The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 388

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Chapter 388: Killing Sword Technique!

As the words fell from his lips, Jian Shiyi turned and walked away.


Dozens of the disciples of the Court of Justice crowded around, their faces displaying complex emotions.

"I have said before that I will quit the Court of Justice if I lose. Whether you want to capture him or not is up to you." Jian Shiyi said to the group of disciples from the Court of Justice. He was about to turn around and leave when suddenly he looked back, gazed at Su Yi, and asked, "Can you tell me what swordsmanship was used just now?"

"I don't know either. If I must give it a name, then let's call it 'Killing Sword Technique'!" Su Yi replied.

"Killing Sword Technique..." whispered Jian Shiyi.

"Swords, to me, are not meant for ornamental purposes. A true sword is a deadly weapon, used to inflict harm upon one's enemy by piercing their body. No matter how skilled one's swordsmanship or how graceful one's techniques may be, the ultimate goal is always the same: To penetrate the enemy's defenses and strike them down. All superfluous movements can be dispensed with. The most crucial actions are drawing the sword and striking the enemy. Hence, it's called the 'Killing Sword Technique!'" Su Yi said lightly.

"Pull out your sword, and thrust it into..."

Jian Shiyi murmured to himself as if he had realized something.

"What is the Killing Sword Technique?" disciples throughout the audience whispered, discussing amongst themselves. This was the first time they had heard of such a technique, which seemed to make sense but was difficult to comprehend.

"Thank you very much."

Immediately, Jian Shiyi looked at Su Yi and nodded. To the surprise of everyone, he even bowed to Su Yi before forming his qi into the shape of a beast under his feet and soaring into the sky.


The disciples of the Court of Justice present there were shocked and watched as Jian Shiyi left.

Subsequently, the tens of disciples from the Court of Justice fixed their gazes upon Su Yi, with a multitude of complex emotions - including awe, anger, gloom, and trepidation.

"What, are you going to use force?"

Su Yi calmly scanned the disciples of the Court of Justice, and a few glimmers of determination flickered in his eyes.

"Su Yi, our duty as the Court of Justice is to apprehend you and take you back. Will you surrender and come with us, or do you still think you can outmatch us with your skills?"

In the Court of Justice, there was a young man who gritted his teeth and fixed his gaze upon Su Yi.

At this moment, behind him stood dozens of disciples of the Court of Justice, all of whom were in the Yuan Spirit Realm, including several who were in the Second Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. As for himself, he was in the Third Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. With so many people, he didn't believe that they couldn't deal with Su Yi.

"Surrender, otherwise don't blame me for not being polite!"

Listening to the words of the young man, the other disciples of the Court of Justice also gained confidence.

There were dozens of disciples of the Court of Justice present, and they didn't believe that Su Yi, no matter how strong he was, could defeat so many people from the Court of Justice.

Although at this moment, the disciples of the Court of Justice have regained their confidence, there is still a hint of apprehension in their gaze towards Su Yi.

Su Yi's gaze swept over the group of disciples from the Court of Justice, each of whom was of the Yuan Spirit Realm level or above, making them truly difficult to deal with.

But Su Yi didn't care much. With the Hundred Transformations Step, and he could feel that the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle was hovering not far away, if he wanted to leave, there would be no problem at all.

Su Yi is worried that even after he leaves, the disciples of the Court of Justice may still follow him closely and cause trouble.

"Su Yi, surrendering yourself, you cannot escape today no matter what!"

With a burst of energy, the Court of Justice's impressive young man let out a deep shout, his aura rippling as he unsheathed his precious sword.



Suddenly, dozens of disciples from the Court of Justice moved simultaneously, and with a burst of energy under their feet, their figures shot out. Their aura exploded, as they unsheathed their swords one by one. The sound of swords being drawn echoed through the void.

Several figures closed in on Su Yi, each holding a long sword emitting a sword aura, glinting and pointing directly at Su Yi.

The breaths of tens of Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators converge together, with a magnificent momentum that causes the square to tremble, sand and stones to fly, and people's hearts and souls to shake!

"Is it time for the great battle?"

A disciple's expression turned pale with fear, as many people from the Court of Justice had arrived, indicating that they were not planning to let the outer disciple Su Yi go.

"This could turn into a big mess!"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others had just heaved a sigh of relief when someone mentioned the imminent danger.

They originally thought that defeating Jian Shiyi would be enough, after all, the Grand Swordsmanship Competition is tomorrow. However, they never imagined that the Court of Justice would be so relentless.

"Should we stop them?"

Looking at the commotion in the field, someone among a group of stewards asked.

"How could we stop them? Those youngsters from the Court of Justice are not easy to deal with. As for us, they won't listen to our words," said a middle-aged steward with a bitter smile.

"It seems that you are determined to not stop, so I will accompany you. Anyone who tries to block me will face the consequences!"

Su Yi too became angry, these disciples of the Court of Justice are really incessant.

"Rumble..." As the words fell, the wind and thunder roared, and a resounding sound shook the ears. From within Su Yi's body, a new energy surged out.

At this moment, Su Yithe's cultivation level, who was of the third grade in the Yuan Spirit Realm, was fully unleashed. A red light pervaded, accompanied by a vast and majestic aura.

Such an aura makes people's hearts palpitate as if it could suppress everything!



Under such breath, the nearby demon beasts cannot help but roar and tremble, groveling in fear, while the flying demon beasts in the sky whiny and shake, on the verge of collapse.

"He only had the cultivation of the third grade in the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

When Su Yi released all of his strength, some keen-eyed people present exclaimed in surprise.

The Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm cultivation defeated Jian Shiyi's Fourth Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, what does this represent, they know in their hearts.

"How could he be so powerful!"

Dozens of disciples from the Court of Justice were awakened by the tremors. They couldn't help but feel apprehensive in the face of the immense aura, and were compelled to kneel down under its tremendous pressure.

"Who dares to block me!"

Su Yi spoke with a low, menacing voice that echoed through the square. He declared his intention to fight and intimidate the Court of Justice, lest he be unable to escape today.

Gazing at Su Yi, dozens of disciples of the Court of Justice looked at each other in bewilderment, and the hands holding the swords were trembling inexplicably.

Especially after witnessing Jian Shiyi's defeat, none of them dare to take the first move. The aura emanating from the young man at this moment is simply too terrifying.

"How dare you!"

Suddenly, a stern and majestic voice sounded, echoing in the ears of everyone present, like thunder, causing their very souls to tremble.

As the sound fell, a silhouette appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the scene, landing in front of Su Yi who was surrounded by the disciples of the Court of Justice.

The person who came appeared to be under fifty years old. His black eyes shone bright like obsidian, exuding a sharp and resolute energy. Beneath his seemingly calm surface, there were hidden glances as sharp as a sword, ready to be unleashed at any moment.

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