace, shimmering and shining as the moon has fallen down. The floor is made of green jade, showing off its mottled marks.

Inside the grand hall, the carved beams and painted pillars emit a solemn and dignified atmosphere.

On both sides of the grand hall, there are neatly arranged high-backed chairs, creating an inexplicably solemn atmosphere.

Suspended above the head seat, behind a wide old green stone chair that is probably five feet wide, two giant swords cross, the tassels of the swords slightly move with the wind, adding to the sharp and imposing aura.

Suddenly, Su Yi felt a tremble in front of his eyes. It seemed that two masculine sword auras were breaking through the air and causing his soul to tremble. For no reason, the energy in his body was affected, making it impossible to operate.

Following that scent, Su Yi raised his gaze and saw a lone figure sitting on the stone chair at the head. He was middle-aged with a tall and strong build. His black robe, embroidered with gold patterns, draped over his robust physique. His resolute face emitted a deep and penetrating gaze, resembling two vigorous sword auras, which originated from this man.

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