The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 385

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Chapter 385: A Battle in One Move!


Jian Shiyi stepped back in a straight line, dragging his feet against the ground. With each step, a forceful energy radiated from his feet, shaking the earth and causing the floor around him to crumble and disintegrate. It took several meters for him to regain his balance.

Without a doubt, the commotion on Jian Shiyi's body was much greater, and the scene was horrifying.

The gazes in the crowd changed and some people's eyes flickered with a fierce intensity.

From the scene that was witnessed, it appears that not only did Jian Shiyi's water attribute qi fail to suppress Su Yi, but in fact, he seemed to be at a slight disadvantage.

This made many people widen their eyes and be dumbfounded!

"Very strong!"

Su Yi gazed at Jian Shiyi in admiration, noting that as a quadruple cultivator of the Yuan Spirit Realm, he possessed impressive strength. Despite putting forth his own full effort and utilizing the Scarlet Ancient Seal, a formidable technique found in the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse's "Mighty Desolate Verse," Su Yi had failed to gain any advantage.

Su Yi knew that without relying on his Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and his Indestructible Vajra Body, it would not have been so easy to compete with Jian Shiyi with just his Scarlet Ancient Seal alone.

If someone were to know Su Yi's thoughts at this moment, they could only be rendered speechless.

With a cultivation base in the Third Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, Su Yi was enough to withstand Jian Shiyi's power in the Fourth Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. However, Su Yi still seemed dissatisfied. That's too speechless.

Moreover, Jian Shiyi is ranked fifteenth on the Sword Tower, and definitely not someone that can be compared to an ordinary cultivator in the fourth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Jian Shiyi at this moment was even more shaken in his heart.

With palms facing downwards, fingers slightly curved, Jian Shiyi secretly trembled. Only he knew that his palms were almost completely numb. If he hadn't used some techniques to transfer power outwards, his palm would have been shattered a moment ago.

Gazing at the exceptional young man before him, Jian Shiyi finally understood why Huo Dongqiu had been defeated with a single move.

Such an outer disciple, is much more terrifying than what the rumors suggested!

"You are now qualified to make me use my sword!"

A faint voice emanated from Jian Shiyi's mouth, still as ruthless as ever. With a shake of his palm, a three-foot sword appeared in his hand.

This sword is extremely special, presenting an enchanting black color throughout its body, filled with ancient runes, emitting a faint light and spreading a sense of oppression.

With a wave of his arm, Jian Shiyi converted a stream of water-based elemental energy within him, and a dense and continuous surge of earth-based elemental energy flowed toward the sword in his hand.


Suddenly, the sword emitted a resounding sound, like the clashing of wind and thunder. It seemed to have come to life, and a magnificent aura filled the square, causing the earth to tremble faintly.

"Treasure, an absolute treasure it is!"

Su Yi's eyes sparkled as he fixated on the sword in Jian Shiyi's grasp, undoubtedly a treasure.

Su Yi's keen spiritual power told him that the sword in Jian Shiyi's hand was definitely beyond the level of Xuan Weapons, much higher than the sword in Huo Dongqiu's hand not long ago.

Jian Shiyi looked at Su Yi, the sword in his hand radiating black light. The ancient runes flowing over the blade emitted a sense of mystery and arcane power. The faint glimmer of the sword sliced through the air, causing ripples in the surroundings.

"Has he finally decided to use all his strength...?"

Raising his gaze slightly, Su Yi showed no sign of carelessness.

Feeling Jian Shiyi's breath in this moment, Su Yi's expression involuntarily became more serious, as if to say that Jian Shiyi's true strength was yet to be seen.

"You have surprised me by making me use all my strength. I had underestimated you, but as a disciple of the Divine Sword School, you should know that my specialty is not fists, but swords!"

As the words trailed off, a confident and resolute gleam shone in Jian Shiyi's deep-set eyes. With a sweeping motion of his arm, his sword sang through the air, imbued with an electrifying vitality, and a surge of power transformed his entire being.

In an instant, Jian Shiyi seemed to have transformed into a completely different person, exuding a powerful and formidable aura. Standing there with sword in hand, he appeared unshakable and invincible.

"Senior Brother Jian Shiyi is going to do his best!"

The entire audience trembled in awe as Jian Shiyi drew his sword, undoubtedly demonstrating Su Yi's strength.

No one present doubted the strength of Su Yi anymore, even if Su Yi finally lost, it could not deny his terror power.

"I never expected that Jian Shiyi would have to exert all his effort!"

In the distant half-sky, the extraordinary young men and women on the backs of flying demon beasts also began to tremble in their gaze, revealing a complex and awe-inspiring expression.

Gazing upon Jian Shiyi, Su Yi's eyes shimmered with brilliance, as if the combination of the person and his sword exuded a distinct, intangible aura.


Su Yi murmured in his heart, he had seldom cultivated swordsmanship, but had some understanding of blade techniques.

However, when it comes to swordsmanship, Su Yi is not entirely clueless.

The "Divine Demonic Ancient Verse" contains not just one, but multiple sword techniques, such as the "Iced Shadows Sword Style" found within the "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation."

Recently in the Sword Cave, Su Yi also gained some insight into the Nameless Broken Sword Technique and made some progress.

"Draw your sword, and I shall give you a fair chance to battle me!"

Jian Shiyi looked at Su Yi. As a disciple of the Divine Sword School, the sword is his foundation and trump card. His strongest power lies in having a sword in his hand.

Jian Shiyi was aroused with the desire for battle and wished to have a genuine face-off with Su Yi. If he fails to defeat the young man in front of him today, it may become a hindrance to his path of cultivation.

Gazing at the currently imposing, fierce and cold Jian Shiyi, amidst the many onlookers around the square, Su Yi's eyes flickered slightly. Then he plunged his hand into the pocket on his chest and a three-foot green sword appeared in his palm.

This sword, comes from Huo Dongqiu of the Fifteenth Sword Peak not long ago.

Such a sword, while seemingly not on the same level as the sword in Jian Shiyi's hand, is still invaluable and Su Yi estimates it may be nearing the level of a Spirit Weapon.


The clear sound of clashing swords echoed throughout the small square.

Gazing at the three-foot green sword tightly held in Su Yi's palm, the surrounding eyes were slightly surprised.

Originally, people thought that Su Yi would pull out the weird and broken sword behind him, otherwise, why would this guy carry it all day long?

"Isn't that Huo Dongqiu's Rainbow Sword?"

Among the people present, some disciples recognized the sword in Su Yi's hand and were quite surprised.

That was Huo Dongqiu's treasured possession, and he didn't know how it ended up in Su Yi's hands.

"You don't know it yet? Su Yi, when he defeats someone, will plunder everything. Don't ever provoke him unnecessarily!"

Someone whispered to this disciple. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Su Yi showed no mercy towards the disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak.

Especially below the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, these disciples who provoked Su Yi resulted in them being thoroughly looted, with not even their undergarments left behind.

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