The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: Exiting the Court of Justice!


The sword light was as fast as lightning, and extremely sharp.

Sharp sword aura spread out in waves from the square, sweeping through in all directions, causing the disciples present to tremble in awe.

"Jian Shiyi is so tough!"

Among the stewards present, there were also expressions of astonishment. Jian Shiyi's achievements were evident to all, and his future prospects were boundless.

"Can Su Yi still resist?"

"This is Brother Jian Shiyi's true strength, Su Yi may not be able to compete!"

During this brief period, there were also people in the audience who were anxious about Su Yi.

But no one at this moment would think that Su Yi was overestimating himself. Even though he lost this battle, it had already proved his own terror.

"Chirping..." In the critical moment, under the gaze of the audience, Su Yi suddenly opened his tightly closed eyes, and two sword-like rays of light swept out from the depths of his pupils.

At the same time, a transcendent aura, accompanied by a tremendous pressure, emanated from within Su Yi.

Amidst the watchful eyes of the crowd, Su Yi made his move. With his sword in hand, he thrust it forward, its radiant gleam accompanied by a sharp gust of wind as it viciously clashed against the encroaching blade of his opponent.

"Dang dang dang dang dang dang dang..."

Suddenly, the fierce clangs of swords erupted, accompanied by powerful gusts of wind that surged violently from the spot where the two combatants clashed.


Suddenly, a strong wind swept across the square, causing some of the onlookers to panic and flee.

The sword radiated a dazzling and brilliant light, with a fierce wind that made it impossible for the stewards present to peek into it, causing a breathtaking effect!

The strong wind swept through, as the ferocious gusts and sharp sword beams burst forth. A gray figure stumbled backwards and fell, overwhelmed.

"Da da..."

The figure retreated in a straight line, with its feet scraping against the ground. The mottled stone slabs turned into powder, and tiny cracks on the ground climbed upward. After a few meters, the figure finally steadied itself.

His black hair was loose, and the grey robe he was wearing had several tears. Two blood-red sword marks were clearly visible on his left arm and left shoulder, but they were shallow wounds, just mere sword marks.

This is Su Yi's current situation, which appears quite disheveled, with a tinge of pallor on his face.

"Su Yi has been defeated, he is wounded!"

The onlookers around were stunned for a moment, and then an expected cry of amazement spread out from the crowd.

"Hmph, how could he be Jian Shiyi's rival!"

Among the dozens of disciples present in the Court of Justice, there were several youths whose icy gazes and unwavering conviction led them to believe that Su Yi was undoubtedly doomed to failure.

"Alas, he has ultimately been defeated!"

"Even if he has lost, he has already proved himself!"

Among the onlookers, there were murmurs of discussion, and some expressed regret with a sigh.

An outer disciple, after defeating so many people, finally came to a halt and was defeated at the hands of Jian Shiyi.

In the midst of the commotion, Su Yi remained oblivious to the surrounding conversations as he grasped the sword and raised his gaze to the dissipating gusts of energy.

There, a black figure emerged, becoming increasingly distinct.

The figure donned black attire, akin to a towering sword peak. In his hand, a remarkable sword emitted a resplendent glow with a sonorous hum ringing through the air.

Upon witnessing this sight, it seemed as though everyone had already come to a certain realization.

Finally, Jian Shiyi defeated the outer disciple Su Yi!

"It seems that something is not quite right..."

Suddenly, someone looked surprised and saw the cold face of Jian Shiyi, who at this moment had a dull expression. His eyes, as he looked at Su Yi, showed some bewilderment and shock.

Someone was taken aback and scrutinized carefully.

Suddenly, the area above Jian Shiyi's chest became damp and fresh blood began to seep out.

Above Jian Shiyi's chest, there appeared a bloody hole. Had the wound been even a fraction lower, the consequences could have been beyond imaginable.

At the same moment, a mouthful of bright red blood spurted from Jian Shiyi's mouth, and his face suddenly turned pale.

"Not right, it seems like Senior Brother Jian Shiyi has lost!"

Looking at Jian Shiyi, the eyes throughout the square flickered with a color of shock, as if it was not Su Yi who had been defeated, but rather Jian Shiyi.

The gazes of those who had just thought Su Yi was already defeated were now continuously replaced by shock and awe.

No one had expected that in the end, the magnificent Jian Shiyi would be defeated.

The shock on the faces of those stewards at this moment was unmatched among any disciples.

Even how Jian Shiyi got hurt, they didn't even see clearly.

"The move just performed by Su Yi has already exceeded the realm of ordinary swordsmanship. Even without fully grasping the true meaning behind it, it is not far off. Su Yi is definitely not an ordinary outer disciple from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. There is surely something more to him!" After a long time, a steward finally let out a deep breath, unable to conceal the awe in his eyes.

In the chaotic square, Su Yi stood quietly with disheveled hair, looking quite disheveled himself.

Jian Shiyi raised his gaze and looked at Su Yi. His quivering gaze caused some agitation and he felt a stiffness in his whole body.

"I lost."

After a moment, Jian Shiyi let out a soft sigh, and the expression on his face gradually softened, returning to its cold and ruthless demeanor.

"Defeated, it is Senior Brother Jian Shiyi who was defeated!"

The disciples of the Divine Sword School present at the scene, although already realized that Jian Shiyi had lost and seemed to be more seriously injured, could not help but feel shaken as they listened to Jian Shiyi admit his defeat with his own mouth at this moment.

"He really won, Brother Su Yi really won!"

Zhang Qing clenched his fists tightly, his gaze shaking with excitement.

They never expected that even Jian Shiyi of the Court of Justice lost. That guy was so powerful!

Listening to Jian Shiyi's words, Su Yi smiled faintly, put away his sword as if nothing had happened, and said to Jian Shiyi, "I told you, even if you block me, I will still defeat you."

"It was my carelessness that led to this. If I exerted myself to the utmost, who would win and who would lose is still uncertain!" Jian Shiyi raised his gaze and spoke to Su Yi in this manner.

Su Yi's gaze flickered and he knew that the sword strike he had just executed was a fatal move, even though he didn't have the intention to kill. However, it was a killing sword strike that only wounded Jian Shiyi in the end.

Su Yi could also sense that although Jian Shiyi had already put in all his effort just now, there seemed to be a lingering feeling of unfinished as if he still had some trump cards up his sleeve.

How could Jian Shiyi be simple when he ranks fifteenth on the Sword Tower in a prestigious school like Divine Sword School?

"I have said that sword fighting is not my area of cultivatorise!"

Pausing for a moment, Su Yi said calmly, "It seems that you still have some tricks up your sleeve, but I too have some reservations."

"I hope to have a chance to truly fight you with all my might in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition!"

Listening to Su Yi's words, Jian Shiyi smiled faintly with a glint in his eyes, and then said, "I have lost this time, and I will withdraw from the Court of Justice from now on."

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