The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 389

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Chapter 389: Gathering of Elders!

When such a middle-aged man appeared, Su Yi's heart trembled inexplicably and his gaze began to ripple.

"He is at the Yuan Emperor Realm!"

Under the powerful force, Su Yi immediately discerned that the person before him was a formidable Yuan Emperor Realm cultivator, and even more so than an ordinary one.

Su Yi looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, whose facial features were deep and handsome, indicating that he might have been a handsome man in his youth. However, he now appeared mature and composed with an authoritative demeanor that commanded respect.

"Senior Master Shangguan!"

"Welcome, Elder Shangguan!"


As Su Yi looked around, he heard scattered voices of awe coming from all around him. The onlookers surrounding the square knelt down in succession, paying their respects.

Dozens of disciples from the Court of Justice immediately knelt down with one knee and held their swords, showing a look of reverence.

The group of stewards was also moved and bowed with astonishment.

This is Elder Shangguan Hu who has arrived. Shangguan Hu has a relatively special status. Although he doesn't have control over any Sword Peak, he is the one in charge of the Court of Justice.

The disciples were surprised to find out that their matter had reached the attention of the Elder of the Court of Justice, who had come personally.

"A venerable elder from the Divine Sword School!"

Su Yi's eyes flickered, not surprised to find that it was an elder, hence the formidable aura exuded from his body.

Elder Shangguan Hu landed and his gaze fell directly on Su Yi. In his obsidian-like bright and dazzling black pupils, there was a slight ripple. He exuded a formidable aura without anger as he said, "Young man, you are quite bold. Come with me to the Court of Justice!"

The voice was cold and imposing, ringing in the ears of both Su Yi and all of the disciples in the audience like thunder!

"Elder Shangguan personally arrived to capture Su Yi!"

The disciples present trembled in their hearts. The venerable elder of the Court of Justice personally came to capture an outer disciple!

"We're done for now!"

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing turned pale when the venerable elder of the Court of Justice arrived. How could Su Yi possibly resist now?

Su Yi gazed at Elder Shangguan Hu of the Court of Justice in front of him. The thunderous voice echoed in his ears, vibrating his soul, and an immense and majestic pressure invisibly swept and overwhelmed him, making the surrounding emptiness seem frozen.

However, this was not the first time Su Yi faced a Yuan Emperor Realm cultivator, although the elder from the Court of Justice in front of him seemed to be a stronger adversary than the usual strong ones from the Yuan Emperor Realm.

Under the invisible pressure, Su Yi took a deep breath. Despite the overwhelming force, he remained poised and upright. He looked up slightly, and with an air of respect, he asked, "May I ask, elder, what rule have I violated that I must be punished at the Court of Justice?"

The calm and gentle voice spread throughout the square, its sound was faint, yet it felt like a bomb exploding in water, causing a shocking wave among the disciples present.

"Doesn't this kid even fear the elder?" A disciple secretly lifted his eyes, with a flickering gaze and a horrified expression emerged.

Listening to Su Yi's words, Elder Shangguan Hu's gaze also visibly paused, and his obsidian-like eyes subtly revealed some surprise. He said to Su Yi, "Resisting arrest in front of the disciples of the Court of Justice, this alone is enough!"

"May I ask, Elder, if the disciples of the Court of Justice were to arrest people without cause, should one stand idly by, or shall the disciple of the Court of Justice be able to act lawlessly in the Divine Sword School?" Su Yi asked.

"If the disciples of the Court of Justice arrest someone without reason, all will be investigated and justice will be served. However, if you openly refuse arrest, this matter will be sufficient to bring you to the Court of Justice. All will be discussed once we get to the Court of Justice!"

Elder Shangguan Hu hesitated again, then his eyes flickered, as if he didn't want to say much more to Su Yi.

"Since the elder personally came forth, so I naturally had no choice but to comply. However, you didn't investigate the cause thoroughly, and directly used force against me. If this were to spread, it would be detrimental to your reputation."

Su Yi clenched his teeth in secret. This was a formidable Yuan Emperor Realm cultivator, a venerable elder of the Divine Sword School. Even if he had a hundred times more power now, he would still be no match for him.

Elder Shangguan Hu's gaze was slightly twitching, appearing greatly perplexed.

He naturally understood what Su Yi said. If he were taken away directly, it would be somewhat unseemly if it were to spread in the future.

But Elder Shangguan Hu knows that he must take this boy away immediately today, otherwise it will not be his turn. Although he presides over the Court of Justice, only he knows that he usually suffers losses in many things.

"Sharp-tongued and quick-witted, anyway, come back with me to the Court of Justice first before we talk!"

As soon as the words fell, Elder Shangguan Hu wasted no time. Fearful of any delay causing trouble, he reached out his hand, twisting the void with a palm print. The void froze instantly and the distorted mark was about to land on Su Yi's shoulder.

In that instant, Su Yi felt a sudden trembling throughout his body, as though a vacuum had engulfed him. The palm print had not even landed, yet he was crushed as if he was under the weight of 100,000 mountains, unable to move a single inch and completely unable to circulate his internal energy.

In the presence of such a formidable cultivator, Su Yi was utterly powerless to resist.


Suddenly, at this moment, a mysterious light cluster within Su Yi's body quivered, and began to radiate a brilliant glow within his mind.

"This youngster is correct, the Court of Justice can't just arrest people at will!"

Suddenly, at this critical moment, a voice with a slightly eerie tone also landed in the square.

A figure silently appeared by Su Yi's side, without a sound, and it was unclear how it had arrived.

But inexplicably, with the appearance of this old man, Su Yi felt the space around him that had been frozen start to relax, and the pressure dissipated into nothingness.

At the same time, the former's palm imprint flashed like lightning and lightly fell on Elder Shangguan Hu's palm imprint.


Two palm imprints touched, but there was no expected explosion of energy, nor any particular commotion.

Just as the void around quivered slightly, a burst of light exploded and filled the air, only for everything to immediately return to stillness.

The mysterious glow in Su Yi's mind, which had just radiated a light, now subsided once again.

"Elder Yu, what do you mean?"

But in the instant when the two palm imprints subsided, the voice of Elder Shangguan Hu rang out and the expression on his face seemed to change drastically.

"Elder Shangguan, a dignified elder of the Court of Justice, actually personally took action for an outer disciple. Truly hands-on and proactive!"

The ethereal voice rang out, tinged with a hint of world-weariness. The speaker then turned and fixed his gaze upon Su Yi.

Su Yi has long sensed that this is another powerful Yuan Emperor Realm cultivator, seemingly also an elder of the Divine Sword School.

Su Yi lifted his gaze and looked at the suddenly appeared figure in front of him. It was a thin-cheeked old man with wrinkles all over his face. His long eyebrows and sparse white beard floated backward, emanating an air of ethereal elegance and Daoist spirit.

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