The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 391

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Chapter 391: Hidden Thoughts

"Shangguan Hu, don't use the name of the Court of Justice to intimidate me. Do you think we don't know what you want to do with this kid?"

Elder Mei Huaye's voice was deep, his eight-character mustache twitching with his lips, his brown eyes deeply set in his eye sockets, staring at Elder Shangguan Hu.

"I suggest we go to see the sect leader. Whether this disciple is guilty or not and whether we need to go to the Court of Justice, let the sect leader make the decision." Elder Duan Yuerong said with some thoughts in her mind.

"Let's leave it to the leader to decide!"

Elder Shangguan Hu's eyes flickered and his sharp, obsidian-like gaze seemed to be turning, his mind was thinking of something.

"Very well, let's go see the leader."

Elders Yu Changqing, Lv Baimai, and Meihuaye each nodded, seemingly with their own thoughts. In their deep and bright eyes, their gazes were secretly turning, their minds were making calculated plans.

"Su Yi, accompany me to meet the sect leader. In case he accuses you of anything, just tell him that you have become my direct disciple and I will take responsibility for everything."

Suddenly, the voice of Elder Duan Yuerong came into Su Yi's ears, as if it was a transmission of sound, and only Su Yi could hear it.

Su Yi was stunned, his eyes secretly surprised. He never expected that Elder Duan Yuerong, who was by his side, actually wanted to take him as her disciple.

"Su Yi, if the sect leader accuses you later, just tell him that you have become my direct disciple under the 28th Sword Peak. I will take you in."

"Su Yi, become my disciple. A few days ago, I obtained a treasure sword of the Dao level with great effort. Once you become my disciple, this treasure sword will be yours in the future!"

"Su Yi, become my disciple of the 19th peak. The sect leader will not blame you. I have just obtained a 'Mysterious True Pill' which, after you take it, will lay a good foundation for reaching the Yuan True Realm. When you reach that level, you can sweep away all opponents!"

"Young Su Yi, when we meet the sect leader, tell him that you want to become my disciple, my direct disciple. In the future, as long as you are in the Divine Sword School, the Court of Justice will eventually be handed over to you. With me as your teacher in the Divine Sword School, your cultivation will thrive!"

Just as Su Yi was secretly astonished, almost at the same time, a similar message transmission among the several elders present, also spread to Su Yi's ear.


Elder Duan Yuerong's voice reached Su Yi's ear, as a palm gently landed on his shoulder, causing him to float uncontrollably into the air, with the sound of rushing winds in his ears.

The air currents in the space were howling, and in the next instant, Su Yi felt himself already suspended in mid-air.

But at this moment, the shock in Su Yi's innermost being was undoubtedly even greater.

These elders seemed not to have come to trouble him, but each one seemed to want to take him into their peak...

Especially those elders' private messages left Su Yi completely stunned. They actually took out Dao level weapons, mysterious pills, and even used the Court of Justice as a temptation.

Although Su Yi was not a craftsman, he was very clear about the treasures such as Yuan Weapon, Xuan Weapon, and Spirit Weapon. Compared to Dao level weapons, they were vastly different.

An excellent Spirit Weapon is already invaluable.

For ordinary people, the Dao level weapon is a legendary existence.

It is rumored that the Dao level weapon has produced spiritual intelligence in the weapon, and this level of treasure, once used, can sweep the eight directions, with the power to move mountains and fill the seas and shatter the void!

Although Su Yi has never seen the Mysterious True Pill, he is quite clear from all the mysterious information that came to his mind that this Mysterious True Pill, although only a high-grade star pill, is truly comparable to a low-grade Yellow-grade Pill.

Even for those in need, Yellow-grade Pill is far inferior to the Mysterious True Pill.

The recipe for the Mysterious True Pill is said to be a closely guarded secret. Due to its unique effects, there are few alchemists who know how to concoct it.

It is said that the Mysterious True Pill can provide immense benefits for cultivators when they break through the Yuan True Realm.

The advantages it provides in one's own cultivation are irresistible temptations for any cultivator.

Moreover, the Court of Justice, if it were to be handed over to himself in the future...

The imposing appearance of Elder Shangguan Hu from the Court of Justice is fierce and sharp, but he actually wants to take me as his disciple?

The temptation is extraordinary and undoubtedly means that he will become an esteemed elder of the Divine Sword School in the future.

This is not just any elder, but the one in charge of the Court of Justice whose position in the Divine Sword School can only be imagined.

"What is going on here..."

The air currents howled around him, and a mournful sound echoed in his ears. Su Yi's gaze flickered, making it difficult to snap out of his thoughts as he pondered the intentions of these elders, unable to comprehend them fully.


Mountains ranged in succession, with peaks rising and falling.

The courtyard and pavilion were veiled in fragrant smoke from the incense burner.

"Jian Shiyi has lost!"

In the small hall, a gray-clothed old man in his fifties looked shocked and surprised. He spoke to Situ Liuyun who was sitting next to him.

"Has Jian Shiyi also lost!"

Hearing this, Situ Liuyun's gaze immediately stirred, as he rose from his seat. He was clad in a black robe, embroidered with golden flowers, which accentuated his imposing figure. Unconsciously, he emanated a natural aura of dominance and demanded, "Did you see it with your own eyes?"

"I saw it with my own eyes!"

The grey-clothed elder nodded firmly. He stood at a distance, everything he saw with his own eyes was truly shocking to him.

The boy called Su Yi seemed to be much stronger than the rumors among the disciples of the Divine Sword School.

"It's becoming more and more surprising!"

Situ Liuyun's deep eyes twinkled with light, murmuring softly, "Su Yi, the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak..."

"Elder Yu, Elder Mei, Elder Lv, Elder Duan, and Elder Shangguan Hu are about to fight. They are on their way to find you to make a decision!" The gray-clothed elder showed a bitter smile, hastily coming to let the Sect Leader know the situation.

"Interesting, I am also curious about this young man."

Situ Liuyun smiled slightly, and his eyes flickered with light.


The mountain ranges are continuous, converging into a grand peak, majestic and magnificent, surrounded by lush greenery and intricate architecture.

Looking down from above the mountains, the peaks and valleys level upon each other, creating an undulating wave of majestic green, with seventy-two towering peaks standing high and mighty, seeming to penetrate the sky.

One of the mountains towered magnificently over the others. It stood tall and firm, as if holding the sun in the palm of its hand among the looming peaks, resembling an ascending dragon with remarkable grandeur.

The sound of breaking wind stopped, and Su Yi's figure landed in an ancient square, with the shadows of several elders also landing at the same time.

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