The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: Crush It!

Listening to Jian Shiyi's words, Su Yi smiled lightly. Jian Shiyi seems more proud than Ba Yi, Huo Dongqiu, and others. Although he is proud, he can be considered straightforward in character.

The most important thing is that Jian Shiyi's personality is very appealing to Su Yi's taste.

"Senior Brother Jian Shiyi shall emerge victorious!"

"Does an outer disciple really want to overturn the heavens?"


In front of the Divine Sword Cliff, there arose bursts of cheering and shouting from the surrounding plaza.

And among them, almost all were the voices of inner disciples.

Many inner disciples were defeated by Su Yi before. Losing to an outer disciple has caused Divine Sword School's entire inner disciple community to feel ashamed.

Therefore, by comparison, at this moment these inner disciples naturally hope for Su Yi's defeat.

The outer disciples present at the scene actually outnumbered the inner disciples by far, but they dared not speak out to cheer for Su Yi.

At this moment, there were many inner disciples present here, and the outer disciples dared not provoke them.

"If Jian Shiyi loses, it will be quite a sight to see!"

"Martial Brother Jian Shiyi cannot lose. That guy is just an outer disciple. How could he win against Martial Brother Jian Shiyi? He is probably going to be arrested and taken back to the Court of Justice soon!"

"I don't think so. Huo Dongqiu was defeated in a single move, proving that Su Yi does indeed possess some skill. The outcome of their battle is not necessarily predetermined."

Amidst the crowd, there were also some female disciples who engaged in a dispute.

Many of these female disciples are inner disciples, but their opinions seem to be divided into two factions.

Jian Shiyi's superb skills and his handsome and stern face make him extremely popular among the female disciples of Divine Sword School, earning him the nickname "Dark Horse Prince" in the hearts of many.

However, gazing upon Su Yi's tall and straight figure, three-dimensional facial features, deep and bright eyes under his slender sword eyebrows, and the complex and proud temperament that exudes from his bones, also attracted many female disciples present.

In the corner of the crowd, there were about ten outer disciples standing alone, even afraid to get too close.

These ten were precisely Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and other outer disciples from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

Before the Divine Sword Cliff, Jian Shiyi from the Court of Justice waited for five days and nights. Such news naturally spread to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, which had been monitoring the situation all along.

"That's Jian Shiyi from the Court of Justice. I wonder if Brother Su Yi can still win. If this reaches the Court of Justice, it'll be big trouble. It's likely that he won't be able to participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition anymore!"

Zhang Qing whispered, worried.

The front was crowded with people, so many inner disciples were there, and they dared not approach.

Now, the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is in a precarious position, and fears attracting trouble.

Xu Jiahui remained silent, her gaze fixed and intense, observing every movement in the field with a distant focus.

The surrounding discussion had no impact whatsoever on Jian Shiyi and Su Yi in the field at this moment.

Looking at Jian Shiyi, Su Yi raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "It's true that there will always be someone better than me, just like there will always be new mountains beyond the one in front of us. However, to me, Huo Dongqiu is not that mountain, and neither are you. So, if you try to stop me today, I will still defeat you."

With a faint voice, Su Yi shrugged slightly. At the same time, a weak, reddish aura slowly emanated from within his body.

The seemingly slow aura actually enveloped Su Yi's body in an instant, with a strong force mixed with an inexplicable pressure permeating out like a shroud.

Feeling Su Yi's breath, Jian Shiyi's cold face seemed to gradually change as if sensing something. The coldness faded away and his previously austere expression became more solemn.

At the same time, there was a faint black earth elemental energy fluctuation in Jian Shiyi's body, and his eyes shimmered with a deep black light as he looked directly at Su Yi and said, "It seems that you have some concealment technique, but at least you have attained the cultivation level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. You are young and possess such cultivation, indeed you have the capital to be arrogant. No wonder you were able to defeat Huo Dongqiu with just one move a few days ago."


As Jian Shiyi finished speaking, the faint earth-based aura within him trembled violently. A more robust energy than Su Yi's erupted, causing the entire ground to quake senselessly and exuding a terrifying aura.

"Martial Brother Jian Shiyi is so strong!"

With such momentum, the spectators around were shaken and exclaimed in amazement. Their eyes showed reverence and admiration.

"Relying solely on his qi, he exuded such a powerful aura that resonated with the energy of the world, causing the earth to tremble. It was unexpected that Jian Shiyi had already reached this level of mastery!"

A group of stewards was whispering in awe and admiration not far away.

Feeling Jian Shiyi's breath, Su Yi was moved.

Su Yi sighed inwardly, realizing that Jian Shiyi was truly far stronger than Huo Dongqiu. His aura was hidden and difficult to discern, but at the very least, he must have reached the fourth grade of cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to escape Su Yi's scrutiny.

"You can defeat Huo Dongqiu with one move. Now, I wonder how many moves it would take to defeat you."

Su Yi's expression turned serious. Jian Shiyi in front of him was indeed not to be underestimated. Among his peers, he was currently the closest existence to the mysterious young woman Su Yi had met a few days ago.


As Su Yi's voice fell silent, his aura surged and was nearly indistinguishable from the aura emanating from Jian Shiyi's body.

Red light clung to Su Yi as if a ball of fire engulfed him, the radiance undulating like flames and emanating intense heat and pressure.

As the two extraordinary young people in the field at this moment stared at each other, the surroundings became silent inexplicably, with only the whistling and intertwining of the vital energy between the two.

All the onlookers around held their breath and gazed intently, without any distraction!

The square, for no apparent reason, was filled with a tense and stagnant atmosphere.

The vitality radiated in all directions, as four pairs of eyes met in a moment of sparkling gaze.

"Let's see if I am the mountain in front of you!"

Suddenly, Jian Shiyi moved. His gray robe trembled and his figure swiftly darted out like a ghostly apparition.

"Even if you are a mountain in front of me, I will crush you beneath my feet!"

At that very moment, Su Yi let out a shout and his figure also moved.

These two seem to possess an intangible understanding, as they both move to act simultaneously.


Amid the confusion of the surrounding crowd, two figures collided directly in the arena, dazzling the onlookers.

"Bang Bang Bang..."

The blazing fire element and earth element collided and intertwined, causing a muffled roar to spread, as a powerful gust of wind was stirred up from the center of the square.

The speed of the two figures was so fast that most of the onlookers could only vaguely see two blurry shadows constantly colliding with each other.

Then the collision of the two elements became like a storm, with violent winds sweeping through, forcing the disciples who were closer to retreat as quickly as they could.

"Brother Su Yi, you must hold on!"

On the edge of the square, Zhang Qing and other outer disciples clenched their fists tightly in a state of extreme nervousness.

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