The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: Swordsmanship, I Am Not Too Skilled!

"Swordsmanship is not my forte, but if you wish to wield a sword, I can certainly accompany you."

Above the small square, Su Yi looked at Jian Shiyi and as he spoke, suddenly closed his eyes slightly and held his sword in his hand, raised to shoulder level.

In an instant, two figures stood facing each other on the small square, their powerful auras clashing invisibly.

A surge of crimson and profound black aura churned and writhed like flames, emanating from the source of vital energy.

The scorching temperature and majestic momentum caused a tautness in the surrounding vacuum.

The invisible power emanated, causing the surrounding disciples to refrain from approaching.

Gazing at the two remarkable young men in the field, the entire place fell silent.

Everyone knew that at this point, both individuals were about to unleash their greatest strength.

"In swordsmanship, how could an outer disciple possibly be Martial Brother Jian Shiyi's opponent?!"

"The sword skills that Martial Brother Jian Shiyi cultivates are exclusively taught in our Divine Sword School and are not accessible to outer disciples."

"Do not think about watching Su Yi anymore. The boxing skills he just demonstrated were extraordinary and he is no less skilled than Senior Brother Jian Shiyi!"

After a moment, in the tense atmosphere, someone whispered.

"Does Brother Su Yi also excel in swordsmanship?"

Looking at the scene, Zhang Qing's face was full of shock.

"How could this kid be so strong? Could he also be proficient in swordsmanship?"

Among the crowd, the youth who had been reprimanded by Su Yi at the Sword Hall a few days ago had a very gloomy expression.

"Hmph, he has some strength, but ultimately not a match for the captain!"

Among the dozens of disciples from the Court of Justice present, there was a young man with a slightly gloomy countenance.

They were well aware of Jian Shiyi's abilities. His bare-handed performance earlier was just a warm-up.

Jian Shiyi who holds a sword in his hand is the real Jian Shiyi!

"He even closed his eyes. This guy is so arrogant, is he looking for death?"

"Too arrogant, didn't even take a proper look at Senior Brother Jian Shiyi!"

Someone noticed that Su Yi's eyes had been tightly closed all the time, which was too arrogant.

Among the peers of the entire Divine Sword School, even the abnormal freaks at the top of the Sword Tower would not be so arrogant and dismissive when facing Jian Shiyi.

Upon the square, a group of stewards dressed in formal attire, alongside middle-aged men and women, stood up in unison and observed from a distance.

"Wrong, very wrong. Haven't you noticed, Su Yi seems a bit strange!"

Among the stewards, someone's gaze revealed a hint of surprise, as if sensing something abnormal.

"There is something wrong, but I can't describe it!"

A middle-aged woman said, her gaze fixed on Su Yi, and she also sensed something peculiar.

"I seem to have felt a kind of sword intention!"

With a middle-aged man opening his mouth, there seemed to be a faint sword intent that he sensed from Su Yi's body.

"Sword intent, how is it possible? Su Yi is only at the Yuan Spirit Realm level!"

A steward shook his head. Sword intent was the pinnacle sought after by so many swordsmen in their dreams.

This state has nothing to do with one's level of cultivation, but comes from the way of the sword.

Sword intent, rumored to come from the unity of form, spirit, and reason, is the coordination of both reality and emptiness, both born from chance and imbued within the image. It is a legendary realm where the comprehension of the sword reaches an unprecedented height for a swordsman, referred to as sword intent.

Generally speaking, among the swordsmen of the Yuan Emperor Realm, if one can comprehend his own sword intent, then he is already a genius.

The Yuan Spirit Realm is too immature to possibly reach such heights.

To know the meaning of sword technique is to understand its origin, which belongs solely to the sword itself and represents the tracing of its ancestry.

"Su Yi's body is full of mystery, not just sword intent!"

The middle-aged woman who had just spoken opened her mouth again, and a gleam appeared in her eyes.

She could sense that at this moment, the invisible aura emanating from the outer disciple was definitely exceptional.

Jian Shiyi, too, was gazing at Su Yi, and under the sharp and fierce aura surrounding him, his eyes began to quiver with emotion.

As the only party involved, Jian Shiyi could feel at that moment, even though that guy closed his eyes arrogantly, it gave him a difficult-to-act feeling.

At this point, Jian Shiyi realized that the youth was not being arrogant, but rather, he had been preparing.

Before his eyes stood a man with a sword, standing still and quiet. It seemed like more than just a single sword technique, but rather an imposing presence, emanating an intangible aura.

Jian Shiyi was searching for a flaw, but the ordinary and simplest postures that he could find didn't reveal any kind of blemish.

It seems that no matter how he strikes or from what angle, Su Yi's sword is always aimed at him.

Jian Shiyi was thoroughly moved. As a swordsman, he didn't believe this was just a coincidence. Perhaps the other party's understanding of the sword had reached a level beyond his expectations.

With his eyes half closed, Su Yi's posture at this moment was exactly the same as that of the mural on the inner wall of Sword Cave.

Su Yi's three-foot green sword, at some unknown time, gradually began to emit a faint sound of wind and thunder, resounding with a radiance that diffused a sharp and fierce aura. This aura could be felt rippling out from his body, though it was somewhat vague and illusory.

Jian Shiyi's face was no longer cold and his eyes were filled with shock.

The boy's figure before his eyes is motionless like a mountain. Though it is the most ordinary posture, at this moment, it gives an unshakable feeling as if the posture contains immense potential and pressure. It is indescribably exquisite!

Even Jian Shiyi could feel it now. Once he made his move, the plain posture of the former would stir up a storm and a sharp offensive would sweep all around!

But Jian Shiyi was no ordinary man. The sword in his hand made a piercing sound as he fixed his gaze on Su Yi. He felt no fear, only a surge of fighting spirit exuding from his deep-set eyes and covering his pupils.

"It seems that your achievement on the sword will not be low. So, one move with all my might. If I win, follow me back to the Court of Justice. If I lose, I will withdraw from the Court of Justice forever!"

There was a glint of darkness in Jian Shiyi's eyes as the fervor of combative spirit blazed within.

His name is Jian Shiyi, and his greatest strength lies in his sword. If he is unable to defeat the youth before him, it will become a hindrance on his path of lifelong cultivation.

In this battle, he must emerge victorious!


As Jian Shiyi's voice fell, the sword in his hand erupted with a burst of sword light, flashing and shimmering like an agile snake. At the same time, the aura of his Yuan Spirit Realm Fourth Grade strength was completely released, and it exploded with a loud roar.


Beneath his feet, Jian Shiyi's vitality surged as his figure burst forth and vanished, nearly resembling a blurred black shadow in an instant.

The air tore apart as Jian Shiyi's sword vibrated simultaneously. His wrist shook and the sword light turned into blurry shadows that slashed through the air with incredible sharpness, causing ripples in the air like those on the surface of the water and emitting a "whoosh" sound.

In an instant, bursts of sword light erupted and shot out, almost shrouding the surrounding void.

The sword light whistled and, propelled by Jian Shiyi, instantaneously swept towards Su Yi's head.

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