The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 390

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Chapter 390: Do You Have Any Shame?

"Another elder appeared, it was Elder Yu from the Twenty-Eighth Sword Peak!"

On the square, there were already a group of disciples kneeling and bowing. At this moment, they were even more trembling as another elder arrived. It seemed that he was also here for the outer disciple Su Yi.

Su Yi's presence alone had managed to attract two elders!

"Well done, young man, you have courage. I like that. Come with me to the Twenty-Eighth Sword Peak. When we arrive there, even the Court of Justice will not dare to casually frame and blame you."

Elder Yu Changqing gazed at Su Yi with bright eyes that shimmered with a light, as if he intended to see through Su Yi entirely, from head to toe, inside and out.

"Yu Changqing, how shameless of you! Does the Court of Justice have the audacity to assign disciples of the Nineteenth Sword Peak without any valid reason with false and unfounded charges?"

Another voice fell, and a figure emerged from nowhere once again. The person appeared to be around sixty years old, with black long hair neatly tied up in a bun. Not a single strand was out of place. The deep brown eyes were profound and boundless, and they immediately fell upon Su Yi, carefully examining him.

"Can it be that my 17th Sword Peak is an exception?"


The sound approached from far away, accompanied by the sound of two winds breaking from a distance, and soon two figures almost simultaneously landed in the square.

The two people fell down, and the surrounding void also trembled slightly.

A man and a woman came, the man appeared to be in his sixties or seventies with a goatee, long gray hair, and sunken brown eyes.

The woman was an elderly lady, with a kind and weathered face. Her once lustrous black hair was now mostly gray, with a few wisps of silver strands. It partially covered her face, giving her a mysterious and elusive appearance. Despite this, her complexion was remarkably rosy and radiant.

"Elder Lv Baimai of the 19th Sword Peak, Elder Mei Huaye of the 17th Sword Peak, and Elder Duan Yuerong of the 9th Sword Peak."

"Another three elders have arrived!"

"Respect to you, all of the venerable elders!"

"Nice to meet you, all of the venerable elders!"

All eyes present trembled and were inexplicably shocked as three more elders appeared. What kind of day was this turning out to be?

Elder Shangguan Hu's countenance was very unsightly. He was filled with remorse in his heart, regretting that he should not have delayed even for a moment, but should have taken Su Yi away at the first opportunity. But now, it is feared that the trouble will be great.

"Please rise, there's no need for formalities."

Elder Duan Yuerong gently waved her sleeve, indicating the disciples around her to stand up, but her compassionate face didn't hesitate and landed directly on Su Yi.

"The Yuan Emperor's realm! All of them are venerable elders!"

At this moment, one powerful Yuan Emperor Realm cultivator after another appeared. They were all elders of the Divine Sword School. This left Su Yi a little dumbfounded. Wasn't he only dealing with disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak? How did he attract so many elders?

"Your name is Su Yi, right? Come with me to the Seventeenth Sword Peak, I will protect you completely, unafraid of the Court of Justice!"

Elder Mei Huaye appeared and swept his gaze across the surroundings before reaching out a hand to apprehend Su Yi.

"Elder Mei, please don't scare this outer disciple. Why should he go to your 17th Sword Peak?"

"Going to my 19th Sword Peak is the correct choice!"

"No, Su Yi should go to my twenty-eighth sword peak!"

"Esteemed elders, don't forget your identity. The Court of Justice is in charge, and you should not impede its affairs."

As Elder Mei Huaye made a move, almost at the same time, several other elders including Yu Changqing and Lv Baimai also spoke up, and figures of light descended upon Su Yi one after another.

Originally, there were several hands that enveloped Su Yi in a uniform manner, but soon they had to intersect and collide with each other.


The radiance was dazzling, and the void trembled for no reason.

Everything happened too quickly. The figures in the center of the square intertwined in multiple directions, and soon the void seemed to be in chaos, with dazzling and blinding rays of light.

There had been no energy leakage, but the void around Su Yi seemed ready to collapse at any moment.

Amidst the center stood Su Yi, feeling naught but an immense pressure that could crush the void around him. The dazzling glare of energy before him was so bright that it hindered his vision.

Su Yi immediately felt relaxed, and a figure appeared, and an invisible force fell upon his body.

"Chirp chirp..."

A burst of energy dissipated into the surroundings, dispersing within a few meters without any leakage.

It seems that at the same time, these several elders made their move and coordinated with each other, controlling everything within the surrounding area without affecting the large number of disciples who were watching nearby at this moment.

Everything returned to peace, and the figures of several elders each took a step back.

"Are you okay?"

A gentle voice fell upon Su Yi's ears, and the figure of Elder Duan Yuerong appeared before him, gazing upon Su Yi with a benevolent expression.

The collision just now between several strong cultivators in the Yuan Emperor Realm caused Su Yi to tremble in fear and his soul to stir.

Although it may have appeared that there was not much commotion, Su Yi was the one who knew best as he was right in the midst of it.

The actions of the various elders were within a controllable range, but if someone had just been affected, the consequences could be imagined.

"Nice to meet you, elder."

Su Yi came to his senses and looked up at the elder in front of him. The kind and benevolent face immediately reminded Su Yi of his grandmother.

"No need to be polite."

Elder Duan Yuerong nodded and said to Su Yi.

"Elder Duan, this young man is the person the Court of Justice is looking for. I must take him back to the Court of Justice."

Elder Shangguan Hu, upon seeing the situation, seemed to be afraid that Elder Duan Yuerong might seize the opportunity first, and immediately spoke up.

"What about the Court of Justice? Elder Shangguan, what are your true thoughts in your heart? Everyone knows it clearly, why to pretend to be confused!"

Elder Lv Baimai gave a disdainful look to Elder Shangguan Hu and said unpleasantly. His gaze then turned towards Su Yi. His striking silver eyebrows were like silver threads, and his deep brown eyes seemed to be trying hard to convey a smile as he spoke, "Su Yi, come with me to the 19th Sword Peak, shall we?"

"Elder, I..."

Su Yi was perplexed from the beginning until now, as to why this Elder Lv wanted him to go to the 19th Sword Peak with him.

"Lv Baimai, what's so good about going to your nineteenth sword peak? It's a joke."

Elder Yu Changqing interrupted Su Yi's speech and a smile appeared on his old face, but the smile seemed somewhat forced and uncomfortable, and he would have been better off not smiling. He told Su Yi, "Su Yi, come with me to the 28th Sword Peak. That is your correct choice."

"Elders, you have gone too far. Don't forget that you are elders of the Divine Sword School. Now, I, as an elder of the Court of Justice, will take the boy to the Court of Justice. If you dare to obstruct, don't blame me for reporting to the headmaster!"

Elder Shangguan Hu spoke up. As the Elder of the Court of Justice, he had a special status. At the moment, all he could hope for was to take away this kid. If he could take the kid away alone, he wouldn't be afraid that the kid wouldn't comply.

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