The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: Intense Battle!

"Bang bang..."

The sound of thunderous energy spread out, extremely intense, and the sweeping gust of wind directly overturned the ground.

In the arena, the two figures intertwined, using only the strength of their bodies to duel.

Su Yi used the methods in the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse. The Mighty Desolate Verse emphasizes on "strength," breaking all laws with a single exertion of strength. The Heavenly Tiger Art emphasizes on "momentum," suppressing everything with its majestic and powerful attacks, shattering everything in its way and overwhelming all.

Regarding the "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation," it is capable of invoking the might of countless beasts. However, as the offensive technique contains soul attacks, Su Yi held back and didn't utilize the full power of the beasts.

Moreover, "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation" is the most sophisticated, and Su Yi has never cultivated it to the utmost.

Su Yi attacked fiercely with great power and a sense of majesty.

Jian Shiyi's assault was slightly different from Su Yi's. It was agile and swift, as quick as lightning, and quite cunning, as if to overpower Su Yi in both speed and craftiness.

Su Yi with his Hundred Transformations Step technique seemed to have Jian Shiyi at a disadvantage, no matter how swift and agile Jian Shiyi was, he could not overpower Su Yi.

This shook Jian Shiyi to the core, causing even darker shades to ripple through his shocked eyes as the battle raged on.

"Very powerful, is this really just an outer disciple!"

As Jian Shiyi engaged in combat, his heart was increasingly shaken. Despite being ranked fifteenth in the Sword Tower, he had already exchanged twenty or thirty moves in this instant without gaining even the slightest advantage. How could he not be shocked?

Such cultivation, is this youngster really just an outer disciple?

"Yunyin Heaven-defying Fist!"

The Earth-attribute vitality surged wildly as Jian Shiyi rapidly condensed numerous hand seals in his hand. Stream after stream of faint black Earth-attribute vitality surged forth in front of him, finally transforming into a series of luminous fist seals.


The fist-shaped seal sfluctuated and the momentum was magnificent. One by one, like meteorites falling from the sky, directly hitting Su Yi and shrouding him completely.

"Fire Shadow Fist!" With a low shout, Su Yi advanced instead of retreating, and surging hot fire attribute energy soared out. A terrible breath erupted from his fist, blooming into a brilliant fire light on his fist. A violent force blasted toward the empty space in front of him, and a fierce explosion of heat broke out in the vacuum ahead.

Visible to the naked eye, the force above Su Yi's fist was like a series of overlapping shadows, crashing down with the momentum of mountains and seas, shattering the ripples of space.

The scorching heatwave surged like a shockwave, directly blocking all of Jian Shiyi's attacks.

Jian Shiyi's expression kept changing constantly.

At this moment, dozens of disciples from the Court of Justice on the square gradually lost the stern expressions on their faces and were replaced by a touch of solemnity.


In that moment, Jian Shiyi's aura surged once again, and in an instant, his previously concealed energy burst out from his body, sweeping across the square and causing a booming sound to echo out.

"Yuan Spirit Realm, fourth grade!"

When such a breath spread, some stewards who were watching showed horrified expressions - Jian Shiyi's cultivation had reached the fourth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

"Perhaps the rankings on the Sword Tower will change again!"

"The Grand Swordsmanship Competition approaches, and everyone is preparing themselves!"

In the distant sky above the square, numerous flying demon beast mounts quietly appeared, carrying some remarkable young men and women standing tall. When viewed from afar, some whispered in a low voice.

"Yuan Spirit Realm, the fourth grade!"

Sensing the aura emanating from Jian Shiyi and his cultivation in the fourth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, Su Yi was not surprised.

However, although Su Yi had already anticipated it, he was still quite shocked.

Jian Shiyi couldn't be too old, with a cultivation level of the fourth grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, his talent was undoubtedly remarkable!


When Jian Shiyi's strength was no longer reserved, the handprint in his hand condensed, and the earth attribute aura on his body instantly turned into a water attribute aura.

Ribbons of green light danced around Jian Shiyi, filling the void with an icy breath that swiftly froze the air, transforming it into a frigid chamber.

Snow and frost danced and whistled around, finally condensing into a piece of ice looming in the void, emanating a brilliant white light.


At that moment, the void above the square was trembling incessantly. The chilling breath of ice was intimidating and the frigid temperature made the onlookers shiver uncontrollably.

"Frosty Killer King's Seal!"

A disciple couldn't help but tremble at the sight of the terrifying icy breath.

This is the Frosty Killer King's Seal, one of the powerful King Grade martial arts in the Divine Sword School. There aren't many people who can cultivate it.

At this moment, the Frosty Killer King's Seal was being activated by Jian Shiyi's hand, which was even more terrifying.


Jian Shiyi slapped his palm, and a huge handprint fell down like a giant block of ice, producing a resounding explosion faintly resembling thunder and lightning.

The sky was filled with frost, the noise was deafening, and the bone-chilling coldness was terrifying, making this attack soul-shaking!

Amidst this onslaught, there was a terrifying intent to kill.

This murderous intent didn't come from Jian Shiyi, but from the Frosty Killer King's Seal.

The disciples around the scene retreated further back, as the chilling aura and killing intent emanating from it instilled fear and caused them to shudder in terror.

"It always seemed as though Su Yi possessed the element of fire within him, and Senior Brother Jian Shiyi aimed to suppress him with the element of water!"

A disciple whispered in amazement. It is common knowledge that the water element suppresses the fire element.

At the same level of cultivation, generally speaking, fire elemental energy is definitely at a disadvantage when facing water elemental energy.

Gazing at the oncoming assault, Su Yi's eyes held a tumultuous energy, yet conveyed no sense of fear. Instead, a fervent combativeness surged forth, as if a deluge of fiery elemental energy poured from within him.

A low drink came from Su Yi's mouth, "Scarlet Ancient Seal!" At the same time, a hot breath suddenly rotated from his palm, bringing a roar like a wave. It seemed as if countless flames had converged into a small sea of fire.

A handprint also emerged in front of Su Yi's palm, with a fiery and terrifying aura that burned the air, along with an ancient oppressive force swept along with it.

This is the Scarlet Ancient Seal, once Xiong Zhan's trump card, and also the ultimate technique in the Mighty Desolate Verse, incredibly powerful.

In the first battle between Su Yi and Xiong Zhan, Su Yi had to use the Overlord's Fist to resist the Scarlet Ancient Seal's power.

Moreover, at this moment, the Scarlet Ancient Seal that Su Yi is cultivating comes from the complete "Mighty Desolate Verse" within the "Divine Demonic Ancient Verse", displaying an even greater power.

"Oh, this martial art technique, seems..."

When Su Yi's Scarlet Ancient Seal was unleashed, the attending Divine Sword School stewards all showed their unease.

With their keen eyesight, they could naturally feel the martial arts techniques that Su Yi was currently displaying. Compared to Jian Shiyi's Frosty Killer King's Seal, it was not inferior, and even surpassed it in some ways!


Two handprints, one cold and one hot, collided instantly, bursting into a dazzling aura of vitality. The violent force swept across the small square, causing the void to reverberate with the roar of a tiger.


Su Yi stumbled and staggered backwards, and with every step he took, the old and mottled stone slabs beneath his feet shattered and crumbled into dust.

After taking six full steps, Su Yi finally managed to steady himself.

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